I Think I Lost My Oldest Friend — And That’s OK With Me

I think I recently lost the oldest friend I have.  We’ve known each other since I was in the 9th grade.  He’s really the only friend I still have who knew me when I was in my youth, which is a valuable thing to have as we grow older.  However, the recent Presidential election created a rift between us and, a little more than a week ago, I believe that rift turned into a chasm that neither of us may ever be able to bridge.  If you’ll please give me a few minutes of your time, I’d like to share the details of my loss with you. Continue reading “I Think I Lost My Oldest Friend — And That’s OK With Me”

A Troubling Conversation With Respected Brothers

I recently had a troubling Facebook conversation with two brothers who I have come to respect.  The conversation basically centered around the idea of using the commentaries of other people to lead Bible study.  The basic issue seemed to be split between the notion of plagiarism and the notion that, if a person is wrong on any single point in their understanding, then everything they understand should be held suspect and — therefore — ignored.  There was also something about rejecting the ‘opinion’ of those who have any formal schooling in Scripture studies in favor of the ‘conclusions’ drawn by those who rely on the Holy Spirit to tell them what the Scriptures mean.  I know these two brothers mean well, and their heart is in the correct place, but there was so much wrong in this conversation that troubled me.  It still does… Continue reading “A Troubling Conversation With Respected Brothers”

What Do We Mean By ‘Super Natural?’

When most people think about things such as God, heaven and the spiritual world, they think in terms of what we like to call, ‘the super natural.’  For many, the idea of accepting the possibility that the ‘super natural’ might be real is beyond their ability to accept.  And yet, for whatever reason, many of those same people have no problem accepting the possibility that other dimensions might exist.  If you were to ask them, they might point to the mathematical models that suggest there are additional dimensions to our universe.  Others might claim that science has proven the existence of parallel universes.  These people cannot actually touch, see, feel, measure or test these additional dimensions or parallel universes, so their belief cannot be based in science. But yet, they can still accept that these things might be real while rejecting any possibility of the spiritual ‘super natural.’  Why is this? Continue reading “What Do We Mean By ‘Super Natural?’”


If we look at what is happening to our world today with nothing but human understanding, then we are never going to get the full picture.  Sure, we will be able to point to parts of it, and we could probably do so with a great deal of clarity. But no matter how clearly we see the parts, we will never be able to integrate them – at least, not without going full ‘conspiracy theory,’ which is why accusing people of being a conspiracy theorist is so effective at discrediting them. Continue reading “WE ARE WITNESSING THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN SOCIETY”