The Riots Are NOT About ‘Justice’

I want to say this as clearly and forcefully as I can:

These riots are not ‘protests,’ and they are not about a demand for justice!

What these riots are is a planned and coordinated attack on the United States.  The goal is the overthrow of the duly elected government.  Yes!  I am saying this is an attempt at revolution.

The first thing we have to understand is that these rioters are Communists.  Their roots go back to the Communists in 1930’s Germany, and they have not changed:

LESSONS IN LOGIC: ANTIFA and the American Left are Modern Equivalents of the Blackshirts and Brownshirts

In the early 20th Century, American Communists wanted to launch a violent revolution to overturn the U.S. government.  Communists always think they are on the side of the People, and that the People will spontaneously rise up and help them in their revolutions.  This seldom — if ever — happens, so the Communists have to force the situation.  However, in the U.S., Woodrow Wilson was smart enough to realize that the American People would not join in a Communist Revolution, so he designed a plan to achieve the same goal, only slower — a step-at-a-time.  He called it Progressivism, but he did not tell people it was about Communist revolution.  He told people it was about ‘progress,’ as in social and technological progress.  In short, he lied to achieve his goal.

In the 1960’s, the Marxists — greatly aided by the Russians — started to take over the Progressive movement (mostly by taking over the Democrat Party).  They believed the time was right for their revolution, so they started the riots of the 60’s.  However, the American People proved Wilson correct: we rejected the revolution.

Now, we are six decades down to road and we have generations of people who are the product of Communist social engineering we know as ‘education.’  Today, a vast part of America is open to the siren call of Marx.  What’s more, the Democrat Party is openly Marxist (just ask the Communist Party USA — they said so, and they would know).  So, once again, the people plotting the overthrow of the United States think the time is right.  They are using anti-Capitalism, Climate Change, the COVID-19 virus and Racism as the excuse for their riots, but those are all lies — just like the Progressive’s lie of ‘progress.’  But the goal today is the same as it always is with Communists: the overthrow of the United States and, along with it, the idea of individual rights and liberty.

The evidence of this is everywhere.  If you know where to find it, and can understand how they use coded language, the Left has openly explained this process.  The Van Jones ‘Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out’ plan is exactly what I just outlined, just camouflaged in language designed to conceal the true goal.  Bu, if you dig, you will find the written and video explanations of this process that openly state this is the goal: revolution.  There is even video of the people who organized the ‘Occupy’ movement saying this was their goal.  In fact, the ‘Occupy’ and ‘BLM’ movements were both dry runs at what we are seeing today.  But there is also anecdotal evidence that show these riots have nothing to do with a demand for justice.

If these riots were truly about a demand for justice, they would not be couched as anything to do with race, but the corruption in our police departments.  Why do I say that?  Because no one said anything about this story:

Police laughed and joked as he lost consciousness in handcuffs. Minutes later, he died.

Same, exact story: no protest.  Why?  The victim was white, so his death did not aid the narrative.  The same thing applies to the fact that nearly twice as many whites are killed by the police every year as blacks.  And blacks kill many times more whites than whites kill blacks every year.  The point is simple: the evidence does not support the claim that this is a ‘racist’ nation, but they need the claim to be perceived as real so they can use it to justify their subversive activity.  It is all about political correctness, which the Frankfurt School calls the shield of Marxism.  It is intended to protect Marxism from any and all criticism — and it is working beautifully.

Try to point out that there is no racism in this country — only personal bigotry.  See what happens to you.  Try to oppose the LGBTQ agenda and see what happens to you.  Try to oppose the feminist issue of the day and see what happens to you.  And the character assassination will be carried out by the media — because they are part of the cabal trying to destroy the nation.

No, dear reader, these riots are not protests.  And they have nothing to do with a demand for justice.  If they did, they would be peaceful, and they would be demanding the fair and impartial application of our laws to correct these perceived wrongs.  The truth is that these riots are an attack on this nation.  They have been planned and coordinated.  They have even been rehearsed in smaller movements over the past few decades.  This is the truth, and those who know where to look and have the courage to believe what they find know it is the truth.  Unfortunately, our leaders refuse to recognize that this is a civil war and, if they will not recognize it as such, they will not respond accordingly.  This is what these rioters are counting on: that America will not defend itself.  If it does not defend itself, the rioters will win.  If the rioters win, you will be in Biblical Prophetic Times, and your only hope will be for the quick return of Yeshua.