They’re Not Sheep, They’re Goats

Everywhere I look, I see memes accusing people on each side of the COVID-19 scare of being ‘sheeple’ (people who act like sheep).  Invariably, the person posting the meme intends for it to apply to whoever is on the other side of the issue.  If you are scared of the virus, you think the people who refuse to listen to the government are sheep.  If you reject the government, you think the people who trust the government are sheep.  I don’t care which side you are on, all I know is that, when it comes to matters of Scripture, there is a definitive side here — and the people on the wrong side are not sheep, they’re goats!


I understand that the virus is real, and, for those who are vulnerable, it can be a scary thing.  But I also understand that believers must not put their trust in government.  Scripture defines a government founded upon Man as a beast.  This means that the mark of the beast has something to do with Man’s government.  Scripturally, this should be a flashing red light to all believers.

Today, our society is filled with people who have placed their faith and trust in the government and its ‘officials.’  They listen to the government and its ‘experts,’ not the Word of YHWH.  Well, if you place your trust in something to keep you save — to ‘save’ you — that is what you worship.  In this case, this means that those who trust government to ‘save’ them worship government.  This is worshiping the Beast, and, if you worship the beast, you have already taken its mark.

Scripture often refers to God’s people as sheep, but, in the case of the memes we have all been seeing on line, the sheep who trust the government are not sheep.  They are goats.  They are goats because they do not belong to the YHWH, they belong to the lord of this world; to Satan.  They have placed their faith and trust in Man, not in YHWH.  This is why they are goats, and not sheep.

It is very important that all believers know their Scriptures.  This is the only sure foundation any of us have, and the only true refuge to which we should run in time of trouble.  If you claim the Lord as your Savior, I cannot urge you strongly enough to get back into your Scriptures.  Make them a part of your daily routine.  Study them — hard!  Humble yourself, pray for wisdom and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand correctly.  In this way, you may also come to see and understand the season in which we now live, as well as how to protect yourself by wrapping yourself in the full armor of YHWH.  Do not delay in your studies, for there is every indication that persecution is coming, and soon.  If this happens, you will need to have the Lord’s Word buried in your heart beforehand because you may no longer have access to it in written form.  Please, study, and pray that you will be counted as sheep, and not goats.