I am not inclined to trust the government, nor any social organ connected to it.  As our society is currently constructed, this means I do not trust anyone in government, the media — in any form, news, ‘social’ or entertainment — nor anyone in education.  Does this mean I think everyone working in these fields is part of some grand conspiracy?  No!  Does it mean I think these people are all bad?  No.  It just means that, while I do not know everything, I know far too much about history to trust anything that were told by these social institutions.  If you’d like to know why, keep reading.

NOTE: In the interest of keeping this as brief as possible, I’m not going to bother providing the ‘proof’ for everything I am about to share.  Anyone who is interested (and diligent enough to dig past the censorship) can and will find it.  However, I will provide the links for the information I consider to be most important to making my point.

I start by asking the reader to remember that, not too long ago, Hillary Clinton and Burnie Sanders were fighting over who was the most ‘Progressive’ candidate.  At one point in their feud, Clinton said she was a ‘Progressive’ in the same vein as the early Twentieth Century Progressives.  If you know the history of the early Twentieth Century Progressives, this would have told you everything you needed to know about both Parties.

Keeping this as short as possible, I’ll just tell you that the ‘progressive’ movement started in the Republican Party under Teddy Roosevelt.  It was then co-opted by Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat.  In simple terms, the Republican form of ‘Progressivism’ would be most closely related to what we now call Fascism: government partners with business, but retains ultimate control over business.  Whereas the Democrat form of ‘Progressivism’ would be more closely associated with Socialism/Marxism: government owns or controls every aspect of the economy and means of production.

The Democrat Party version of ‘Progressivism’ is best described by simply quoting Woodrow Wilson, who saw it as a ‘scientific’ method of ‘administrating’ the whole of Society.  Wilson said this ‘science’ of ‘administration’ was foreign to America, and was only studied in Europe.  At the time he was writing, Europe was undergoing the Communist revolution and the resulting experimentation with Socialism.

“But where has this science grown up? Surely not on this side the sea. Not much impartial scientific method is to be discerned in our administrative practices. … No; American writers have hitherto taken no very important part in the advancement of this science. It has found its doctors in Europe. It is not of our making; it is a foreign science, speaking very little of the language of English or American principle. … It has been developed by French and German professors, and is consequently in all parts adapted to the needs of a compact state, and made to fit highly centralized forms of government; whereas, to answer our purposes, it must be adapted, not to a simple and compact, but to a complex and multiform state, and made to fit highly decentralized forms of government. If we would employ it, we must Americanize it,…”

“The Study of Administration,” Woodrwo Wilson

So, what did Wilson do to ‘Americanize’ this Marxist approach to ruling over Society?  He said that Americans would never agree to his goal as it existed in Europe, so he had to find a marketing ploy that could be used to ‘sell’ it to them (note: Wilson is directly connected to Edward Bernays, the ‘father’ of propaganda and ‘marketing’).  So Wilson looked for a simple marketing phrase he could use to sell Marxism to America.  He realized that Americans loved the idea of Progress, so the term ‘Progressive’ was born.  He would sell his goal to America by telling them he was for ‘progress’ as they understood it, but — in reality — he meant he was gong to push America toward his goal of Marxism by small steps.  In other words, he would move us toward Marxism ‘progressively:’ a little step at a time.  And, in case you need proof that Wilson was enamored to the Marxist ideology, I give you this, from the same essay, ‘The Study of Administration:’

“…The philosophy of any time is, as Hegel says, ” nothing but the spirit of that time expressed in abstract thought”; …”

(If you do not already know the connection between Hegel and Marx, look it up!)

OK, what does this have to do with the reaction to the COVID-19 virus?  Well, before I can explain that, you need to know another important piece of history.  Once again, it is connected to Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive ideal:

The competent leader of men cares little for the interior niceties of other people’s characters: he cares much-everything for the external uses to which they may be put. His will seeks the lines of least resistance; but the whole question with him is a question of the application of force. There are men to be moved: how shall he move them? He supplies the power; others supply only the materials upon which that power operates. The power will fail if it be misapplied; it will be misapplied if it be not suitable both in kind and method to the nature of the materials upon which it is spent; but that nature is, after all, only its means. It is the power which dictates, dominates: the materials yield. Men are as clay in the hands of the consummate leader.

“Leaders of Men,” Woodrow Wilson

Keep reading that until you get this through your head:

Progressives do not care about the People.  To them, the People are just clay: the material they seek to mold into whatever image they desire.  A Progressive seeks nothing but the power necessary to forcibly shape that clay.

Now I can tell you — using headlines — why I distrust the response to this COVID-19 virus.  Just to be clear, let’s set this up so that what I post next will be clear (at least, it will be clear to those who understand):

Progressives want to force their will on the People (a.k.a. mold their clay).

In order to mold their clay, Progressives seek all the power necessary to force their will on Society.

Once they have the necessary power, Progressive seek the easiest way to force their will on Society.

OK, here we go:

Progressives are using COVID-19 to force their vision on society:

Scorched Earth – Socialists Going for Broke

They are openly admitting they are doing this:

Clyburn Brazenly Admits What We Suspected: Dems Using COVID To Change America To Fit Their Vision

They are also admitting they do not care who gets hurt in the process (especially those who do not ‘share their view’):


They are using their globalist partners as an excuse to seize control over the whole of this nation:

Lockdowns not enough to defeat coronavirus: WHO’s Ryan

The WHO ‘suggestion’ is reflected in this story:

DOJ Wants to Suspend Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency

The Department of Justice has secretly asked Congress for the ability to detain arrested people “indefinitely” in addition to other powers that one expert called “terrifying”

They are using their allies in industry and social media to help them with this lawless seizure of the nation:

Facebook, Google discuss sharing smartphone data with government to fight coronavirus, but there are risks

And they are trying to silence any and all voices of reason or opposition:

Nolte: Increasingly Unstable Media Demand Blackout of Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings

Why would they want to do all this?  To crash the economy.  They want this:

Jobless claims soar past 3 million to record high

Why do they want people unemployed?  So they can make them dependent upon government for their survival.  In other words, they want everyone to depend upon them in order to stay alive.  Let me ask you a question:

Do you know how the Bible defines ‘The Beast?’

One more question.  Are you starting to understand what this guy really meant when he said this?


Now, I want you to understand something very, very clearly.  This post is not the ‘Cliff Notes’ of what I know. It is the ‘Cliff Notes’ on the ‘Cliff Notes.’  There is so much more, I could write several books on the subject.  In fact, I could write a book just on the fallacies upon which the entire ‘Progressive’ ideology is built.  So, please, understand that this post is just the surface of what is literally a conspiracy to overthrow this nation, laid in the early Twentieth Century, by people who called themselves, ‘Progressives,’ but who are — in reality — Marxists who seek to avoid violent Revolution (yes, they have actually said that, as well).

And one last question:

Do you understand why I do not trust anyone in or connected to government?



The COVID-19 virus has also taken this partial list of stories out of the headlines (which makes the COVID-19 reaction a ‘two-for-the-prive-of-one’ sort of thing):

Wide-spread human trafficking and pedophilia in the highest levels of government and society (Epstein, Weinsteine and — surprise, ‘They’ said there was nothing to it — ‘Pizzagate’)

The investigation into not 1, but 2 failed coup attempts against Trump by people inside the U.S. government (this is what Russia Gate and the impeachment actually were)

The Obama/Hillary/Biden/Soros corruption in Ukraine (yes, that story would have lead to Obama being connected to using foreign aid to fund a private army to run a proxy war against Russia, and it would have connected directly to Soros in the process)

A major financial collapse in our banking industry (right now, the banking industry laws are quietly being re-written by the Federal Reserve — an organization with no Constitutional authority to make law)

Biden’s corruption in China (which was just starting to be investigated)

The trade wars between the U.S. and China

Not to mention the riots in Hong Kong



  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Yes, this echoes what I’ve been increasingly sensing lately. Feels to me like I’m living in an unfolding Cloward-Piven Strategy to take the system down.


    Many businesses forced to close, travel restrictions, lost jobs, many needing welfare (because of forced closure of their businesses/jobs), medical system straining, food distribution pipeline collapsing.

    We are witnessing the controlled demolition of America.

    My prayers go out to all, that we may navigate well through this storm.

    1. Liberty,

      I’m aware that a lot of the posts I’ve been writing lately are not going to be to everyone’s liking, but I assure you, they are ALL related! I’ll connect the dots soon — for those who are following along. But, unfortunately, I have some more foundation to lay before I can do that. Until then, I’ll keep sprinkling in the history, politics and current events — to keep people interested 😉

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