COVID-19: ‘On The Front Lines’ ???

Have you heard any of these commercials or public service announcements that talk about the COVID-19 virus like it were some sort of war, and the people trying to care for us and keep society going are ‘on the front lines’ of this war?  Well, this is a trick.  That language is being used to get you to willingly submit to slavery, and I would like to show you how it works.

If you do not understand what I am talking about when I mention the ‘on the front lines’ language being used by the political Left in reference to the COVID-19 virus, I would refer you to the add currently being run by the USPS.  The add features Danny Glover, and he says the Post Office employees are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.  If you pay attention, you will hear this same language used in other adds and ‘news’ reports in reference to medical providers, first responders, and even Democrat politicians.  All you have to do is listen closely and you will hear this phrase being used everywhere.  What you need to realize is, every time you hear it, the people behind that phrase are trying to convince you to surrender your liberty to them.

I have tried to explain this many times.  It is one of the many characteristic tactics used by Progressives.  Progressives must lie, deceive and confuse to push their agenda.  This is because, in reality, there are not that many of them.  They are a minority in America, so,  they cannot use open force to achieve their goals.  Additionally, Progressives are pushing an agenda that, were they open and honest about their goals, the Nation would overwhelmingly reject.  So they have to work behind a mask to trick and deceive people into doing hat the Progressives want them to do of their own accord.  What you have to do is learn these tactics and how they talk about them — their language — so that, when you hear it, you will know that the person speaking is part of a plan to trick you into surrendering control over your life to them.

After WW I, the Progressives noticed that Americans would willingly suffer great sacrifices of liberty to defend the Nation.  Naturally, the Progressives started looking for a way to harness this part of America’s character so they could turn it to their own purposes.  This lead to something called, ‘The moral equivalent of war.’  The following is from a post on another of my blogs, POLITICS & PROPAGANDA: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ IS JUST CAMOUFLAGED COMMUNISM:


The Moral Equivalent of War” is a paper written in 1910 by a man named William James (Read the link.  It tells you this man influenced President Carter).  For as far back as humanity can remember, leaders have used war as a means of controlling the population.  It provides a enemy against which to focus the people’s attention, thereby uniting them and putting their support behind their leader.  It also provides a reason for the people to sacrifice — even to the point of total deprivation of necessary goods and inherent rights.  However, the American Civil War, followed by the First World War caused political leaders to re-think the practicality of using warfare as a means of focusing and controlling their people.  Modern warfare was too destructive: both in terms of lives as well as the economy.  What they needed was something that was not as destructive, but which would cause the people to united and suffer loss of comforts and rights equally as well as war did.  Hence, the quest for “The Moral Equivalent of War.”  So, when President Carter connected the energy crisis to ‘The Moral Equivalent of War,” he was telling his political allies that he intended to use environmentalism as a weapon against the American people and their way of life.

This idea of a moral equivalent of war leads to the Progressives speaking in military terms.  ‘On the front lines’ is just one example.  But make no mistake: this language masks their real agenda.  They may sound like they are trying to do something good, but they are actually trying to tap in to that aspect of the American character that willingly sacrifices in time of National need.  Their goal is to get you to willingly give up your rights and liberties to the government so that we can ‘fight the war against…” (fill in the blank: climate change, COVID-19, Racism, etc….).  What they do not tell you is that they intend to be the people in charge of the government and, thus, your life.  Nor do they tell you that they intend to re-create this nation according to their Marxist ideals, and that you will never get those rights and liberties back – not if they have anything to say about it.  If they told you that, you would reject them and their movement would have to go underground for another half century — which is exactly what happened after WW I!

Please, turn off your TV.  Put Face Book away.  Spend some time learning about history — especially the history of the Progressive movement in America.  It is the home of Marxism in this Nation, and it has the same goals.  It has just traded violent revolution for slow, ‘progressive’ steps toward the Marxist goal (which is exactly why they named themselves Progressives, until they had to take the label, ‘Liberal,’ after they destroyed themselves following WW I).

The more you know, the crazier you will sound to your friends and family, but the harder you will be to trick.  Learn enough and, eventually, you will start to see right through the deceptions that have been manipulating every aspect of your life.  Once you learn to see through it, you will never un-see it again.  You will be amazed at how free you will be after that.