A New Commitment

I want to take a few moments to address those who read this blog.  In fact, I’d like to address everyone who has ever read any of my work.  I have always known that I tend to come off as excitable, not to mention arrogant and condescending.  I don’t mean to, but it doesn’t change how others perceive my writing.  I also realize that there is a lot of truth in that old saying, ‘perception is reality.’  Well, yesterday finally convinced me to make some changes in how I present myself.

I want to do whatever I can to help whoever will listen, but I have strong, personal aversions to doing anything that even comes close to telling others how to think or what to do.  Yes, I know that the way I write often reads as ‘bossy,’ like I think I know everything.  For the record, I know I don’t know everything, but the impression I give off is one of the reasons I need to make some major changes.  However, I also have to understand that I actually have a valuable insight that, if I can learn to present it properly, can help a great many people.  I also have to accept that it is possible to lead without telling people what to think or do.  I just have to work at making the necessary changes in the way I write so that people are drawn in and not put off by what I have to share.

This is going to be very difficult for me, and I will need your patience.  What I have to do is going to be so foreign to me, it will likely feel like a split personality.  All I can promise is that I will do my best to make changes that benefit you, and not me.  If, at any time, you have any thoughts or suggestions that might help me to do that better, I could really use to hear them.  Feel free to either post them in the comment section below, or use the email address I’ve set up for my blogging efforts.  You can find it in the contact information section on the left margin of this blog.

From now on, I am going to work hard at changing the tone of my writing.  I’ll try not to speak in a way that reads as though I am preaching or commanding anyone to do anything.  It might require me to speak more about myself, so I do not use the second person.  I’m not comfortable with that writing style.  I’ve been trying (and failing) to focus on anyone but myself for years.  I’m also going to stop using as many declaratives and try to start using suppositions and invitations.   Hopefully, this will make for a more open and inviting narrative, but, here again, I am very uncomfortable with this writing style.  It can easily slip into a pattern of manipulation that can be difficult for some people to detect, and I do not want to even hint at trying to manipulate people.  I’ll just have to add this to the list of things against which I will have to guard.  You see, I understand that, in the end, it doesn’t matter what it costs me.  If I am going to serve others, then the goal has to be for me to do whatever it is that people need me to do so they can best see, understand and accept the things I am trying to share.

This brings me to the next change in my writing.  Whether it shows or not, I sincerely do not like to write about myself.  At the same time, I know I do so far too easily and often.  I’ll keep working on it, especially since I realize I am going to have to start promoting this blog.  I still hope those of you who read it will help me with this, but I need to triple my efforts to make sure you will feel comfortable sharing it with your friends and family.  Whether you agree with me or not, you have to be able to trust that I am being honest and truthful in everything I say.  This means I have to make every effort to research everything I post.  I have not always done this in the past.  Well, from now on, if I cannot verify it or provide you with my source(s), I simply will not post it — period!

Finally, I have to fight my frustrations.  I am aware that they manifest in my writing as something other than what they really are.  I need to change this, as well.  I’m not sure how best to do this, but I am going to try by taking more time to write my posts.  I will starting putting in more time to edit them (which I do not like to do because I tend to add, not delete, and — as you can see — I am already too long-winded).  I will also try harder not to write until I have my emotions under control.  I know that my passion is easily mistaken for anger or hate, and that has to change, as well.  But, more than anything,  I have to stop feeling responsible for making everyone understand. I have to understand and accept that those who get it will understand, and those who don’t, won’t.

So, while it will take time, and I know in advance that I will fail many times, I can and do promise my readers that I am going to make a concerted effort to present you with the absolute best commentary I know how to write.  However, at the same time, this is going to require more effort on your part.  If you are going to get the most from what I have to offer you, you are going to have to read every word I write, check up on the sources I provide and then, you are going to have to think about it — hard!  I will share, and explain, but you have to figure out what it means to you and how to use it in your life.  I’ve tried to do that for far too long.  I’ve got to stop.  It is not my job to make people understand or accept anything.  All I can do is paint the pictures I see as best I can and hope others appreciate my work enough that it some how enriches their own lives.

4 thoughts on “A New Commitment

  1. As someone who has been threatened, spat on and physically attacked, I never had a problem with the way you write… But if you think a change is needed, do what you feel is best.

    1. Thank you, my friend. I know you’ve been with me a long time, so you might understand that, for many, I am an acquired taste. I’m just trying to add a little sugar to the coffee 🙂

  2. Split personalities are perfectly normal unless they don’t know each other. Your’s are fully integrated except one isn’t totally oriented to the fact there is no way you can be more researched. This too will pass. Write like God is your ghost writer. Jesus spoke & moved on. Some got it. Some did not. Some could not. He never looked back or defended when misunderstood,

    1. I know. I’ve always known. I’ve just been a Jonah. Well, the kicking against the boards has stopped. Now I do just as you described 🙂

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