These ‘Riots’ Have Been Carefully Planned

Make no mistake about this: these riots were carefully planned.  I tell my readers all the time that, if you know where to look, you can find where the Left explains its plans.  It often brags openly about them (evil can’t help but boast).  Well, in this post, I will show you where you can find the blue prints for these riots, and the connections that tie together all the people behind them. 

This is the book (one of many, that is).  It was published in 2207:

The Coming Insurrection

coming insurrection

This book was published in France, but that does not matter.  The people behind it are part of the Marxist avant-garde.  This means they are international in scope and reach, and that means they talk to their counterparts all over the world.  These people talk to each other and work together to plan their revolutions.  So, do not for a second think this book applies only to France.  I’ll show you proof to the contrary in a moment. First, here is a video that will explain this book in more detail.  THIS IS A MUST-WATCH!

Among many detailed plans proposed in The Coming Insurrection is the call to form a protestor army made up largely of youth who live at home with their parents and off unemployment so that they do not have to work to survive.  This makes them free to conduct their ‘protest’ operations.

Now, let’s start connecting the dots between these French plans and those here in the U.S.  Give this video a watch, and you will see that the ‘Occupy’ movement and ANTIFA are connected to Burnie Sanders, as well as many of the avant-garde in other nations:

Occupy, BLM and ANTIFA are all organized, funded and supported by international Marxists.  They are all connected.  They have deep roots extending back to at least the 1930’s.  I can support all of these claims (and have detailed it in previous blog posts).  But this is also connected to the ‘Arab Spring’ and the riots in Greece before that.

The world-wide unrest we have been seeing for more than a decade now is planned.  It is intended to work toward a purpose.  It is part of the attempt to put enough Marxists in Western governments, then cause enough unrest that, when the people demand that order be restored, these Marxists can crack down and force a new government without having to go through the election process.  This is the essence of ‘Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside-Out.’  Here is yet another MUST WATCH video:

All of these things are actually part of a long-term plan to overthrow the West and end Capitalism.  These events are all variations of the process George Soros has detailed for how to overthrow a nation.  Soros has actually boasted about doing this.  If you look into it, you will find that this is what the Ukraine scandal is actually all about: Obama and Soros overthrowing the Ukraine government so they could wage a proxy war with Russia (again, I can show you the evidence to back up these claims).  But you have to watch these videos read these books and dig through the material I provide if you are going to start seeing that I am correct.  And, if you do not do this work, then you may not believe me, but you do so based on ignorance, not fact.

To continue with my promise to show you where the Left has explained what it wants and how it plans to get it. If you watch the Left, you will eventually detect a pattern to the way they operate.  Well, that pattern was taught by Barack Obama when he was ‘teaching’ at the college in Chicago. The guy who wrote the plan was close friends with Hillary Clinton.  That plan?

The plan was detailed in a book by Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals.”


Now, let’s go back to the ‘Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside-Out’ plan.  Watch this video, and pay attention to who is speaking here and what they are saying.  If you listen, they are telling you that, if they cannot rule, they will not allow their ‘enemies’ to rule.  Well, there is your explanation for the fake Russiagate, Impeachment and COVID-19 response and, now, the riots: they are trying to keep Trump from being allowed to rule (and, by extension, they admit they are opposed to true democratic rule):

Who is Van Jones?  Well, he is a member of the international avant-garde:

And who is Bill Ayres (other than Obama’s buddy)?  He is the guy who lead the Weather Underground; the man who advanced the agenda exposed by this FBI informant back in the 1970’s:

Oh, and Bill Ayres also helped to finish John Dewey’s work to make the public grade school system into a Left-wing social engineering program to design their perfect society.  Ayres spent the last eight years of his ‘career’ helping to complete Common Core.  He also wrote:

Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom


By the way: Ayres never regretted his terrorist work.  In fact, he said he wished he had done more.

Then there is George Soros: the man who has said it is his life’s work to destroy America and the Capitalist system.  If you do not know the threat he poses to this nation, WATCH!

Now, I have no patience for people who dismiss Glenn Beck just because they don’t like him.  You must check his work and sources, or I will not listen to your objections.  However, if you do claim you checked behind Beck and then came to the conclusion that he is wrong, I probably still won’t give you any credence.  Why?  Because Beck is not the only one who has discovered the connections between Soros and the American Left:

The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party


Oh!  By the way: Horowitz had previously written a book that demonstrated that the American Left was in bed with ‘radical’ Islam:

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left


This connects Soros and Islam to the Democrat National Committee and American Left (which includes our schools, entertainment and ‘news’ media).  This also connects these groups to the Arab Spring, as well as the riots in Europe.  This is the international movement to destroy the Western democracies, Capitalism and establish a global Marxist world order.  If you need more convincing, WATCH!

The Left has openly boasted about their goals, their plans to achieve those goals, and that they will not be stopped.  Now, they are pushing the American riots in an attempt to do to America what they have done to so many other nations over the past decade or so.  If we refuse to accept that this is real and respond accordingly, they will win — and the world will fall into a tyranny the likes of which Mankind has never known.  If that happens, you will be in the grasp of the Beast of Revelation.

Let those who have ears, hear; and eyes, see.

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