Why Didn’t Anyone Try To Warn Us?

I heard someone who should know better bemoan the current state of our society by asking, “Why is all of this happening all of a sudden?”  Well, the answer is simple: this hasn’t happened ‘all of a sudden.’  What’s happening to the Western World today started long, long ago.  It’s part of an age-old cycle, and there have always been people who have tried to warn us about the coming danger.  The problem is, we never listen because, if we listen, and believe, then it places duties on us that we don ot wish to shoulder.  So, we just keep on going on, marrying and giving each other into marriage until, one day, it starts to rain.  Then, when we finally realize it is too late, we look to the crazy old man sitting safely in his ark and accuse him of not doing enough to warn us.

Like I said, people have been trying to warn us about a ‘Deep State’ for a long, long time — we just do not want to hear it because it would mean we would then have a duty to do something about it.  Better to just ignore it, call the criers on the wall ‘crazy conspiracy kooks,’ and continue with our lives until, now, when we are starting to realize it is too late, we start screaming for someone to save us from the destruction of our own making.

By why should anyone save any of us?  Did we listen when he warned us about letting the military turn this nation into something it had never been and was never supposed to be?

Did we listen to when Joe McCarthy tried to warn us that there were Communists infiltrating our government, and that they were taking over the reigns of power?  Or when this man actually laid out the plan that, now, looking back, we can see he nailed to the last detail?

Did we listen when this man told us that these Communists were now masquerading under the new banner of ‘Liberalism?’

Did we listen when this man confirmed everything the previous men had said?

There have been countless more who have tried to warn us.  They tell us who said what, and where to go to find the proof, but we never bother to go find out for ourselves.  No, no, we can’t be bothered to educate ourselves.  That takes too much time and effort and there is always something more pressing to do, like watching the newest episode of the Kardashians.  Heck, I’ve known about what was coming for at least two decades, and I’ve spent a great deal of my time trying to warn people about it.  I was treated the same way all these other people were: I was ridiculed and dismissed.

Well, there is one more place that tried to warn us, and it started trying to warn us long, long ago.  But we’ve dismissed this warning as being the craziest of all, haven’t we?  Only, now, those who have taken the time to study it know that everything it predicted is coming to pass exactly the way it was foretold…


So, curse whoever and whatever you’d like.  Cry about how unfair it all is.  Do whatever you’d like, but do not say that no one tried to warn you.  That excuse simply isn’t going to work.




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