Please Start Preparing for Hard Times

If you read this blog, I would like to share some personal concerns with you.  I understand that there are few people left who give serious consideration to my opinion, and I don’t blame them.  But, for those who do, I have been war-gaming with a very reasonable friend of mine and I think it is time to share some of what we see as real possibilities as a result of this COVID-19 ‘crisis.’

I will not share the identity of my friend (mostly because I do not want to risk tainting his name and reputation).  All I will tell you is that he is much more accomplished than I am.  He is also more serious in his demeanor.  I suppose you could say he is ‘stable’ whereas I do not always appear to be so.  That said, he and I are seeing the same things, which is why I think it is time to share my concerns.  When those you respect suddenly start seeing the same dangers you do,…  Well, let’s just say that I no longer see ‘coincidences,’ I see signs.

Since the very start, I have not believed that COVID-19 is the global threat that it has been presented to be.  The numbers have never made sense — ever.  What has consistently made sense is that this virus has presented people who are naturally inclined toward controlling others with a crisis they can use to seize power they would not otherwise be able to acquire.  This is why I have been suspicious from the start.

I also know that these same people have openly written about their plans to re-make the world according to their desires.  They have no real concern for those who may disagree with them.  In their minds, they see their plans as a ‘higher good.’  For this reason, they can justify the ‘sacrifice’ of millions in pursuit of their goals.  Again, this is the history of every Statist mass-murder that has ever occurred.  It is always justified in the name of the ‘greater good.’

Knowing this about the people who seek to control us, and knowing that a major part of their plan is to cause a general collapse of our current society so they can re-build it according to their desires, I can see how the COVID-19 virus could easily be exploited to affect this collapse.  All they need to do is keep the economy shut down a little longer and the collapse will become inevitable.  Anyone who is listening to the economists and small business leaders who have been trying to warn us that it is almost too late to stop total economic collapse knows how close we are to disaster.  But the people who seek power do not care.  They want the collapse, because it gives them their chance to re-make the world.

I will not detail the scenario my friend and I have war-gamed.  All I will tell you is that current events are starting to line up with the scenario we foresaw.  If things keep going in the direction we see them going, then the world is going to fall into a very, very dark period in human history.  What’s more, there may not be much time left to prepare.

So, to whomever may listen, I beg you to take some practical precautions.  I am not urging you to store a year’s worth of food, buy gold, or any of the other usual ‘prepper’ prescriptions.  The truth is, if things go the way I fear they may, a lot of that stuff won’t actually be of much use to you.  Still, there are some practical things you can do to put yourself in a better position than you might otherwise find yourself if my fears come to pass.  If you have it, you might want to take some of your savings out of the bank and keep it in cash (be sure to keep your withdrawal slips with each withdrawal).  You might also want to seek some like-minded financial advice concerning larger savings and investments.  It is very likely that the government may seek to take a large part of the nation’s savings.  Another crucial consideration is any necessary medication.  If you can, get an extra month or two in your home — now!  It would also be wise to put at least 4-6 weeks worth of food and consumables in your home.  Things like toilet paper, but also tooth paste, soap, deodorant, etc.  Finally, consider buying a modest amount of liquor (not expensive stuff, just some affordable rum, vodka, etc), as well as maybe some cigarettes and/or dip.  Such items may prove very useful if we collapse into a barter economy.

My point is to get ready for societal collapse, but don’t try to prepare for a post-apocalypse.  I am trying to be responsible here.  If we are not all back to work in the next 2-3 weeks, I honestly expect things to get bad — very bad.  If that happens, taking precautions now — before everyone else realizes what is happening — may help you and your family a great deal.  However, if I am wrong (and I pray I am), then you will be in good shape for a month or two, and you will easily be able to sell your barter items to friends and return your money and investments to their normal places.

Take this post for whatever you think it is worth.  Feel free to dismiss me as an alarmist if you’d like.  I will understand.  But, if you consider my opinion to be of any value at all, then I beg you to consider my concerns.  Use your own judgment, but please look for the warnings that the ‘media’ is hiding from you first.  Do not make un-informed decisions — especially now.  And, please, keep this last thought in mind:

I am warning you now because, when the time comes that everyone sees what I am seeing, it will probably be too late to prepare.  The time to get ready is before the storm hits, which is why I wrote this post — to urge you to use what time we have left as wisely as possible.

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