3 thoughts on “COVID-19: NO! The ‘Science’ Does NOT Support the Tyrannical Response

  1. Great blog post. I’m wondering how long these YouTube videos will avoid the censorship that is scrubbing anything that questions the official WHO opinions. My Facebook account is currently locked down for 24 hours for fake news & the post they based it on was a share from weeks before the charge. The post was obvious satire saying if Trump declared Nov elections closed so he could remain in office because of COVID-19 the virus would disappear overnight. I tried to protest, but FB had already marked the charge closed & refused to receive the appeal. All of the YouTube video by Dr. Judy Mikovits have been censored & removed because they deny the WHO & Dr. Fauci agendas. I am fully convinced the real reason was the many Facebook post promoting the Chloroquine/Azithromycin/Zinc cocktail & how it has been suppressed by Fauci & WHO. I have seen screenshots of Facebook posts inviting readers to report to the WHO when they see posts that are not in line with the official WHO opinions & agendas. When I searched for fact checkers in my settings I found 4 listings that were recent friend requests from foreign accounts that I had ignored. I don’t think that is a coincidence & wonder if they are gaining access to by FB account just by sending a friend request that is not acknowledged. I hate to surrender YouTube & Facebook to the enemy because both need a counter Conservative voice, but it looks like they are forcing our hand. We need to find an alternative platform while we can still direct to that platform. In the meantime we need to continue to post on Facebook to at least hinder the efforts being aware Facebook & YouTube are ramping up their efforts to censor us out & will be locking us down repeatedly. Right now it seems to be true that if we post from national news sites (including Fox for now) Facebook will not censor. Most of all we need to accept we are at war & in the enemy target zone.

    1. Have you watched Beck’s video yet? If not, you need to. It explains why everyone is pointing the world to the WHO (which is an arm of the Chinese government).

      I will say this, as well: I disagree with Beck on the point that the Event 201 committee was ‘doing what it is supposed to do.’ I also disagree that they are not evil. They are not an elected body, yet they have made decisions for the world that have clearly been implemented by world governments. Both of these are not only lawless, but evil. I also do not believe this Event 201 team ‘accurately predicted’ the events of this COVID-19 ‘crisis.’ I think the ‘crisis’ has been orchestrated to follow the Event 201 outline of events. In short, we are watching a giant theater and the end-game is the remaking of the entire world.

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