Seriously, Just Download and Read Through This

The following is a file I made for myself.  Essentially, it was a massive set of notes for a three hour talk radio show I did.  The title of that show was, “Tinfoil Hat Friday.”  For three hours, I shared ‘conspiracy theories’ with the audience.  After each ‘theory,’ I gave them the name of who had actually said it (or the reference to where they could find the source article).  By the end of the show, I had everyone scared — mostly because I forced them to realize that, while there is a massive conspiracy out there, it is not a theory.  It is real.  Anyway, I was going to write two more posts to explain how these people plan to destroy our world, build the new world they want and to force us into accepting our fate.  However, I’m tired of trying to explain it to people.  Instead, I thought I’d try something different.  Download the following link and read through it for yourself.  Trust me, it will make more sense than you want it to make.

By the way: that radio program is live cast of Face Book.  For some strange reason, the FB feed didn’t work for that show.  It worked before and after, but not for that show.  🙂

Tinfoil Hat Friday

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