I listen to Glenn Beck.  He is a great source of truthful information (mostly because of his research team).  However, he preaches a message of false hope, and you need to understand it.  This is especially important for believers to know and understand.

The key to understanding Beck is found in his religion.  He is a Mormon, and, contrary to his claims, Mormons are not Christians.  This is not my opinion, nor is it a ‘judgment.’  It is an honest witness of what the Scriptures actually say.  Mormonism teaches a different Yeshua and a different Gospel.  If someone teaches either a different Yeshua or a different Gospel…

Galatians 1:8 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

Well, Joseph Smith preached a different Yeshua and a different Gospel, and so do all of Smith’s disciples!  So, please, if this bother you, do not object to me.  Take it up with Paul, who was just repeating what he learned from Yeshua, Himself.

Now, if you will look into Mormon prophecy, you will find this catch-phrase:

‘The Constitution hanging by a thread.’

If you listen to Glenn Beck regularly, you have heard this phrase.  He repeats it regularly.  When he does this, he is making a reference to Mormon prophecy.  The prophecy states that, at some point, the U.S. Constitution will be hanging by a thread.  It will then be saved by Mormon elders riding in on white horses to save and restore the nation.  You have to understand: Mormons believe the Constitution is a sacred document, on the same level as Scripture.  So, for Beck, this is all connected to his religion.

This issue is like a true believer mentioning the four horsemen.  To those who know Revelation, it would make sense.  They would know the reference refers to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as well as the rest of the back story behind it.  But to those who do not truly understand Revelation, the phrase could easily lead them astray by bringing up false understandings.  This is part of the danger with Beck: he believes he is leading a Mormon movement to save the nation.

You also have to understand that Beck believes he is a modern prophet.  But he is not a prophet in the Scriptural sense.  He is a prophet in the Mormon sense.  If you listen carefully, you will hear Beck tell his audience that he can see the future, just not the timing.  This is a dog whistle to his church.  He is telling those who understand that he is a prophet.  The problem with this is — Scripturally — Yeshua is the cap-stone of the Prophets — as in, those who tell the future.  Today, prophecy has to do with correcting false teachings and calling believers back to TORAH and the True Faith.  You never hear Beck talking about these things.  Instead, he talks about how his audience will save the nation.  If you know his religion, this suggests he thinks of his audience as Mormon converts.  This is where the danger lies.

Therefore, by all means, listen to Beck for the information he presents.  But educate yourself as to what he believes.  Then, learn to listen with this in mind.  It will provide you with the wisdom to sort his wheat from his chaff while giving you the necessary armor to avoid his false or misleading teachings.


Beck does preach a Scriptural message of peaceful resistance.  This shows that YHWH can and will use whoever is willing to do His work — even if they do not necessarily belong to Him.  This is just another example of ‘men’ being missing and forcing women to lead.  If there were still men of YHWH among us, YWH would not be forced to turn to so many Cyruses to do His work for Him.  Beck, like Trump, is a cyrus: a non-believer who is used by YHWH to do YHWH’s will — mostly because those who claim His name refuse to do it, themselves…


[NOTE: As a Mormon, Beck also believes in a works-based gospel, as well as a human god.  Additionally, he believes in polytheism, and that Satan and Yeshua are actual, physical brothers — both born of Mary.  It is crucial that those who seek to follow Yeshua learn about Mormonism, as well as Islam.  Both are deadly dangerous apostasies.]