The American Left Is Pushing For Another French Revolution

Have you been paying attention to the people who are trying to tell you the truth about what is happening in America?  I do not mean the ‘main stream’ media.  They are no longer journalists, they are Left-wing radicals pushing Communist propaganda.  No, I am talking about the small bloggers and individuals performing journalism by taking video, themselves.  Well, if you have not noticed, the American Left is advocating for a new French Revolution.  The question now is, do you understand what that means?

The first thing we need to do is understand that the American Left is supporting the insurrection in this nation.  These are not protests, they are the front for a well-organized, well-funded insurrection.  Read their web sites.  ANTIFA and BLM openly boast that their goal is the elimination of America as it was founded.  That includes our current government, our Constitution, our economic system — everything!  They want to replace it with Marxism.

Now that we understand that these are insurgents, let us watch them call for a new French Revolution:

Video: Seattle Autonomous Zone Mob Fondly Recalls French Revolution’s Guillotine for Dissenters



Now you know why they have changed their name to ‘CHOP:’ they mean to eliminate — ‘chop off the heads of — anyone who disagrees with or opposes them.

OK, this is where things get important.  Do you know the history of the French Revolution?  Well, let me give you the short version:

It was a bunch of people like those in this video who tried to force their new utopian ideal onto the entire nation.  It got bloody — REAL BLOODY!  They guillotined tens of thousands of people: anyone they even thought was against them.  It ended when they started killing children as young as 10 or even 8 years of age.  It took the slaughter of children to finally shock the People back to reality.

Now we have this same spirit trying to force its will on America, and it is openly boasting that it has no issue with ‘chopping anyone who opposes it.  Well, here is my question to everyone who reads this:

Will you wait until your child is murdered before you find the courage to wake up, come back to reality and start taking a stand against this lawlessness?

And a question to all who claim to believe:

Do you really think Yeshua would support these insurgents?  He had plenty of opportunity to do so when He was with us the first time.  He could have easily started a revolt against Rome, but He didn’t.  Why?  Think about this — hard.  Because the Scriptures are filled with warnings to people who live by the sword — which is what these insurgents are doing.


The difference between the American and French Revolutions can be summed up in one word — GOD!  The Americans clung to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whereas the French discarded Him and declared Man to be his own god.  The results were inevitable…



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  1. Needless to say, history has a way of repeating itself because those that fail to learn from it.

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