How ‘They’ Work

I want people to understand that the whole accusation of ‘conspiracy’ theories is a weapon used to keep people from seeing what is actually happening.  It is used in a similar way as political correctness is used to silence political dissent or questioning of authority.  So, let me explain what is happening and how it works.

The first thing you have to know is that there are people in this world who sincerely believe they are smarter than everyone else.  They also believe that this gives them the moral imperative to ‘save’ the world — even if they have to do it against the world’s will.  From this sense of moral imperative comes the idea that the ends will justify their means.  As an aspect of human nature, this sort of thinking tends to lead to serious problems with a person’s ability to reason.  If a person is not very careful to ground themselves in a strong sense of morality that exists outside of themselves, they can easily become something that the world will consider to be a ‘monster.’  Hitler is one of our best examples, but so is Mao.  The problem here is, the people who are trying to ‘save’ the world think they are their own god (yes, they have actually said this).  So, they believe anything they do is justified, and this means they are capable of horrendous atrocities — even the murder of millions!  So, the first thing you must do is accept that these people actually exist; they are in the highest levels of authority throughout the world; they know and talk to each other; and they are loosely working together to achieve their goals.

The next thing you need to understand is that these people sincerely believe the masses as stupid.  By that, I mean these people have openly said that the average person is genetically incapable of understanding anything on the same level as the people trying to ‘save’ them understand the world.  To the people who want to ‘save’ the world, the majority of humanity is the problem.  We are all simply too stupid to know what is best for us, so we need to be ‘directed’ to do what these self-appointed masters have decided is best for us.  And, if we cannot be ‘lead’ to do what is best for us, then we must be ‘drug’ to doing it (again, I can show you where they have said exactly this).

There are many layers to how these people try to socially engineer their new world, but the primary mechanisms they use are our schools and media.  They use the schools to ‘train’ us, and the media to re-enforce that training.  Ultimately, they are trying to engineer the ‘perfect’ citizen: a person who will just automatically do what their masters (the people trying to save them) want them to do without having to be manipulated or forced.

Make no mistake, these people know what they are doing and, sadly, it tends to be very effective.  This is why they believe they are correct: because they see success in their methods.  It’s just that their methods don’t work on everyone.  Some of us see through them, and we try to warn others.  This threatens their plans because, once people learn to see what is being done to them, they will never un-see it.  At that point, the manipulation starts to break down and does not work nearly as well.  This is why they always seek to silence those who see them for who and what they are.  In this country, they use political correctness, accusations of racism or conspiracy theorist or other non-lethal means to silence or isolate those trying to expose them and their plans.

As for the rest of society, these people know and plan on the fact that a great many people are all too willing to let themselves get caught up in whatever movement these self-appointed elite decide to start.  Here is why they do not need as many of them to execute their plans as one might think: because they know they can use ‘useful idiots’ to do their work for them.  One need look no farther than the younger generation’s growing embrace of Socialism.  Growing numbers of younger Americans not only support the idea of Socialism, they don’t even know what it is, let alone its murderous history.  Worse, they refuse to be educated as to the truth of Socialism.  This is the direct result of indoctrination in our education system, which applies practical psychology.  They use psychology to program our youth through the manipulation of greed, emotion and disinformation.  The result is that our children then become automatons who embrace, assert and defend the agenda of their masters without ever realizing they are defending their own enslavement.  But there’s more.  The people teaching this to our children are, themselves, useful idiots who were programmed when they went through school (again, I can show you the evidence to support all of this).

This is all nothing more than the systematic manipulation and exploitation of human nature.  There is nothing new about humanity’s propensity to live as animals (i.e. by emotion and instinct), it’s just that the people we are discussing have turned the exploitation of human nature into a ‘science.’  They then use this ‘science’ as a weapon in the pursuit of their ultimate agenda to re-make the world (once again, I can show you where they have openly said this is their goal).  As more and more generations are produced who have accepted this programming, the work of the social engineers becomes easier.  The more people learn what to think instead of how to think, the more they behave as robots who can be easily manipulated into doing what their programming has prepared them to do.  And, as more people do what they have been trained to do, the more the people manipulating them become convinced that they are correct in their goals and the application of their plans to achieve those goals.  The process builds upon itself until, eventually, we have a small group of very powerful people who are trying to ‘save’ the world who do not realize they have become totally depraved.

This is where we are now: at the mercy of a group of wildly powerful people who have become totally oblivious to the fact that they have become moral monsters.  They have no concern for anything but their plans.  Their plans are now their obsession, and their religion.  Any attempt to resist or stop them is met accordingly.  When you take this to the global level, it is a recipe for world war — unless they succeed.  In which case, if they succeed, you end in global tyranny where the only people considered to be fully ‘human’ are the monsters in charge.

Now, here is the most important thing you need to understand about these people who want to ‘save’ us.  The most important point is not that they are morally depraved, which they are.  The most important thing to understand is that moral depravity can easily lead people to do things that are truly horrific — like trying to destroy the world so they can re-make it the way they want it to be…

If you want an example of what I am trying to show you, look no further than the Avengers movie, “End Game.”  In that movie, the character of Thanos convinced himself that the only way to bring sustainable order to and thus save the universe was to eliminate one half of all living things — so he does!  Well, there are people in this world who believe the exact same thing, only they want to eliminate 95% of all humanity, not just 50%!   Or, worse, some of those people who want to eliminate 95% of all humanity are actually running the organizations that are now claiming to have a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus! (once again, I can prove this).


My view on this is not new.  Others far wiser and far more able to explain it have done so long before my feeble attempts.  They may describe it in different words, or focus on different aspects of the process, but they have explained the same basic process:

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(This paper is a must-read)


[NOTE: To those of you who believe in Scripture, I ask you this simple question: do you know what the Scriptures tell us about the character and fate of the Nephilim?]