So, THIS Is How The Prophets Felt…

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not think I am a prophet — at least, not in the sense that so many think of when they think of a prophet.  I do not know the future, I have not been given any special revelation, and I certainly haven’t stood before His Throne in His Royal Court.  However, there is an aspect of what it meant to be a prophet with which I may actually be compared, and it is this sense of comparison that grieves me so…

If we were to actually read the Scriptures, and maybe do just a bit of studying on the Hebrew culture of ancient Israel, we might discover that there were many, many prophets.  Now, they may well have all foretold the future, but this is not what the Scriptures seem to suggest was their primary function.  If we read carefully, we will find that the primary role of a prophet seems to have been to point out when the king, or other leaders of Israel, and the People, as well, were doing wrong by YHWH’s Law.

When the King, rulers or even the People of Israel violated YHWH’s Law, the prophets would point out their sin and call them to repent; to return to obedience and seek YHWH’s forgiveness.  However, as Yeshua even tells us, the kings, rulers and People of Israel often responded to the warning of the prophets by killing them.  I do not believe it is any different today.

What we think of as the New Testament tells us that, in these Last Days, there will be those with the gift of prophecy.  Now, it may well be that there will be those who are shown the future, but, given the Yeshua was the capstone of the prophets, I am disposed to discount this possibility.  Rather, I believe that these Latter day prophets will be found doing the primary role of the prophets of old: warning YHWH’s People to obey His TORAH, and to repent and seek His forgiveness when they stray from it.  Given that much of the Church has been convinced that TORAH is legalism and, therefore, ‘dead,’ this is as thankless a job as it has ever been.

Still, when we read the Scriptures, and study what is written, we will find no hint of the things that are said today.  We will not find anywhere that says TORAH is dead.  Nor will we find things like ‘once saved, always saved,’ or that ‘God will never give you more than you can bear.’  Today, the Church is filled with such teachings, but none of them can be found in the Scriptures.  These are teachings of men and their traditions, not of YHWH and His Word.  But try to tell this to the ‘believers’ and watch what happens to you.

This is what I’ve been experiencing these past few month.  I do not claim to know much of anything about YHWH’s Word with absolute certainty.  In fact, the more I study it, the less I am certain about anything.  However, there are things about which I am absolutely positive, and they are all things of man.  I know the Scriptures well enough to know when I encounter a Church doctrine that cannot be supported by Scripture.  One of the biggest errors is that of Sunday worship.  This is rooted in paganism, not YHWH!  But try to explain this to anyone in the Church — even pastors.  See how far you get.

In fact, show the Church the Scriptures that clearly say that Yeshua and the Apostles kept the Sabbath — even after the resurrection.  Show them the passages where Yeshua says that TORAH will not pass away until all is accomplished, or where Paul says he keeps the TORAH years after Christ ascended.  Show them those passages and watch what they do and say.  I bet they will take you to other passages that sound like they contradict the passages you will have just shown them (itself a problem, since Scripture cannot contradict itself), but which have to be deliberately misinterpreted to say what they want them to say.  Then show them Peter’s warning that Paul teaches tough lessons, and that those who are weak in faith will twist Paul’s words into bad doctrine which will lead them and others to destruction.  Show all of this to your Church and watch what happens.

You know what happened to me?  I got thrown out of my Church.  Oh, they will tell you I left of my own free will, but it was one of those things where they tell you to go without telling you to go so they can claim innocence.  Sound familiar?  It should.  It is the yeast of the Pharisees, just in a different form.

Still, I will not be silent.  I will continue to share what I learn as I learn it, and I will try to do so ever more humbly.  I will seek to beat ‘me’ out of everything I do and to work to serve others in the process.  I will get many things wrong along the way, but I will cling to my understanding of how He wants His Word to be understood.  I will reject the teachings of men, and of their traditions.  I will cling only to that which is in the Scriptures, and I will study and pray and beg for the understanding of those Scriptures that the Holy Spirit originally intended.  And, when I am convinced that I am secure in a given understanding, I will share it with whomever will listen.  What happens after that…  Well, as Scripture tells me to do, I will leave that up to the Holy Spirit.  My job is to give my witness and to make disciples, nothing more.  But understand, disciples obey their master, and obeying YHWH will get you persecuted and maybe even killed in this world.  And, sometimes, it isn’t the world that will seek to kill you, but those who think of themselves as YHWH’s people (but then, that was prophesied, wasn’t it?).

When that happens — no matter who comes after you — the world, or the ‘believers — count it all blessing and rejoice. Fore, if you were teaching the things of Satan, then Satan’s children would not seek to destroy you.  However, if you are teaching the things of the One True God, then Satan and his children cannot help but seek your death.  Therein is found assurance of your security; that certainty that you are standing on solid rock.  Stand firm, be bold, and be at peace because you are standing in good company: that of all the prophets who have been persecuted and murdered before you.  The army of the Saints!