Want PROOF That This Insurrection Was Planned?

First, these are not ‘protests.  They aren’t even ‘riots.’  This is an insurrection, and we have the proof available to us.  We just have to watch and read so we can learn how they speak and what they mean by their language.  Then, we need to find the courage to  accept that they mean exactly what they say.  Here is just a taste of what they believe, and it absolutely supports the claim that this is a deliberate attack on America.




You must not align yourself with anyone connected to this movement, or with their agenda.  Did Christ tell His disciples to revolt against Rome?  Or to use violence?  Or did He tell us that those who use violence (i.e. the sword) to achieve their goals will die by violence (the sword)?

The people involved in this movement are lawless.  YHWH is not a God of lawlessness.  IN fact, lawlessness is defined as sin.  These people are aligned with darkness, and the powers of darkness.  YHWH’s People are commanded to have nothing to do with such people.  Yes, we must still hold an agape love for them, but we are told not to join with them.  Nor are we to ‘tolerate’ their lawlessness.

Please, I beg you: open your eyes and see the Truth.  We are in a civil war, but it is not just here, in this material world.  This war has been waging since the rebellion.  The Spiritual war is just as real as the material one, and we must realize and accept this fact.  Then choose which side you will serve:

YHWH?  Or the lord of this world?

Those are our only two choices.


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