I am currently being censored by FaceBook for posting an accurate comment about a Hitler quote and ‘White Privilege,’ so, my ability to get this out is limited (by design).  That means this will be up to you:
Spread this website far and wide, and tell everyone to save the 2 pdf files under the reference section (see header at top of the homepage):


3 thoughts on “URGENT COVID-19 POST!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m so happy to have truthful resources!

    1. You are days away from getting a LOT more from me. And — this time — I will be making sure to tell you when I am speculating or war-gaming vs when I have done the work to verify what I am posting as fact.

      In fact, I might have an idea that could give all of us reliable – or, at the least — more trustworthy news sources. I just have to talk to some tech geeks I trust before I try to make my idea a reality.

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