Political Correctness And The Mark Of The Beast

I have already written quite a bit about the Beast in The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ.  You may not have noticed because I did not post them as regular posts.  Instead, I put there here.  If this sort of thing interests you, then you might want to give those posts a read before you continue reading this post, because they lay the ground work necessary to understand why I say that Political Correctness is connected to the mark of the beast.

In What Is ‘The Mark of The Beast?’, I explain that I believe the mark may well have a physical manifestation in this world.  In fact, it may take many forms.  It might be a tattoo, or an indelible ink stain, or the arm band that Muslims force subjugated people to wear, or maybe even a micro chip.  It could be connected to any or all of these things — or none of them.  But none of these things is the actual mark.  The mark has to be connected to how you think and what you do.

This is where political correctness enters the picture.  Political correctness is nothing more than a dictate by those who rule over you.  Either you do what they say, the way they say, when they say, or they will ruin you — maybe even kill you.  So, if the ‘They’ behind the PC dictate of the moment tells you to kneel for BLM, and you do not kneel, then you could lose your job or business or house — or life!  And the ‘They’ behind BLM will celebrate your ‘punishment’ while protecting the people who ‘punished’ you.  However, if you kneel to avoid being ‘punished…’  Well, then you have aligned yourself with the Dragon behind the Beast, and that’s what marks you.

If you kneel to anyone but YHWH, then you are acknowledging a different king.  If that king happens to think he or she is a god, then you have also committed Spiritual adultery.  That is the mark of the Beast: Spiritual adultery.  The mark has to do with giving your allegiance to and placing your trust in anything other than YHWH.  If you bow to the demands of the PC ‘They’ — especially when you know those demands are lawless — then you turn your back of the Lord.  For you cannot serve two masters: either you serve YHWH, or you serve the Spirit behind Political Correctness, and that is — ultimately — the Dragon of old and his Beast.


I would ask that the reader consider my linking of bowing to PC demands to the mark of the beast in relation to Isaiah 5:20-21:

20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who [a]substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who [b]substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!

Today, the PC crowed tells us we must accept:

— That people can change their sex.

— That there are more than two sexes.

— That homosexuality is as normal and moral as heterosexuality.

— That promiscuity and sex outside of marriage is also normal and moral.

— That blacks cannot be racist — only whites.

— That the great, great, great grandchildren are guilty and should be punished for the sins of their fathers.

— That favored social classes should be excused from obeying the law.

— That the law should be applied based on whether or not the accused is part of a PC-favored class

Should I go on, or do you get the point yet?  All of this and more is forced upon us by the ‘They’ behind Political Correctness, and it is all ‘woe’ according to YHWH’s Word.  If we give in to what we know to be wrong, to what YHWH says will lead to woe, then how can we possibly say we belong to YHWH?  That would require a perverted manner of reasoning that would then land us in the woe of being clever in our own sight…would it not?

2 thoughts on “Political Correctness And The Mark Of The Beast

  1. The mark of the Beast is indeed in the forehead – in the mind. That is one of many reasons why we have to stand our ground & stop groveling before the minions of the Beast which includes politically correct dictates. When we worship YHVH we worship Truth, not political directives. Jesus said turn the other cheek, but he never said to forsake protecting Truth. Moderation in all things including anger over what angers God & fierce loyalty to what He champions. Silence when needed & refusal to be silenced when needed. Moderation means applicable to the needs of the moment.

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