Believers, Prepare For Persecution

This is an editorial post.  It represents my personal opinion, but it is not based on blind fear.  I sincerely believe we are heading into profoundly dark times and, if you are a believer, you would be wise to start preparing for persecution.

Those who have followed me for any length of time know that I study both Scripture and history — all history.  I have no idea if this is why I see things others don’t.  It could well be that I am unstable.  The reader will have to decide for themselves.  All I know is that I see connections that cannot be rationally, consistently and coherently explained any other way than how I see them.  Unfortunately, everything I am seeing points to a coming persecution of believers — both Jew and Christian alike.

In what our society would think of as the ‘secular’ world, history repeats.  This is because man does not learn.  Every generation believes it is the first to discover the ideas of its time, but they aren’t.  There is nothing new under the sun.  All the next generation does is re-work old ideas and present them in a different way.  Sadly, too few ever realize that they haven’t invented or discovered anything by doing this, but the majority wholeheartedly believe they have ‘progressed.’  Since each generation is just repeating the pat in a different form, this naturally leads to a repeat of the same collapse or catastrophes of the past, as well.  The next generation, knowing the recent past, grabs on to a new idea, and teaches its children the dangers of the last.  Their children ‘perfect’ their parents’ ‘new’ idea, and ignore their children.  Finally, their ‘new’ idea blows up, just as it did in the past, and the children grab on to their grandparents ‘new’ idea — only they are smarter, so they will ‘do it better’ than grandma and grandpa — and around we go.

For believers, however, there is a different explanation; a spiritual explanation.  The world may deny it, but a believer should know that the spirit world is as real as anything in this material world.  There is a war waging in the spirit world, and it carries over into the material world.  The forces opposed to YHWH and His faithful are created beings, but they are convinced they can become gods.  However, as a created being, they can only do so much.  They copy that which YHWH has made, but they cannot create anything totally new.  So, like their human counterparts, they are constantly trying to re-invent a ‘new way to defeat YHWH by putting fresh paint on an old, failed idea and pushing it forward yet again.  They do this by whispering in the ear of men and women who willingly align with them and their agenda.  Hence, everything Man does is — at least in part — done under the influence of spiritual beings.  The key is to which spiritual being we answer.

So, looking back through history, I recognize this current dance.  I saw it studying in the 1930’s and 40’s, but it is an old song.  The war against YHWH and His People is age-old, and we are repeating it again.  Spiritually, this is written; it has been prophesied.  But I am thinking about prophecies most believers don’t even know.  I am thinking about the prophecy that says, if and when Jacob lays down, it will allow Esau to shake the yoke from around his neck.  I am thinking about YHWH’s promise that, wherever His people go, Canaanites will always be a thorn in their flesh.  I am thinking about the entire book of Hosea, a prophetic book aimed at the House of Israel/Ephraim.  That book contains the near prophecies that applied to ancient Israel (the Northern Tribes), but the far prophecies are for the House of Israel, and they are still lost in the nations!  The prophecy sayings that the world will eventually recognize Ephraim as belonging to YHWH has not happened.  The stick of Joseph has yet to be rejoined with that of Judah.  Ephraim has not yet returned to the Holy Land, ‘trembling from the West.’  But I can see how all of these prophecies may be fulfilled, and in short order.

As Ephraim repeats his mistakes of old, and he looses YHWH’s favor once again, he will be destroyed — once again.  Only, this time, there is no land of rest in which he can flee to recover his strength.  This time, Ephraim will be brought out of Egypt once again, and YHWH will do it by His own mighty hand.  But only a remnant will be preserved and brought back to the Holy Land.  Many more will be killed by the Beast, who, even now, is raging against the Children of the Lamb. But this does not mean all Christians, or all Jews.  It refers to the faithful remnant who still hold to the covenants of YHWH.  All of this is prophecy — all of it!  But how many believers know those prophecies?  How many realize I have been quoting prophecy for the majority of this entire post?  How many realize that there is even a prophecy about the wide-spread ignorance among the Body of Believers?

This is why I say to prepare for persecution: because these prophecies are starting to be fulfilled.  For the first time that I can find in history, everything is lining up to allow the Endtimes prophecies to be fulfilled.  They may not — not yet!  I am not saying this.  I want to be clear:

I am not saying Messiah is about to return, I am saying we are in a prophetic season, and believers who cannot recognize this should wake up and draw near to YHWH!

If my understanding is correct, America is going to fall to the forces of the Political Left.  President Trump might buy us a few more years but, even if he does, once he is gone, we will fall.  When that happens, the U.S. will become one of — if not the — darkest nations that has ever existed, and one of the first things the new tyrants will do is wage open war against all who claim to believe in the Living God.  They have already warned us, and their allies , as well.  The Political Left has aligned itself with Islam, and the spirit behind Islam has made it very clear to its believers who their enemies are: the Great Satan, and the Little Satan — the U.S. and Israel.  We may not realize who we are, America, but the spirit world does; the spirit world knows that we are Ephraim.

So, the time to get serious with YHWH is at hand.  If you believe, you need to start preparing to strengthen your faith.  You need to start preparing to be able to help other believers, and to teach any who come to you looking for answers.  You need to start preparing for the possibility that you may have to give up everything you own and flee to the Holy Land — by any means possible.  You should even prepare for the possibility that you may even have to give your life for the love of the Son, Messiah and the Father, YHWH.  I say this because I sincerely believe that the American government will fall, and the entire might of of our government will fall into evil hands that will use that might to wage war on the Body.  You should be ready, because you have been warned!


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  1. Not sure if this is directly relevant, but I had a dream last night.

    There was a part in my dream where a bunch of small islands suddenly popped up in the gulf coast. They filled the small “hook” area. I immediately recognized it as a sign of the end times, but this seemed to be a blessing for everyone. People stranded from the hurricane were able to make houses and live on them. At first I was afraid thinking about Christ coming back so soon (there was much I still had to do), but then realized that maybe the signs would not continue to escalate. People would get used to the islands, and I would possibly have time to live a longer life.

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