I continue to keep re-thinking myself — especially after a couple of the comments I received in my latest ADMINISTRATION post.  I either need to scale back my efforts to talk to other people, or go full-out: I do not see any ‘in-between’ for me.  This leads me to a couple questions for each of you who read this.

Would those of you who read this blog have any interest in seeing a discussion forum added to it?  The thinking is that we could use it to discuss things in a more conversational manner than just using the comment section of my posts.  It would also allow anyone to start a discussion about any topic, and all readers would be able to join in however they see fit.  I could really use your feedback here, please.  This is a bit ‘retro,’ but would you guys be interested, or would that just be a waste of time and resources?

While I am at it, let me ask you another question.  I’ve had several close friends suggest that I start posting videos of some of my posts.  Maybe even an on-line show like so many others are starting to do.  Would that be of any interest to any of you?  I could even set it up so that people could call in — if we get to a point where such a level of production is justified, that is.


  1. How about a weekly podcast with your “Topic of the week” and add a forum where listeners can post questions. You can also have a live phone-in question/session.

  2. Sorry, some days I can’t get to my personal emails so I’m behind on your posts & you’ve been especially prolific lately. I am catching up emails at 2 A.M. so not my best comment time. I saw your video & liked it. I also like the idea of the forum. There is always the threat of trolls, but I get tired of them shutting down free speech & learning for others. I personally prefer to delete comments & if necessary block them. It’s usually pretty easy to sense if it’s someone honestly questioning or a true troll / disrupter & I’m sure you are better at discernment than me. I hesitate to leave comments because when I have honest questions it may come across as criticism whereas a forum dialogue leaves room for clarification. As you see I’m not consistent in attending email traffic so I’m sure I’ll be out of the loop on many discussions, but not all. We are in dire times & we need communication & leaders as they escalate so glad to see you are still attempting to stay in the mix. Please rest when needed, but always come back to the fight. I caught a lot of flack from science worshipers because I championed Dr. Zelenko’s CAZ cocktail from the beginning before we ever went into social distancing. It was a strong case of knowing in my knower. A retired Jewish college professor on the mayor’s post thread challenged really heavily & it was easy to stand my ground without wasting time because I knew that I knew that God sent the answer before we asked. When I ended with agree to disagree he said he had one more question which was how did I know it wasn’t the devil whispering in my ear. We know that’s an impossible argument to defend so I just said back at you & left the ball dead in his court instead of mine. Now Dr. Zelenko has been contacted by other countries to help them & we know Trump believed him. Science lied & thousands died. God spoke & thousands lived.

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