‘Dr.’ Fauci, COVID-19, and The Quest For Control

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I don’t rightly know how to express my feelings on the greater issue of COVID-19, especially where ‘Dr.’ Fauci is concerned.  I know so much that I can verify that informs me in ways that most people not only don’t know about but, were I to try to explain it to them, they would see as a reason to dismiss me.  Consequently, a large part of me doesn’t want to write this.  It would be easier to just remain silent and let people live on in their ignorance.  But that is not permissible.  I see danger and, as a watchman on the wall, I am commanded to sound the alarm for all who will hear and take heed. Continue reading “‘Dr.’ Fauci, COVID-19, and The Quest For Control”


I am currently being censored by FaceBook for posting an accurate comment about a Hitler quote and ‘White Privilege,’ so, my ability to get this out is limited (by design).  That means this will be up to you:
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Didn’t We Learn ANYTHING About The Media From Vietnam?

I have been watching the U.S. media flat-out lie to the American people about COVID-19, ANTIFA, BLM, Obamagate/Russia Hoax, the Impeachment, and a host of other things — all of which are connected to furthering the power-grab by the Democrat Party.  As I tried to understand how they could get away with these lies, it struck me: they did the same thing during the Vietnam War. Continue reading “Didn’t We Learn ANYTHING About The Media From Vietnam?”

There Arose A Generation That Did Not Know God (Do You Understand? Are You Sure???)

I have been greatly concerned for this nation.  The lawlessness that has befallen us is not new, but I never imagined I’d see this nation fall for it.  After all, we know who God is, right?  So how could we ever be like that generation of Israel that did not know God.  But then it struck me: maybe I didn’t understand the Hebrew behind that translation.  So I looked into it and, sure enough, I had missed something very important! Continue reading “There Arose A Generation That Did Not Know God (Do You Understand? Are You Sure???)”

Believers, Do NOT Look To The Beast For Salvation (a.k.a. do not place your trust in government)

I have been struggling to come to grips with the way I have been feeling over the on-going destruction of the United States.  Like most people on my side of the divide, I have been lamenting the governments’ refusal to enforce the law or to charge and prosecute the subversives within the government.  Then, last night, it struck me: I have been looking to the Beast to deliver us.  I cannot tell you how strongly this revelation has affected me, but I will try to explain it. Continue reading “Believers, Do NOT Look To The Beast For Salvation (a.k.a. do not place your trust in government)”

Why Didn’t Anyone Try To Warn Us?

I heard someone who should know better bemoan the current state of our society by asking, “Why is all of this happening all of a sudden?”  Well, the answer is simple: this hasn’t happened ‘all of a sudden.’  What’s happening to the Western World today started long, long ago.  It’s part of an age-old cycle, and there have always been people who have tried to warn us about the coming danger.  The problem is, we never listen because, if we listen, and believe, then it places duties on us that we don ot wish to shoulder.  So, we just keep on going on, marrying and giving each other into marriage until, one day, it starts to rain.  Then, when we finally realize it is too late, we look to the crazy old man sitting safely in his ark and accuse him of not doing enough to warn us. Continue reading “Why Didn’t Anyone Try To Warn Us?”

Believers, Do You Know What It Means To Be ‘In’ Christ? (are you sure?)

I hear many people say that they are ‘in Christ.’  I used to wonder, what — exactly — does that mean?  You see, I never knew or understood what it meant because no one I knew understood it, either.  But then I read the Scriptures (novel idea, huh?).  Now I know what it means.  What I wonder now is, how many others who claim to know and be ‘in’ Christ know what it means?  More importantly, how many realize the terrible cost of being wrong? Continue reading “Believers, Do You Know What It Means To Be ‘In’ Christ? (are you sure?)”

Believers, How Many Gods Does The Bible Say There Are? (are you sure?)

Does the Bible say that there is only one god, or are there many gods?  Do you know?  Are you sure?  If I showed you that the Bible teaches there are many gods, would you be willing to give up what you have been taught in the past and learn to put your beliefs in line with Scripture?  If you refused, could you still say you know Christ?  Have I got your attention?  I hope so because, if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’d like to take you Scripture surfing in a way that may force you to question everything you have been taught in Church.  Won’t you come along? Continue reading “Believers, How Many Gods Does The Bible Say There Are? (are you sure?)”

They LIE When They Say This Nation Was Founded Upon Racism

Many people do not like this historian.  Do you know why?  Because he tells the truth, and that truth undermines their political agenda to destroy this nation.  In this post, we address the lie about how the United States was founded by rich, racist white racists.  The people who tell this lie never tell you about the many black heroes of the American Revolution.  Here, educate yourself: Continue reading “They LIE When They Say This Nation Was Founded Upon Racism”