What Do We Mean By ‘Super Natural?’

EDITORIAL NOTE: It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I apologize to those of you who follow me, but I have been busy with work.  However, I have no forgotten about you or my blogs.  I have some important things I would like to share, but they are not the easiest topics to explain. In fact, they are on the deeper, more philosophical end of things. This is why I have been taking some time to think about how I can best write these next post. I have decided to break things down into a series of smaller posts, and to post them on all three of my blogs. They will build off each other, with each successive post building off the posts that have come before. I hope I can do this right, and that I make the things I am able to clearly explain what I am seeing and why I see it the way I do. I also hope that you find something that helps you better understand our world in return. Continue reading “What Do We Mean By ‘Super Natural?’”


If we look at what is happening to our world today with nothing but human understanding, then we are never going to get the full picture.  Sure, we will be able to point to parts of it, and we could probably do so with a great deal of clarity. But no matter how clearly we see the parts, we will never be able to integrate them – at least, not without going full ‘conspiracy theory,’ which is why accusing people of being a conspiracy theorist is so effective at discrediting them. Continue reading “WE ARE WITNESSING THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN SOCIETY”

A Quick Update

To Those Who Still Follow Me;

Apparently, I am not going to be able to make the changes to my blogging that I had hoped to make.  I still want to add video clips and podcasts to my blogging efforts, but it is going to have to wait until some things change in my world.  As of this moment, I simply do not have the technical support structure necessary to make the things I want to do into a reality. Continue reading “A Quick Update”

And So We’ll Begin

I have several blog pages. In the beginning, the idea was to use each one to focus on a specific area of interest, or related subjects. One blog was focused on Natural Law and the principles of liberty as the American Founders understood them. Another blog was supposed to focus on Scripture, and Biblical topics. A third blog was meant to focus on applying the principles from the first two blogs to the events of the day: a Scripture-based political commentary, if you will. The hope was that, as the blogs grew, they would become repositories of information that others could use to help them better understand our world, and to then help others to do the same. Unfortunately, I never put in the time and effort necessary to bring the idea to fruition. Well, that changes now. Continue reading “And So We’ll Begin”