Because, “I Want To Change The World!”

When I was in college, studying for a degree in Sociology, I encountered a class that gave me some information that should have bothered ‘the powers that be.’  I immediately recognized that it was a problem, but I didn’t realize that it was planned.  Now I do, and we are all paying the penalty for it.  What was that information for which we are now paying?  Keep reading.

In one of my Sociology classes, we were told that, in the State of Florida, the two majors with the lowest scoring admission scores were for journalism and public education.  What’s more, we were told that this trend had been consistent for years (this was in 1994).  But the most shocking part of the class was what the students entering these journalism and public educations field said when they were asked why they chose these fields.

When asked why they chose journalism or public education, the overwhelming majority of the students answered:

“Because I want to change the world.”

Do you see the problem with this?  If not, allow me to help you with this.  Neither of these two fields should have anything to do with ‘changing the world.’  Public education is supposed to teach children how to think, not what to think.  One cannot change the world that way.  One can only change the world through education if you teach children what to think instead of how to think.  So, the reason these students were choosing public education was totally opposite of what the field is supposed to do.

Journalism is the same way.  A journalist is supposed to report the facts and nothing more.  This way, people who know how to think can take those facts and use them to make their own decisions as to what it means to them.  The only way to change the world through journalism is to manipulate the facts, or tell people what they mean.  Either way, this is propaganda, not news.  This is not what a journalist is supposed to do.

But there’s more.  Did you note that both of these fields had the two lowest entry scores of all other majors in our State?  And that this had been a trend for years?  This means that the least qualified students were going into fields that are the most important to a free and self-governing society, and they were entering those fields for the wrong reasons.

Now, here is the part that the average person will not connect — at least, not right away.  This trend was permitted to happen!  What do I mean by that?  I mean that the people in charge of our State universities were permitting the lowest qualified students to enter crucial fields for the wrong reasons. They could and should have raised the entry scores, and screened the students better — to weed out those who wanted to enter these fields for the wrong reasons.  But they didn’t do this.  Why?  Well, for the answer to that question, you need to go back to Woodrow Wilson and John Dewey — both of whom said that the Progressives were going to use our public schools and universities to create a new society by making a new man: a student who could not think for themselves and who would willingly accept their place in society.  Heck, these men went so far as to say this was going to be a new religion, where Man would be his own god, and the teachers would be the prophets of the new faith.

Well, we are finally seeing the product of allowing the least qualified among us to control the most important positions in our society for the wrong reasons.  This is hat happens when we neglect our duties to society, and to each other.

If you are a believer, this is what happens when Jacob lays down and allows Esau to shake the yoke from off his neck (if you do not know that prophecy — yes, prophecy – go find it and read it — carefully!).