The Underlying Spirit Of Socialism Extends To Knowledge, Politics And Religion

One of the things that I despise about those who advocate for Socialism is their underlying sense of entitlement; that feeling that somebody else owes them something which they did not earn.  They can justify their entitlement in endless ways, but every Socialist I have ever met is blind to the fact that each of those justifications is irrational.  There is no sound reasoning behind a single explanation for why one person or group should be entitled to take something they did not earn from another person or group.  However, this sense of entitlement reaches far beyond the mere material realm.  It extends to matters of knowledge, politics, and religion, and the majority of those who feel entitlements in these areas are just as blind as the Socialist — because they are all possessed of the same spirit!

The sense of entitlement is most easily seen when dealing with the Socialist.  They sit at home, collecting government handouts, all the while claiming they hold the moral high ground because they either care more about the ‘poor,’ or they have been victimized by the ‘rich.’  Either way, it is all a lie.  Unless the ‘rich’ man points a weapon at your head and demands your money, he has not stolen from you.  And, if you care about the poor, but you teach them sloth and envy and hatred of those who have more material wealth than they do, you do not care about the poor at all.  You merely seek to use them as moral camouflage in the pursuit of your own gain.  No matter how one slices it, Socialism is based on the spirit of self-righteous envy and a rejection of personal responsibility.

But this same spirit affects those who seek to claim knowledge without working to gain knowledge.  I see this all the time in my blogging, or on Face Book.  People will make a statement that is factually wrong and I will provide correction.  Most times, I will even take the time to explain why their statement is wrong.  Most times, they respond by demanding to know my sources, so I take the time to provide those, as well.  They have everything they need handed to them, all they have to do is take the time to read and watch, and yet, they refuse to do so.  Yet, somehow, they still insist that they have the moral authority to claim superior knowledge and understanding than my own.  Well, that may make them feel better about themselves, but it results in something as bad as the Socialist thief: a willfully ignorant fool!

Then there is the matter of the political usurper.  They want to claim whatever Rights and Liberties to which they feel entitled, but they will neither do the work to earn, nor put in the time to learn the foundations upon which the notion of Rights and Liberty are built.  Like the Socialist, they demand something for which they have paid no dues.  What’s more, they refuse to even study the theory upon which their claims are based.  They merely assert a claim to something and then presume to hold the moral high ground to all who have done the work and put in the study time.  It is just another form of theft only, this time, it is the theft of ideas and the blood which was paid to achieve their ideals.  These people are worse than the material Socialist and the willful ignorant.  They are tyrants!

Finally, we come to those who apply all these failings to their religion. They claim to be equal to all other believers in regard to whatever reward they believe is due them.  They refuse to actually do the work necessary to study and understand the tenants of their religion.  And yet, in spite of these shortcomings, they feel they have the authority to preach their beliefs to others.  Sadly, those who claim the name of Yeshua are among the worse in this category.  Scripture teaches that YHWH will open His Word to whomever seeks Him with a sincere and diligent heart.  But, if you feel you are owed and you refuse to do the work to learn, how can you have either a sincere or diligent heart?  So, then, from where does this belief that you still have the authority to preach YHWH’s Word come?  It comes from that sense of that irresponsible, lazy, entitled victim-hood common to all those who believe as I have been describing: that they are entitled to something to which they have no claim.  They are all self-righteous thieves who reject any sense of personal responsibility — and that is why they fail!  Not because someone else is keeping them down, but because they continuously sabotage themselves by rejecting the Natural Laws that lead to a morally happy life.

Now, if the reader happens to be a Christian, and the reader is thinking that salvation is a free, UN-deserved gift from YHWH, let me offer a little clarification.  Scripture does not actually teach that idea — men do!  Men such as those I have been describing teach that nonsense.  While it is true, Grace is an UN-deserved gift given freely by YHWH, Grace does not save, it only justifies.  Therefore, you are never entitled to anything from YHWH.  You see, while Scripture teaches that you are justified by Grace, it also teaches that you must respond with faith and obedience.  This means you have a responsibility to YHWH.  Please understand, I am not teaching works — not as many in the Church understand it.  But James does tell us that, without works, a person has a dead faith; and a dead faith does not lead to salvation.  What’s more, Scripture repeatedly teaches that we must repent and obey else we cannot claim to know the Savior.  All of this is in Scripture; it is what is written, and not what is said.  And all of this strikes to the heart of this post: nothing comes without a price to be paid — not even salvation.  If we wish to claim something, we must take care to do our part.  Otherwise, we are a thief, it’s just a matter of what variety of thief.

So, take responsibility for yourself.  If you do not have much money, make the sacrifices necessary to prioritize where you spend what money you do have.  Then, learn how to work and save and to better your material circumstances.  Be patient, it takes time and, even then, not everyone should be wealthy.  For some, it would be a curse.  If you are blessed with material wealth, take the responsibility to share it with others, but not by just passing that responsibility off to the government or a charity.  Look for people who are truly in need, find out how you can actually help them, then do it — yourself!  If you seek  to understand, take the time to learn.  If someone offers you knowledge, read it, study it.  You may find you disagree, but at least you will be able to explain why you disagree.  But do not chose ignorance and then expect someone with true understanding to give your opinions any respect.  The opinion of willfully ignorant people do not deserve respect or consideration anymore than those of a small child.  If you seek to claim Rights or Liberty, spend the time to understand what they are and from whence they are derived.  Do not claim something you do not understand less you claim that which does not and cannot exist.  Finally, and most importantly: if you wish to claim the name of Yeshua, you must become His disciple; and if you wish to become a disciple of Yeshua, you must study and obey His Word.  One cannot do this in one night.  YHWH’s Word is the Way, and the Way is a Way of Life, and the Way to eternal Life.  It takes a lifetime to learn it, and to learn to live it as it is supposed to be lived.  If you refuse to do what is commanded, then do not be surprised if, when the time comes, Yeshua tells you He never knew you.  Believe me when I tell you that you may well find a way to get around the material, ideological and political authorities in this world, but you will not escape the cutting and always righteous judgment of The Authority in the next!

5 thoughts on “The Underlying Spirit Of Socialism Extends To Knowledge, Politics And Religion

  1. Totally agree with everything you wrote. But, I am never quiet sure what someone means when they say works are required because I have never known anyone who was good enough or had enough works to earn salvation. I also know just accepting that Jesus died for our sins & then continuing to sin is also not what is required. We are to study to show ourselves approved & we are obligated to genuinely repent when we do sin, which we always will as long as we have flesh bodies. I do believe in the once saved, always saved because Jesus does pray to the Father for all who are given to Him to be kept. I also believe if you are truly saved you will continue to sin, but you will be convicted of those sins & be led to seek repentance & restoration of the relationship. As the relationship deepens the sin will have less & less of a temptation hold, but the Bible still says if we say we are without sin we are a liar which in itself is sin. There has to be a balance with security in our salvation because we never earned it in the first place & therefore can’t keep it on our own works & the fact that salvation should produce works on an ongoing basis. Our works never produce salvation, but our salvation should always produce works so they can’t be separated. It’s very complex because God is very complex & He created complex beings in His image. In the Bible spiritual men that were used by God always had separation & seclusion periods of hours or months or years that were followed by periods of high temptation & high spiritual manifestation – sort of like the college student who co-ops, shifting between learning periods & working periods where they put what they have learned into practical application in the real world. The Bible says judge not another man’s servant because we can’t know what the master has asked of that servant. There are definite absolute sins, but much of what is called sin in life is an organization’s or individual’s particular box of man made sin definitions & God may call one servant to do something that he tells another not to do. For one it is obedience & for the other it is sin, but neither can judge the other for acting differently. My problem with hearing someone say we are still obligated to obey the Torah is I agree we are obligated to acknowledge the law as our schoolmaster that tells us when we are sinning by commission or omission so we can repent & grow past the temptations (we all have our particular worst weaknesses that may take time to concur). However, we can never in the flesh body obey the law 100% . Jesus was the only one who ever succeeded 100% & even He required continual communion with the Father to do so when he was in a flesh body. The Bible says if you seek salvation via keeping the law it has to be 100% because if you fail at just one thing you fail all. Therefore keeping the Torah is technically impossible in a flesh body, so works alone will not save. We still come back to the need for a Savior that has fulfilled the Law. Complex, Complex, Complex…………… I don’t believe my Jewish brethren will be lost if they never receive Christ in this life because I belief all who attempted to obey the Torah & live a good life will receive another chance during the Millenial reign when knowledge of the Messiah is universal. They will still have the free will to deny Him if they choose, but they can choose to acknowledge & receive Him & the salvation works alone can never fulfill. Do we agree or not?

    1. There are several separate issues in your reply deserving of their own posts. I will do my best to get to them in short order as I firmly believe they will benefit all who read them. However, for the moment, let me caution you not to confuse the Law of Moses with TORAH. They are not the same things! And, even if they are, Jesus said the Law is in full force, and not the smallest marks of it will change until ALL is completed. If we then argue against the clear meaning of this passage, then we argue against Jesus (and, in the process, the Father).

      Likewise, Scripture repeatedly tells us that, if we do not obey Christ’s commands, then we do not know Him and, if we do not know Him, He cannot know us. Clearly, obedience is a major part of how salvation works.

      I am coming to believe that the problem for us in the West, with our Greek influences in thinking, is that we do not see or understand how two apparently contradictory things can be one or the other AND both at the same time! For example: salvation is by free will or election AND both at the same time. Salvation requires faith not works AND, at the same time, faith AND works. Complicated to our Western minds, but, the more I study ancient Hebrew culture, the more I realize this sort of thinking might not have been as foreign to them as it seems to us.

  2. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” –Proverbs 6:6Bud Dunson

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