‘Dr.’ Fauci, COVID-19, and The Quest For Control

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I don’t rightly know how to express my feelings on the greater issue of COVID-19, especially where ‘Dr.’ Fauci is concerned.  I know so much that I can verify that informs me in ways that most people not only don’t know about but, were I to try to explain it to them, they would see as a reason to dismiss me.  Consequently, a large part of me doesn’t want to write this.  It would be easier to just remain silent and let people live on in their ignorance.  But that is not permissible.  I see danger and, as a watchman on the wall, I am commanded to sound the alarm for all who will hear and take heed.

I will try to keep this as short and simple as I can.  I will not attempt my usual habit of providing supporting evidence for my assertions.  Instead, I will simply state my case, follow it with links to several related stories, then leave it to you to decide what to do with it from there.  If any of you have specific questions, we can discuss them in the comments section of this post.  So, with this out of the way, let me state this as clearly as I can.

I am highly suspicious of the COVID-19 virus.  I have no doubt that there is something killing people, but I have heard too much from friends and acquaintances who are actually treating the victims to accept the government’s ‘official’ stories.  There is something not right about this virus.  And, before you bother with the usual objections, no, I am not a doctor — but I don’t have to be to know there is something off about what we have been told.

I do have a science degree.  I did learn how to read and understand the data you see on TV, or in the stories the media presents.  This is one of the reasons I know that something about their story is wrong.  But even at this, you know enough to be suspicious.  How many politicians globally have died from COVID-19?  Do you know?  Look into it.  You might be surprised by what you find.  While you’re at it, look into how many athletes, celebrities and corporate executives reported to have died from COVID-19.  Then there are the constant stories about how death certificates are being falsified so that it appears more people have died of COVID-19 than actually have.  The CDC has even directed doctors to list the cause of death as COVID-19 if the doctor so much as thinks a patient may have been exposed to the virus.  Then there are the stories about how tests are being falsely reported as positive, sometimes when the test was never even used.  And do you remember the government admitting that early test kits were actually infected with the COVID-19 virus?  This would mean, if you used one of those tests, it would likely have given you the virus!  No, you do not need to be a medical expert to find sound, valid reasons to be suspicious of what we are being told.

Then we have ‘Dr.’ Fauci.  The media would like you to believe this man is beyond reproach, but the truth is, he has been embroiled in controversy since the 1980’s.  Dr. Mikovitz produced a video that has allegedly been ‘debunked.’  It is titled ‘Plandemic.’  In the video, Dr. Mikovitz accuses Dr. Fauci of serious ethical and legal wrong-doing dating all the way back to the emergence of HIV.  Now, I watched the video, and I will accept that it may be wrong.  But then, I have to wonder why it has been so aggressively scrubbed from the internet.  They have done the same thing to the video made by the group of doctors claiming hydroxichloroquin is an effective treatment for COVID-19.  Excuse me, but one does not scrub information such as this unless you cannot — not do not — but cannot afford to let the public see it.  This should be enough to cause us to wonder.  But then there is this: if Dr. Mikovitz is such a fraud, and the ‘fact checkers’ have discredited her as they claim, why hasn’t she been sued?  After all, Dr. Fauci is not the only person she accuses of wrong-doing in her video and book.  And yet, she has not been sued.

Let’s stay with ‘Dr.’ Fauci.  The man has been all over the place in his recommendations.  No need for a mask, wear a mask.  Listen to the WHO, don’t listen to the WHO.  Shut the country down, no more school, no more handshaking — ever.  Oh, wait, no.  No, we can’t keep the country shut down forever.  But when we open back up, the ‘red states’ will have a rebound, but the blue states (with the highest death RATES in the nation) will be declared as having handled the virus best.  We will all need vaccinations that may or may not have been tested, that may or may not work, and we’ll need an ID card, as well.  Close the schools, don’t worry about the CDC reports that this has lead to 10,000 teenage suicides every month since the lock down started.  Fauci says no more church, as well.  But, when asked to condemn the riots (they are not protests), Fauci refused to do that.  Folks, this is clear evidence of politically-based bias.  But, even if it isn’t, it is definitely evidence that the man does not seem to know his own mind on this issue, yet seems to think he and not the President, should be in charge of the nation now that we have an epidemic on our hands.  Or do we?  I mean, according to Fauci’s own CDC criteria, the epidemic ended 7 weeks ago!  Maybe I should put it this way.  After the way he has acted over this issue, would you hire him to be your advisor if you could be sued when he got things wrong?  Because, dear reader, if he were not under the protective shield of government, this man would have been sued into poverty by now.

Oh, I forgot to mention this.  Fauci has been taking money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the Clinton Foundation, and his name has come up in connection with the Jeffery Epstein investigations.  At the very least, this should cause those who know better to wonder how well protected Fauci actually is.  If he is part of the Deep State, then all of this would suddenly make perfect sense, wouldn’t it?

OH!  A couple more things.  Did you know Fauci signed off on a 2005 study that found hydroxicholoquine to be effective against the H1N1COV virus, a virus 79% similar to COVID-19?  How about the fact that Fauci was part of a CDC study from 3 years ago that found masks were NOT EFFECTIVE in stopping the spread of H1N1 flu, a virus very similar in size to COVID-19?

Oops! One more thing.  Never mind that, in 2017,  Fauci said Trump would face a pandemic during his first term in office.  I know, he was just playing the odds — unless he wasn’t.  I mean, given what we now know about the Russia-gate hoax, the fake impeachment and all the other failed coup attempts, it couldn’t possibly be that a pandemic was part of their fail-safe plan…could it?  Yeah, I know, I’m getting out there now — except, it would fit the pattern, and I tend to like things that all line up nice, neat and tidy.  Scientists tend to call that sort of thing, ‘proof of theory,’ but then, I’m a kook, so what do I know?

Finally, there is the little matter of how this COVID-19 virus neatly matches up with the Gates/UN Event 201 plan that game out of the war game they held in October of last year.  Oh, wait!  That would line up with what I just said about the pandemic being planned.  Yeah, nothing to see here — except that, so far, we have followed their game plan to the letter.  But don’t worry, the plan they devised is just the implementation of a New World Order, Agenda 21 (now called agenda 2030), the New Green deal, Climate Change demands and a series of other Left-wing (i.e. MARXIST) plans for the world. In short, COVID-19 — or whatever it really is — is being used to take over control of the world.  But, like I said, I’m a kook, so I can be dismissed…right?  I just wish the official ‘story’ made more sense, but, sadly, when one really looks at it, my theory has much fewer holes and contradictions than the government’s.  What’s more, my story actually explains everything we have actually seen in one consistent, coherent theory, whereas, the government’s story is filled with observed contradictions and known falsehoods that have yet to be satisfactorily explained. Does anyone know the principle of Occam’s Razor?  Do you know how to properly apply it to this issue?

I know I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist to those who have not done the work, but I have found public documents and videos where the people organizing, funding and directing this whole thing have explain

ed what they want to do and how they plan to do it.  I did my homework, so I know all of this is real and it is really happening.  I just don’t know that there are enough people who have come out of Babylon to see it and help me do anything about it.



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4 thoughts on “‘Dr.’ Fauci, COVID-19, and The Quest For Control

  1. When this blog post is shared it brings up Simone Gold’s picture from the video which I am sure will enable algorithms to instantly alert the fact wreckers. Hopefully some will see it before it is scrubbed. My question is why Trump continues to appear to have his hands tied in countering the obvious lies. I’ve been told he is allowing them to hang themselves. They are indeed doing that for people like us, but not for the blind masses & a lot of innocents are dying in the meantime. We are obligated to warn from the watchtowers, but more than & in addition to that we need directed prayer at the great evil that is gathering. We need directed prayer for 4 more years of Trump because he will be empowered once past November. The alternative is instant darkness. That may be God’s answer, but we must be sure we have warned & solicited prayers that whatever answer comes it is God’s will. Thanks for taking the time to put all this together.

    1. If they scrub it, all we can do is re-post it. However, when they scrub something, all they do is re-affirm that they are part of a tyrannical regime and that the thing they are scrubbing hurts their interests. Both are strong indicators that we are correct about our ‘theories,’ and that the thing being scrubbed contains more fact than people want to believe/accept.

      As for Trump, I am torn on this issue. I’ll be writing two related blog posts to explain my concerns. Lord willing, I will get at least one of them finished later today.

      As always, thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. If you are a kook, so are the rest of us that so enjoyed validation of our own research! Thanks for putting it all together, so succinctly with all the links. I learned a lot from Amazing Polly youtubes. She posts all the research she uses. The evidence is overwhelming that this was/is a Plandemic. Several Virologists, epidemiologists, Immunologists from Stanford and other universities have given interviews which just don’t match with the faulty model narrative we were inundated with. It’s rather shocking how much is orchestrated in our lives to influence our opinions. Event 201 telegraphed all we see unfolding now. I watched the video, and remember how one main theme was to use all types of media to “flood the zone” and then how to deal with misinformation that would conflict with the official narrative. It’s hard for me to understand how so many are not awake. Critical thinking is no longer a valued skill in our society.

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