Did You Know An Opinion Can Be Wrong?

In our modern society, it is common to treat people as though their opinion is just as legitimate as our own.  In fact, we are almost forced to treat the opinion of others as valid, no matter what that opinion may be.  And, in some cases, where political dictates are involved, we may even have to defer to or subjugate our personal opinions to that of others.  Well, I’m here to tell you that not all opinions are equal.  In fact, opinions can be wrong — and I can prove it!

Now, regular readers of this blog may be expecting one of my usual ramblings-on about definitions and such.  Well, not this time.  This one is so easy to prove that a kindergartner could get it (well, a kindergartner before the State gets hold of them, anyway).  Here, let me prove it:

In my opinion, the grass is blue and the sky is green and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is a racist!

There, now, I dare you to try and tell me that opinion is wrong, or that it is not as good as your opinion on the color of the grass and sky.

So, do you see why I said opinions can be wrong?  Or do you still have a wrong opinion? 😉



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