For Whatever It’s Worth…

I have friends all over the world (real friends — people I talk to on a regular basis).  One of my mates lives in New Zealand.  He is not prone to the NWO ‘conspiracy’ stuff.  Well, maybe I should say he wasn’t, but he may be now.  Read his recent private message to me to see why I say this:

From my mate in New Zealand.  He served in the New Zealand military.  I’ve known him for about 5-6 years.  In the past, whenever I have tried to tell him there are people who want to re-make the world, he has told me to calm down and just wait to see what happens.  He accepted the government guidelines for the response to the COVID-19 virus.  But I think he has changed his mind on a lot of this.  Here’s the message he sent me two days ago:

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Our communist PM gave herself solitary powers to make decisions and enact laws by herself, with no consultation. She gave the police power to enter anyone’s home without a warrant, and for no specific reason. She has asked the general public to inform the police of anyone not following the rules and all these reports are to be thoroughly investigated by the police. She is now asking for people’s home capacity vs occupancy levels to be investigated to see if homes are being fully utilized by the homeowners. No one seems to understand the ramifications, and most simply say if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to hide. The opposition party has just had a coup and changed leaders 112 days out from what may well be NZs last general election. Our PM has told her government we don’t need to justify our actions, the public love us. Any replies to the media are to be in writing and I am to proof them first.

Also she has publicly stated there are decisions too important for the public to make or be informed on. She has also publicly stated she will start wealth redistribution as too few have too much and too many too little. And she is the one who will decide who gets what.

If you try to verify this using a Google search, all you are going to find is a bunch of stories telling you how great the New Zealand Prime Minister is.  So, you’ll have to decide for yourself.  As for me, I believe my friend, which is why I decided to post this — so that others can read it and keep it in their calculus as they try to make sense of this fast-changing mess of a world in which we live today.