The Party of ‘Science?’

In the United States, we have a political Party that likes to market itself as the Party of ‘science.’  I won’t name them, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for an honest observer to figure out which Party this is.  Instead, I propose to examine just how legitimate this claim to being the Party of ‘science’ actually is.

First, before we even get going, I’d like to address an objection I can anticipate coming from those who may belong to this Party.  So, let me just say this straight forward.  Yes, I am an actual scientist.  I even have a degree with the suffix, ‘ology,’ on the end of it.  This mean that I have completed the necessary schooling to have been bestowed the title of ‘scientist.’  Furthermore, I hold another degree which is the foundation of ‘science.’  It is not a field of ‘science,’ but the field upon which ‘science’ is built.  Therefore, not only am I a real scientist, but I am also trained in the field upon which the scientific method is built.  So, this establishes my credentials to write this post.

Now, as to the Party that claims to be based in ‘science.’  After observing this Party for decades, I can say — unequivocally — this Party is most certainly not based in ‘science’ — period!  This claim is propaganda; a lie!  Why do I say this?

Well, the scientific method has several key elements.  To be considered sound science, a person must operate by these principles.  One of these key principles is that actual observations trump speculation.  What do I mean by this?  Well, let’s use an example from current events.

When the COVID-19 virus was first declared a ‘pandemic,’ it did not meet the official medical definition of a pandemic.  So, why did the Party of ‘science’ label it a pandemic?

Second, we were told by the ‘scientists’ from this Party of ‘science’ that, if we did not do everything they said to do, some 2 million Americans would die.  However, the model that was used to make this claim was not based in sound science.  It did not account for a single variable.  It assumed that people would just live as though the virus did not exist.  Once sound scientific principles were factored in to the model, the predicted death count fell to some 60,000, and that was for just 1 variable — social distancing.  When other variables that take into account the reaction of thinking human beings were added to the model, the death count fell even further.  So the claims used to scare the nation into lock down were not based in ‘science.’

Next, we were told that we had to lock down to ‘flatten the curve.’  We were further lead to believe that this would stop the spread of the virus when, in reality, it was only meant to slow the spread of the virus.  The purported reasoning behind this was to prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed by the un-scientific claim of 2 million deaths and untold millions more being infected.  But the hospitals were never overrun because the virus never reached the number of infections or deaths that the Party of ‘science’ told us we would have if they were not obeyed.

In fact, we have passed several mile stones where we were guaranteed that, if we did not do everything they told us to do, tens of thousands would be sick and dying.  The most recent example is the State of Georgia.  As I write, Georgia is supposed to be experiencing an uncontrolled rebound of the COVID-19 virus.  The Party of ‘science’ assured us of this just three weeks ago when Georgia started to re-open their State.  What is the actual observation in Georgia as of today?  The rate of new cases and deaths is still declining, not increasing as we were promised by the Party of ‘science.’

Now, to be fair, the Party of ‘science’ claims that the numbers they keep predicting are never actualized because we have been following their orders.  The problem is, this is not true!

You see, we have a control group in the United States.  Using sound principles of science, you should always keep a control group — so you can test your experiments.  In this case, a control group would be a State that does not follow any of the Party of ‘science’ dictates.  Luckily, we have such a control group in this country.  We have States that did not lock down, and they have not experienced the devastation that the Party of ‘science’ guarantees will happen if it is not obeyed.  Not only does this prove — scientifically — that the Party of ‘science’ has been wrong all along, it also proves that the lower numbers of infections and deaths for which they claim credit cannot be attributed to their dictates.  If they could, then the control group would show it, but it does not.  So, once again, actual observation has proven that the Party of ‘science’ has not been using sound science at all.

The reality is that this Party claims to be based in ‘science,’ but it has a history of always being wrong.  In the early 1900’s, they predicted an ice age.  It didn’t happen.  I remember the ice age predictions that were made in the 1970’s.  I lived through them.  According to the Party of ‘science,’ we all froze to death about 20 years ago.  I also remember the global warming ‘science’ of the 1980’s.  According to that ‘science,’ we are all dying of global heat right now — today.  I also remember the Party of ‘science’ ‘proving’ that the ozone hole was going to kill us (it is smaller now than ever), that acid rain was going to deforest the nation (it didn’t) and that over population was going to kill us all by now (it hasn’t).  All of these things — and more — have been repeatedly ‘proven’ by the Party of ‘science,’ yet none of their dire warnings ever materialize in the real world.  In other words, actual observation never meets their predictions.  This means they are not using sound science.

This brings us to the next question: why?  If I can show that this Party of ‘science’ is making false claims this easily (and I have proven it), then why do so many people — who should know better, themselves — accept these false claims?  Weren’t they taught about the scientific method in school?  Don’t they know how it works?  Can’t they look it up in a reliable reference book (I strongly suggest using something from 1980 of earlier)?  Can’t people think for themselves?  Can’t they see that none of the stuff the Party of ‘science’ claims ever happens?  Can’t they figure out this means the Party of ‘science’ is not using science?  Or do people just want to be scared?  How about you, reader?  Can you figure this out for yourself, or do you just want to be scared into doing whatever the Party of ‘science’ tells you to do?


You have been conditioned to think that people who see the truth in this meme are ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘science deniers:’


But I ask you: if the flu vaccine was really a vaccine, why do we still have the flu in this country?  The polio vaccine has all but eliminated polio.  Same with measles, mumps and rubella — even whooping cough.  That’s because those were vaccines that worked: the actual observations in the real world show they have been effective.  So, where is the real world observation showing the flu vaccine works?  It does not exist.  So, why does the Party of ‘science’ claim we will have a COVID-19 vaccine soon?  There has never been a vaccine for this strain of virus, so sound science would suggest we are not going to find one for COVID-19 any time soon, either.  But this is not what the Party of ‘science’ tells us.  Again, why?

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