Please Read — It’s Important

Dear Reader,

In my other life, my business life, I have always made it a habit to treat my customers as valued friends.  To date, I haven’t exactly done this with those who read my blogs.  That changes today, and it is time to tell you why.

Before I start, let me address those readers who may not be inclined toward religion or a belief in God.  Look, I’m not an evangelist, so I am never going to try to force my beliefs on you.  However, I beg you to give serious consideration to sticking with this blog.  Yes, I am going to be writing about religious matters more and more in the coming days, but I am going to be tying it to current events, both in this country, as well as the rest of the world.  What’s more, if you give me a chance, I think you will find my view of religion is very different from what you are use to hearing from most Christians.  It might also prove to be much more useful in your personal life.  So, again, I beg you, please, make this blog and exception and stick with me.

Now, to those who have been following my blogs for more than a year:

If you have followed my blogging for any length of time, then you are probably aware that I have been struggling for a while.  I want to apologize.  I knew what was happening, but I did not share it with you as directly as I could have because I had not yet decided to treat the readers of my blog as friends, like I have always done with my customers.  But that changes today, and so does the way I address you.

For the past two years, I have been struggling to deal with the emotional and spiritual strain of having seen what is happening in the world right now.  I am not claiming to be a prophet, or that I saw the COVID-19 virus coming.  However, I did see the global reaction to this virus, and I also know what is going to come from it.  Knowing what will happen, even in the most general terms, has been just short of crippling for me.  I couldn’t get anyone to listen in time to stop it, then I couldn’t get anyone to listen when it started.  Worse, I discovered that many of my friends, people I had always counted on to stand by me when this started,…  Well, they were not who they said they were and who I had believed them to be.  So, in short, I have been a little like the character of Sarah Connor in the ‘Terminator’ movies: I saw this ‘crisis’ coming, I couldn’t do anything about it, and when it started, all those I had depended on to be there for me either fell away or turned against me.

The next thing I have to share with you may seem un-related, but I promise, I’ll tie it in quickly.  I lead twenty-three Marines in combat.  I have ordered people I knew well to do things that could have cost them their lives.  These were people I counted as friends.  They never hesitated: I barked a command and they went out into live fire.  By the grace of God, none of my Marines was hurt and we managed to accomplish every mission I was asked to do.  But it changed me.  After that war, I ran from responsibility.  It has always been expected of me.  I was made to carry responsibility, and I know it.  Even though I had a small unit, we accomplished every mission without any injuries.  I had a hand in that.  But it took the Lord almost three decades to get His bit hooked in my mouth and turn me back to His work.  But now I am back, my knee is bent and I am ready — for better or worse — to do whatever He asks of me.  If that means I must lead, then I will lead whoever He sends, or whoever chooses to follow, and I’ll trust Him with the result.

So, with all that said, I will be writing a lot more in the next few weeks.  There is a lot to share, and I am convinced that there are people out there who need whatever it is I am going to be told to write.  I promise you that I will stop kicking against the boards.  I am through playing Jonah.  Whatever I am told to do, I’ll do to the best of my ability.  However, this works two ways.  If I write something you do not understand, or that leaves you with a question, please post a comment or send a private email and ask for clarification.  I hate being preachy, but, if I am going to get serious about teaching, I need feedback from the class.  You are the class.  So, please, let me know when and where I lose you — so I know to go back and bring you forward with the rest of the class should you stumble and fall behind.

Thanks, and stay safe,





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  1. Glad to see you’ve been writing again. I have quite a bit to catch up on lol.

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