‘As in the Days of Noah…’

Many believe that, when Christ said these words, He was painting a picture of normal life: where everyone is living their lives and planning their futures as though there was no danger of impending destruction (Matt 24:37-39).  On the surface, this would be the correct interpretation of this passage.  However, as with most of Scripture, there is a hint of a deeper meaning in Christ’s warning, and I believe we should be aware of that deeper allusion.

When Christ mentioned ‘the days of Noah,’ His audience would have immediately thought of a much bigger story.  It would be like me saying. ‘Luke, I am your father.’  For most of you, I just brought the entire Star Wars story line to mind.  Well, Christ did the same thing with His words, only the story He brought to his audience’s mind was the story of I Enoch.  Enoch is not part of modern Scripture, but it is likely that the people of Christ’s time read it as Scripture.  The reason I say this is because Enoch is directly referenced by several of the Apostles, and indirectly by several more.  In every case, the references are treated as true.  So, what does this mean and how does it connect to ‘the days of Noah?’

Well, to answer that, we need to go back to the story of ‘The Tower of Babel’ (Gen 11:1-9).  We start with Nimrod, who is described as ‘a mighty hunter before the Lord’ (Gen 10:9).  It is now understood that this might not be an accurate translation.  In fact, it may well be that the better translation would be, ‘a giant in opposition to the Lord.‘  This is an important possibility, because, if it is the correct translation, this would connect Nimrod to the ancient, ‘men of renown’ (Gen 6:4).  This would then connect Nimrod to the Nephilim (we’ll come back to this shortly).

Now, let’s go back to the story of Babel.  What the Scripture tells us is that a one-world government was established and they started to build a tower to the sky.  Once again, our modern world misses some of the back-story in the Scriptures.  The tower would be connected tot he idea of a place where the gods were thought to live.  Also, the idea of ‘making a name’ would also have been connected to the idea of setting one’s self up as or making one’s self into a god.  So, inherent in this story about Babel is the idea that the people of Babel thought they could make themselves into gods (echoing 2 Thessalonians 2, which is connected to the End-times, which is exactly what Christ was discussing when He commented about the days of Noah).

YHWH broke up this cabal and established the nations, placing each nation under the authority and stewardship of a member of His Heavenly Council (part of the back-story, also alluded to in Psalm 82).  However, YHWH’s servants lead the nations astray.  Instead of teaching them to worship YHWH, they taught each nation to worship themselves.  This is the source of the many gods in the ancient world, and the Scriptures affirm this.  Scripture never once treats the gods of other nations as myths.  It just teaches that they are lesser beings and not the One, True God (this distinction is often lost in the fuller meaning of the Hebrew word, Elohim, as well as the back-story inherent in the ancient near eastern world in which the Scriptures are set).

Now, let’s go back to Nimrod for a minute.  It is believed that Nimrod may well be the same as king Amraphel, who may also have been the same person as Hammurabi (Amraphael or Amraphel).  Why is this important?  Well, for one, king Amraphel is one of the kings Abraham defeated (Gen 14).  So, if Nimrod was also the same person as king Amraphel, and he also had Nephilim blood, it would place Nimrod, Sodom and Gomorrah and the Nephilim decedents all in a struggle against YHWH and His chosen people through Abraham (again, a lot of this is lost to us as it is back-ground knowledge that most writers of Scripture would have assumed their readers already knew).

Here is the point on which I want to focus: there seems to be a connection between Nimrod and Babel and the Nephilim.  Why do I want to focus on the Nephilim?  Aren’t they extinct?  Well, no!  I know this is getting repetitive, but Scripture assumes its readers are familiar with the greater back-stories that it mentions (this should not surprise us, we do this every day in our own communications).  However, this is a subject in which, if we study very closely, we will find bread crumbs in the Scriptures that we can follow.  When we do, we will find that there are a great many people names or tribes that are connected to the Nephilim (a great exploration of these names can be found in the book, “The Unseen Realm”).  But there is something even more surprising that can be found in the Scriptures: the Nephilim were not destroyed!  In fact, YHWH’s command for Israel to totally wipe out the Canaanites was connected to exterminating the remnants of the Nephilim blood line.  But Israel failed to follow this command.  As a result, YHWH said that the Canaanites would always be a thorn in the side of Israel.  Well, this means the Nephilim blood line survived, and it is through the Canaanites, who — until Christ returns — will always be found opposing YHWH’s people!

Do you remember that we started this post with Christ’s warning:

“as in the days of Noah…”

Do you know why YHWH flooded the world?  Because all flesh had become corrupted — corrupted by the Nephilim blood line and/or humans who had embraced the Nephilim agenda!  When Christ mentioned the story of Noah, He knew that all of this would immediately come to the minds of those listening to Him.  This would then create an inferred connection between the Nephilim and the End-times!


[NOTE: I have addressed the remnant of the Nephilim in this post, but, for now, I will stop here and leave you to digest what I have just discussed.  However, I want to stress that this is all conjecture.  I cannot say with absolute certainty that this line of reasoning is factually true, but I happen to believe there is a great deal of truth in it.  This is the result of a great deal of intense self-study, in which, the connections I keep stumbling across all seem to point in the direction I have described here.  So, I share it for others to consider and use as a starting point or guide in their own research into YHWH’s Word.  Use it for whatever you think it is worth.]



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  1. Heiser’s books indicate there are rational, spiritual forces active against humanity. This may explain why forces like anti-semitism, communism, Islam, and socialism are constantly re-inventing themselves – they are not merely of human origin.

    1. EXCELLENT! In fact, those forces are the ONLY ‘reasonable’ explanation for why these trends keep coming back in the actions of men. Otherwise, if not influenced by such spirits, man (when left to himself) would devolve into a muddle of conflicting agendas. This makes consistent progress over generations impossible. This, in turn, explains why the agenda that destroys remains consistent while the agenda of God has to be continually renewed.

      I plan to write on this in more detail, you just got ahead of me 🙂

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