Why Would ‘They’ Free Criminals While Jailing COVID-19 Lock-Down Violators?

Have you been wondering why ‘They’ would release criminals from jail while, at the same time, ‘They’ are sending people to jail for violating ‘Their’ COVID-10 lock-down orders?  Well, there is an answer, and it is not a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Parger U produced this little video about the issue:

Most people can’t understand why they would do this, but I do.  If you will accept that we are under the control of people who honestly believe the United States needs to be destroyed, then you read or listen to what they have said and, finally, you find the courage to believe them, it all makes sense.  In this case, he goal is to push the People until they have enough and start to take things in to their own hands.  This will then create a ‘crisis’ that they will use to justify martial law, which will then lead to a total re-writing of our society (which is their stated goal).

Whether you like him or not, Glenn Beck has been excellent at exposing and explaining this.  It is known as, ‘The Bubba Effect,’ and has even been published in the Air Force Times:

The Progressive End Game: Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out

I keep telling people that you have to find and listen to the people behind all of this, then believe them.  Well, here is just one of the videos of them explaining what they want to do and how they propose to do it:

Now, on the surface, the language in this video may not sound that bad.  However, Progressives use different definitions for their words than most of us do.  They are — in a way — speaking in code.  It is how they can speak openly and not be identified as what they truly are by the average citizen.  They understand each other, but the rest of the world hears something entirely different.  That is why no one understand that this clip meant that the man intended to create a shadow government that would take over and run the country by hidden dictatorship (which we now know is exactly what he tried to do — and is still succeeding at doing):

So, back to van Jones:

First, notice how he openly states that he sees those who oppose him as ‘enemies.’  This is the language of revolution — not politics.  But what does he mean by. ‘top down, bottom up, inside out?’  The short version is this:

You start a ground swell (or the appearance of one) and push for ‘change.’

Then the leaders ‘recognize’ it and present themselves as giving the ‘movement’ what it wants.

Which leads to changes from within the system that may or may not be made through the proper channels.

What he is actually explaining is how to conduct a revolution.  Watch the video above all the way through.  Pay attention to the part with Bill Ayres.  This is the same Bill Ayres who helped launch Obama’s career.  He is explaining the same process of, ‘Top down, bottom up, inside out.’  He is focusing on what he thinks of as ‘movements,’ but he is looking to learn from them so that he could use them to affect his revolution.  How do we know?  Because Ayres, Obama, Jones, Hillary Clinton and more are all students of Alinksy, and this ‘Top down, bottom up, inside out’ idea is just a re-formulation of Alinsky’s book, ‘Rules for Radicals‘ (radicals as in revolutionaries — just without so much violence).

Now, if you are still not convinced that we are dealing with revolutionaries who are openly advocating and discussing their plans to takeover and re-make the nation, just watch, and pay close attention:

Now, would you accept that he is talking about people who want to take over this country?  And that those people want to re-make it?  Well, he is talking about The Weather Underground, lead by Bill Ayres — the same Bill Ayres in the van Jones video before this one.  This is the same Bill Ayres who boasted that he not only hasn’t changed his mind or beliefs, but that he wishes he could have done more to make it all happen.  This is the same Bill Ayres who spent more than eight years finishing John Dewey’s work to re-structure our public schools into mechanisms for Progressive indoctrination (see his book on this issue).

Jones, Ayres, Hillary, Obama, Alinsky: they all preach the revolutionary takeover of America.  They’ve just adopted Woodrow Wilson’s approach.  Instead of a violent overthrow, they are doing it by small, incremental steps.   This is exactly why Wilson chose the word, ‘Progressive:’ because he knew American’s would think it meant progress, as in technological and economic advances.  When, in reality, Wilson meant progress toward his revolutionary re-making of the nation.  This is not theory, it is exactly what Wilson said in his many writings.  You just have to go look them up, read them, then accept that he meant what he said.  This is also where you will learn much of the language that Obama, Hillary and Jones use to openly discuss their goals in public, and why they have little fear that they will be found out — because they know that only one in ten thousand will bother to do what I just urged you to do and learn the truth for yourself.


So, let’s go back to the reason they are letting violent criminals out of jail while they jail harmless citizens.  The goal is to create some sort of movement that appears to have the support of the masses.  They have tried ‘workers of the world unite,’ but it failed.  They tried the hippies, it failed.  They tried ANTIFA, the ‘Occupy’ movement, and a host of other movements.  They simply have not been able to generate a popular uprising that demands the government ‘do something‘ to enforce peace and stability again.  So, they are trying another approach.

Instead of artificially creating an uprising using their political operatives and dupes, this time, they are trying to get the decent people of the country to feel that things are so out of control they take matters into their own hands.  The more they let obviously corrupt politicians go free; the more they try to prosecute people who can be proven innocent; the more the criminals are favored; the more the law-abiding are punished; the more angry the People become.  They will just push and push this until, eventually, enough people have had enough and try to force law and order on their own.  That is when these people will point to the People and declare them to be the problem.  This will give them the excuse they need (remember, it is all about appearances, not truth).  Once the ‘Bubba Effect’ starts, they will crack down, take our weapons, re-write the laws and we will be under their dictatorial control.

The top comes down by creating lawlessness and chaos

The bottom wells up in righteous indignation

And then society turns inside out due to the subversive activities of these revolutionaries

This is what you are seeing, and I have expected it for years.  You will find it in my blog posts going all the way back to The Rio Norte Line.  Glenn Beck also detailed it when he was still on FOX News.  In both cases, we are seeing something very, very close to what Beck and I both tried to warn people would happen.  But I am not claiming to be some sort of prophet. All I did was find and read what these people have written, then believed it.  Now that it is happening in generally the exact way they said they would do it, I feel vindicated.  Sadly, however, it is a hollow victory.  I say this because, from what they have predicted, Americans are playing right into their hands.  This is why I have no hope in anyone but God.  Lest He act, this nation will be lost to some of the most evil people to ever walk the face of the planet.  Never forget: Hitler and the NAZI’s learned everything they did from the American Progressives and Fabian Socialists (the people who created the American Progressive movement).  Now, ask yourself: if these people taught the likes of Hitler and the NAZI’s, how much worse might they be when they have total control of this country?


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Can you see that all of these are connected: ‘crisis,’ ‘fear,’ the ‘Bubba Effect,’ and the push to move fast, without debate or thought?  Why does the used car salesman try to get you to sign the papers without thinking about the deal?  So, what makes you think the people who have openly said they want to change this entire nation should be trusted any more than that used car salesman — especially when they are screaming, “Sign the bill now, there’s no time to lose!”

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  1. Right you are… In California, there are only violent criminals sentenced to prison or county jail… All the other arrestees are given sentences that include probation, house arrest, or drug programs. This has been the case for the past several years.

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