The True Divide in America

Is America divided?  I have heard many people arguing that we are, and many others who try to argue that we are not as divided as it appears.  One side says we are split along political, Left vs. Right lines.  Another side says we have more in common than we realize, but we are being divided by both sides of this political divide.  I disagree with both of these sides.  I think we are a divided nation, but I think the divide is along an entirely different line.

As I look at the political spectrum, and I learn about history, I see that the two major political Parties in America are — at best — mixed.  There is a central, ‘Progressive’ ideology running through both Parties.  In this sense, this central agenda is still divided.  One side is globalist in nature, the other seeks to retain national sovereignty.  These two arguing sides of the Progressive agenda divide themselves between the two Parties in America: one side to each Party.  However, the key is in understanding that both sides of the Progressive agenda seek to control.  When we look at the political divide this way, we can understand why Carol Quigley warned us in his book, “Tragedy and Hope,” that we have one Party pretending to be two.  It also explains why, no matter which Party is in power, the base-line political agenda tends to remain constant.  Therefore, I do not believe this is the divide tearing our nation apart.  I think it is just one of the many different facades used to camouflage and confuse so that we do not see the true divide.

The other argument, that we are not that divided, argues that we are being set against each other to give the appearance of division.  Here again, I am not so sure this is true.  I think it is another slight of hand, or distraction meant to keep us from focusing on the true divide.  In this case, the argument is that we are all still ‘Americans,’ and we all basically agree on the fundamental idea of ‘America,’ but that both political Parties work to start us fighting against each other so they can seize and maintain their political power.  By dividing us into groups, then convincing us that each group is dangerous, the Parties can cement a political base.  Now, I understand that there is truth to this.  This is not the part with which I disagree.  I disagree with the foundational premise: that we are not that divided.  We most certainly are a divided nation, it’s just that I do not think the divide is actually political.  This is why I think this line of reasoning is also flawed.

Both of these two ‘explanations’ for the division in our nation are political in nature.  They seek to explain things in political terms.  Now, I agree that the divide is political in nature.  I just think that the Parties involved have become totally invisible to the average person.  This was not always the case — not in America, anyway.  Our Founders saw and understood the true nature of the political divide I see.  That is why they designed our system of government the way they did: they understood the true divide.  They also warned us that our system only works if the nation stays on one side of this political divide.  If we cross to the other side, our system will fall apart.

So, what is the political divide I see?  The divide between right and wrong.  But here is where things start to get ‘sticky’ for so many of us.  Who decides what is right and what is wrong?  Well, our Founders tried to point us in the right direction, but we’ve rejected their wisdom and warnings.  This is why we’ve grown blind to the source of right: because we have chosen not to see or accept it.

When I speak of right vs wrong, I am not talking about the laws we have written.  The written law is quite often wrong.  When I speak of right vs wrong, I am talking in terms of universal principles: what might otherwise be called, ‘morality.’  Now, I am not going to go into the source of morality in this post.  All I am going to do is point out that, for there to be a law, there must be a law-giver.  What’s more, this law-giver must have authority to make and enforce the law.  In this sense, I understand morality as that law which reside in those things that can be ascribed to all people, everywhere, at any time.  From here, ‘righteousness’ or ‘lawfulness’ is that which conforms to the moral law.  All else then becomes lawlessness.  I see this as the true divide in America: the divide between those who recognize and accept a moral law outside of our authority and who seek to conform to it, and those who reject any authority other than themselves.

Here again, the American Founders warned us that our system was designed to be operated by a moral people: a society that recognized, accepted and ran itself according to universal laws of morality that have authority over us, but which are also outside of our control.  This also affects the laws we can then write. Under our system of government, any law which is determined to be in contradiction to this universal moral law is null and void: it is not a law at all.  This means we cannot make murder a moral action because we make a law that says it is now legal.  Likewise, we cannot make something morally permissible by redefining it.  For example: slavery does not become morally permissible by defining certain people as lesser humans, or by declaring they are not human at all.  The principle I’m trying to explain is as clearly illustrated by this meme as I think it can possibly be:


This meme is also the perfect illustration for the divide I see between us: the moral divide.  We have a growing number of people in this country who think that the law is the source of right and wrong.  Ultimately, this means they see government (i.e. the law-giver) as the source of morality.  But there is a huge problem with this way of thinking.  If the law is the source of morality, and the government is the law-giver, then — whether we want to see it or not — we are saying that Man is god!  This creates a divide between the people who think Man is his own god and those who believe in a God Who is above Man.  This divide leads me to my next, and more important question.

What ‘common ground’ is there to be found between those who think Man is his own god and those who recognize that there is a Creator, and that He is not man?


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