Return of the Flies!

Did you see the fly on Bloomberg’s face during the recent Democrat Party Convention?

Did it remind you of anything in our recent past?  Here, I’ll give you a hint:

When I saw the picture of Bloomberg on FaceBook, it reminded me of a post I wrote on one of my other blogs.  I thought I might drag that blog over here, so that you can read and consider it for yourselves.  It remains un-edited.  What follows is exactly how the original post was written.  I’ve even linked you to the older post, in case you want to check behind me.:


October 11, 2016

BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM: What Should We Make Of The Flies And Bees Seen Around Political Leaders?

As I clearly state in the ABOUT page, this blog is written for believers: to help them understand the Scriptures and apply them to their daily lives.  That is what this post is attempting to do: to put the Scriptures in their proper context so that we can accurately apply them to the choice we make in our daily walk with the Lord.


During the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a fly was seen to land on Hillary Clinton’s face.  This is the second time we have witnessed a fly landing on the face of a Presidential candidate in the last three election cycles [Note: it may well have happened in all three of the last elections, but I’m not sure, so I will not make that claim.]  So, what should we make of this?

I have already written about the Biblical significance of flies in connection to President Obama.  You can find that post here:

BIBLICAL SIGNS: Flies and Bees

Now, I am well aware that I am not alone in noting that there is a Biblical significance in all this.  I’ve seen the posts referencing Beelzebub in connection to both Hillary and Obama.  However, I have a very different take on what the flies and bees surrounding these two people may be trying to tell us.

First, we must remember that God rarely warns the Gentile (i.e. pagan) nations.  If we will read our Scriptures, we will find very few examples where the Lord sent specific warning to those outside His chosen people.  ‘The Assyrian,’ Nebuchadnezzar and the people of Nineveh are a few of those who come to mind (interestingly enough, all three are directly connected to the Biblical use of flies and bees as warnings to His people).  Most times, when the Lord sends a warning, it is to His people.  This is significant in and of itself, but we’ll address that significance in a moment.  Right now, we need to understand that the Lord’s use of flies and bees is almost always as a warning to His people.

So what sort of warning are flies and bees meant to convey?  Well, that is what I tried to explain in my previous post on this subjectFlies are used in connection with Egypt, which Scripture uses as a symbol of atheism and bondage.   Bees, on the other hand, are used in connection to Assyria, which Scripture uses as a symbol of judgment and destruction.  We see these two symbols together in Isaiah’s warning to Israel (the Northern Tribes):

Isaiah 7:18  New American Standard Bible (NASB)

18 In that day the Lord will whistle for the fly that is in the remotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria.

Now, the full extent of this warning is found in the greater part of this passage, Isaiah 7:17-25.  In the full passage, Israel is told that the Lord would send for the flies of Egypt and bees of Assyria, and that they (the people of these lands) would come and settle in everywhere within Israel, and that these people would destroy the farmlands (i.e. economy) and the people would take up arms in response.  It tells of an invasion that will make it so the people of Israel can survive, but just barely.  The peace will be lost along with their security and prosperity.  Now, here is why this is important to us today.

First, the people being brought into this nation today are all from the region of flies (Egypt) and bees (Assyria — Syria and Iraq).  They are as godless and violent today as they were when the Lord used them to punish Israel.  Therefore, the flies and bees we keep seeing around President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton, could be a warning of impending judgment upon this land.  But that would depend on whether or not this country has any connection to God’s people.  Unfortunately for us, and whether or not the majority chose to accept it or not, America is directly connected to God’s people.  This country was founded by the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, the representative tribes of the Northern Kingdom.  This means the Lord’s warning to the Northern Kingdom is being repeated in exactly the same way it was before Israel was destroyed and sent into exile the first time.   What’s more, this is a second witness.  The first, also out of Isaiah, was the prophecy of Isaiah 9 as it is connected to 9/11 and the stock market crash 7 years later.

Here’s what God’s people need to take away from this.  First, this nation is connected to the Lord’s covenant people.  We may not recognize this anymore, but the Lord has not forgotten.  Second, the Lord is still speaking to us in exactly the same way He spoke to His people in the time of Isaiah, and He is sending us the exact same warnings for the exact same reasons — because we have turned away from Him and made ourselves into an adulteress, a harlot.  Now, if the Lord said none would be spared the first time around — not even His faithful remnant — then on what grounds should the Lord’s people expect to be saved this time?  Be very careful about listening to those voices preaching safety and prosperity right now.  A believer has little reason to believe their voice is of the Lord, and a great deal of reason to believe it is not!



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BIBLICAL SIGNS: Flies and Bees