A Biblical Warning That Explain Our Times

This post is more of a question on my part than an explanation of anything specific to which I can point in the Scriptures.  Still, I cannot shake the feeling that there is something to it.  It is meant mostly for believing men, but other believers will find value in it as well.  In fact, even those who do not believe may find it of interest, as I am not the typical believer, and neither is my understanding of the Scriptures.

NOTE: I will not attempt to provide links to all the Scriptures I will be referencing here.  If you want them, please ask for them in the comment section.  I am less interested in a focused study here than in conveying the message.  I beg your understanding.

I have been studying Isaiah and Hosea lately.  Both contain warnings to the House of Israel and, in the case of Hosea, Ephraim.  These are lesser known and little understood aspects of prophecy.  The short story is, the House of Israel is the Northern — ‘lost’ — tribes, and Ephraim is the strongest of those ten tribes (militarily).  Today, we tend to think of them as lost forever, or as being part of what we think of as ‘The Jews.’  Neither is true! YHWH, through His prophets, tells us that the story of the House of Israel is not finished, and neither is that of Ephraim.

Why is this important?  Well, for one, Yeshua said He was sent to but to the House of Israel!  Look it up, it’s true.  He also said His Gospel is the Kingdom of YHWH.  That is about re-uniting the House of Jacob, the whole of Israel — all twelve tribes.  This has not yet happened — but it will, and I fear it will happen soon.

Then there is Ephraim, and ‘un-turned cake.’  Ephraim has a special role to play in YHWH’s plan.  In fact, it may have already played it.  But the point here is that, according to the prophets, Ephraim will repeat the mistakes that lead to it being lost into the nations in the first place.  These lesser known prophecies tell us that Ephraim will be chased for a long time, and that his children will be handed over to the slaughter.  But, eventually, through these trials, Ephraim will be given his own vineyards — a new land.  Here he will regain his strength.  You know the pictures of these prophecies.  It is the woman being carried into the desert by two eagles, where she hides for 1,290 days.  When Daniel’s days are properly understood, that period ends on 1776!  Yes, The United States is Ephraim!

But here, also, is the warning.  9/11 was a warning to America, and we ignored it — just like Israel did in ancient days.  In fact, we repeated their arrogance in literally the same way they did — to the letter.  We even quoted the Scriptures that condemned Israel in boasting of our strength.  Hosea warns Israel that it is their reliance on their own wealth, their military might, and their alliances with other nations that lead it astray — away from YHWH and to other, foreign gods.  Today, America — Ephraim — is doing the very same thing.  The result will be the same.  America will be lost.

Prophecy foretells that Israel will fall again, and that YHWH will have to rescue them a second time.  He will bring Israel (the Lost Tribes) out of Egypt (bondage) a second time.  YHWH even calls it a second exodus.  This has not happened — yet!

But here is the reason I wrote this post.  In Isaiah, YHWH warns His people that they will be lead by children and ruled by women.  There is also a prophecy about YHWH making men as rare as gold.  Now, try to set aside our modern, Western way of thinking.  Get your feminist indoctrination out of your head and think like an ancient Hebrew for a moment.  What might these prophecies mean?

There was a time when I thought they were talking about war and feminism and such, but no more.  Now I think they are actually a scolding warning to the men of YHWH.  Children are a metaphor for unwise people, and being lead by women is because there are no men left to lead.  This is why men are as rare as gold in the end: because men of God are nowhere to be found — exactly like they are today.

The references to the sun not shining, and the mood not giving its light, and the stars falling: they should not be taken too literally.  Just like the references about children, women and rare men, these are spiritual warnings conveyed by metaphor.  Isaiah tells us the sun did not shine, the moon did not give its light and the stars did not shine when Judah was exiled to Babylon, yet, nowhere does history record such an event in the physical world.  So what could Isaiah have meant?

Scripture uses the sun as a symbol of YHWH’s Word, and His guiding light: of the Messiah.  The moon is the Church, reflecting YHWH’s light into the world.  And the stars are teachers who call the People to follow and Obey YHWH’s TORAH.  SO, if the sun does not shine, it means YHWH’s Word cannot be found.  If the moon does not give its light, it means the Church no longer teaches sound doctrine, or obey TORAH, or practice the agape love of YHWH’s People.  And if the stars fall, it means the teachers of YHWH’s Word are either gone, or they teach wrongly.  Since all of these things are driven by the priesthood, and the priesthood was assigned to men of YHWH, this can only happen if all the men of YHWH are lost or gone astray.  In other words, if those men have become as rare as gold, leaving the people to be oppressed by children (the foolish and unwise) and lead (spiritually) by women (because the men are nowhere to be found).

I try to warn people of our coming fall, and they always ask me what we can do.  I’ll tell you that, unless we turn back to YHWH, repent and seek His forgiveness — and fast! — we are already lost.  We are lost because we turned away from Him, the one who made us to succeed.  Do we even remember how many of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were ministers of the Gospel before they were statesmen?  Or how often the men who drafted the Constitution referred to and appealed to God for guidance and favor?  Flawed though they were — as are we all — at least our Founders were men of God.  Sadly, we can no longer say the same.  So, why should we think YHWH would show favor to such a proud, blasphemous and adulterous people?