Glenn Beck and the Global COVID-19 Response

So, it is no secret that I listen to Glenn Beck.  However, I wouldn’t say that I necessarily trust him.  I listen mostly because I trust the people working for him.  However, until the start of the COVID-19 ‘crisis,’ I wouldn’t have said I distrusted Beck.  I’m not so sure I can say that anymore, and here’s why.

Beck caught my attention a decade and a half ago, back when he started to explore the origins of Progressive movement.  Ever since he started on this course, Beck has continuously brought us example after example of Progressives explaining what they wanted to do and how they planned to do it, then he showing us where and how they were doing it in the real world.  This is why I started to pay attention to him: because he told me where to find the original information so I could verify it for myself, and because, when he presented a real-world example of the Progressive plan being put into action, I saw he was right.  He was right because the examples he points to match perfectly with the Progressive plans I had found and read.

Over the years, Beck has detailed a series of events that he said would be warning signs that the Progressives were trying to implement the final execution of their plan.  If you listen, you might remember Glenn telling us there would come a time when the Progressives would stop hiding and would openly call for a move to ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States.  Or you might remember him telling you that the rest of the world would decide we were finally weak enough and would join in the attack on the U.S..  You might also remember Beck warning about a financial ‘melt up’ that would be followed by a ‘melt down.’  In other words, we would see a period of deflation, followed by extreme inflation and then, eventually, a re-setting of our entire financial system.

Well, if you have been paying attention, every single warning sign Beck has warned us to watch for has or is happening right now!  And yet, for some strange reason, Glenn is telling people that there is no ‘conspiracy’ in play here.  That there is no concerted effort to re-make the United States.  And that we will — somehow — make it through this ‘crisis’ and everything will be OK.  Why?  What changed?  Everything he has warned us to watch for over the past fifteen years is happening, and suddenly, he no longer thinks it is a threat?

I’m sorry, I know there are reasonable explanations for this contradictory behavior.  It is possible that Beck is scared, and simply doesn’t want to panic his audience.  It is also possible that Beck thinks he would be taken off the air if he said more.  Beck is also a Mormon, and, if you know the Mormon prophecies, it is possible that Beck thinks he is one of the Mormon prophets/elders come to help ‘save’ America.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I do not like contradictions — especially when they lead to people breaking with everything they have claimed are their core principles and values.  This is why I can no longer say I give Beck the benefit of the doubt, but I still listen — just as I listen to CNN (just not as much as I listen to Beck).

Look, people are free to believe what they will. I have no problem with personal opinions. I also understand if people disagree with my concerns. I know how insane I can sound to those who have not done the research I have.  I also know how frightening it can be to accept what I am saying.  It is just easier to ignore it and pretend it will all go away.  But I am not made that way.  I am driven to know.  I am also driven to accept reality as best as I can determine and understand it.  This is why I am so worried about the future of the world.

I know what the Progressives have said they want to do.  I know how they have said they want to do it.  I have seen how their plans are reflected in the world around us.  I listened to Beck and others explain the warning signs for which we should be watching.  I confirmed that these signs match up with the Progressive plans I had been able to find.  So, when all these signs start to happen, and everything I see the world governments doing matches with the Progressive plans I have read, I accept that the most likely explanation for what is happening in the world today is that the Progressives are trying to take over as much of the world as they can.

Once again: if you disagree, that is fine with me.  But I cannot ignore what I know to be true.  If I read where a group of people tell me a time will come when I will be over-run with and trampled by zebras; when I read how they plan to ship these zebras in disguised as horses, and that they will import them under cover of ‘compassion’ and ‘justice;’ when I see hundreds if not thousands of ‘horses’ being imported to ‘save’ them from being killed; and then, when I suddenly see these ‘horses’ stampeding at me, I am not going to just believe they are horses and that they will not trample me.  I am going to be very, very suspicious that they are actually zebras in disguise, and that they are being used to trample me — just like that group of people said they would.

This is why I have been in such a bad place these past weeks: because everything I have learned about the plan to takeover the world is lining up in exactly the way the people who explained their plans said it would happen.  So, instead of accepting the surface story like so many others have done, I have looked past the curtain, to the reality behind it.  I pray I am wrong.  I really do.  I would be more than happy to be a fool over all this.  But I can’t get past what I know and what I am seeing, which is why I cannot understand Glenn Beck.  He knows what I know (probably more), but he is telling people everything is OK.  Well, I’m not going to tell the people I care about that everything is OK.  I am going to tell you that all the things I know to watch for have lined up and are happening.  I see a grave threat, and I sincerely believe people should act accordingly — even if only out of an abundance of precaution.

Incidentally, if you are a believer, what you are seeing taking place around the world should not surprise you.  Scripture teaches that the forces of evil seek to control humanity.  They also seek to destroy as much of mankind as they can (not to mention the rest of YHWH’s creation).  Since this ‘crisis’ started, global governments have reacted in a way that — if not intentionally planned to do so — has done great harm to those who make their living independent of government.  The middle class, and small business owners are being devastated, which will drive many people who were previously self-sufficient into dependency on the government for their sustenance.  Countless others are being made even more dependent upon the government.  What’s more, the ‘crisis’ is being used as an excuse to attack the Judeo/Christian faith.  Taken together, what this represents should be very clear — at least, it should be to the true remnant.  This is yet another reason I have grown suspicious of Beck.  For a man who speaks so much about his ‘Christian,’ faith, he sure seems ignorant to the signs of The Beast.



Beck has said that he does not see any ‘evil’ people behind what is happening.  He says he believes people like Soros and Gates are sincere in their desire to help people.  He also said that he thinks these people just seized upon the COVID-19 virus as an opportunity to implement their ideas/plans to save the planet.  He also said he thinks they are actually trying to use the COVID-19 crisis as a means of implementing their ‘green new deal’ to stop ‘climate change.’  So, according to Beck, there is nothing nefarious going on here.  All of what we are seeing is the work of well-meaning people who are trying to help the whole world avoid catastrophe. (said on his radio show, April 22, 2020 starting at about the 0955 time mark, CST).

[NOTE: The problem here: none of this explains the previous plans to do this laid out by these same people, or the global coordination that has been exhibited with this COVID-19 crisis — both of which are more readily explained by accepting that these people are working together to affect an agenda that has, as its primary a goal, something other than caring for and protecting the masses.]

3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck and the Global COVID-19 Response

  1. I agree with you about Beck and I can’t understand why the walk-back. There are the nefarious things in play and we should do what we can to protect ourselves from the evil that is about to show the true face.

  2. I’ve followed Beck for years, but broke with him when he was so unrelenting in his attacks of Donald Trump. I cancelled his TV station & all connections, but I missed his intellect & his intel. His change in behavior was very obvious to me because I had just met up with him in Charleston, SC & walked with him & the members of the Emmanuel AME Church after the Dylann Ruff shooting June 17, 2015. I was already in Charleston & just met him downtown for the walk. The man I walked & talked with was not the same man attacking Trump. I remembered getting strange emails about him being in financial trouble that was never mentioned on the show & I rationalized maybe someone was using his email account. When his character changed I wondered if he really had been having financial troubles & if the fix was signing into something he could not get out of that forced him to be so unrelenting against Trump. I also personally think the Bush family has the patent on the Tesla archives which in my opinion Elan Musk has access to via the Bush family. Beck had become extremely close to Elan Musk & if there is a Musk/Bush connection that could have forced him to alienate from Trump because the Bush’s blame Trump for preventing Jeb from becoming the nominee. Never mind Jeb would never have beaten Hillary. Skip forward & Beck did a 180 on Trump & I returned to accessing his research & opinions. If you think he is changing again perhaps it all relates back to the changes in 2015. If he’s not being influenced negatively perhaps he knows positive things we don’t know & is having to bite his tongue to make sure he does not let the cat out of the bag before its time. I pray it is the later. We need Beck’s interjections & research team capabilities. I’m also sure he is a prime target for that very reason. I’ve personally had to back off pushing an issue so I know no one is immune. You can be very brave when your life is the prey, but when someone else is threatened based on your actions that’s not always an easy black & white.

    1. Interesting. I also read a comment discussing this same subject in which it was offered that Beck’s financial troubles from several years ago might have been caused by his initial opposition to Trump. And that his friendship with Elon Musque might have placed him under the influence of the Bush family, which we know from Beck’s own admission he had enough of a relationship with to have been invited to meet in the White House. It was also suggested that all of Beck’s problems seem to have been resolved about the same time he started to support Trump. The net result? Who knows? But, if these relationships are all true, and we couple it with Beck’s propensity to ‘see good in everyone,’ then we can no longer trust him at all. So, as I said in my post, I will continue to listen, but only because I do not believe Sew or the bulk of Beck’s research team are as shaky as I now believe Beck to be.

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