I am still working to add the forum, and to re-organize the entire blog.  I may even switch themes on you soon.  However, that is not why I am writing you today.  I am about to launch on something I have needed to do for a while, and I want to let you know what is coming.

I have shared with you the fact that I can no longer censor my faith from my posts when I write.  Well, that is even more true today.  However, I still have some folks who do not care for the religious commentary.  For the most part, I don’t care. They don’t have to read my blog posts.  However, in some areas, I think it would be helpful if I did separate the spiritual from the material.  My last post about Fascism is one example.  At the same time, I feel it is more important than ever to tie these material posts to the Spiritual world behind them.  Therefore, I am going to be blogging both the Spiritual and Material here on this page, and I will re-post the material posts on my other blog, The Road To Concord.

My goal here is to provide some material understanding to those who seek it on a blog that is primarily focused on such things.  However, on this board, I plan to tie them together, to help believers better understand both Scripture and the world in which we live.  My hope is that readers will use both blogs to help them, and to help educate others by sharing my work.  I’ll just have to trust to the Spirit that it is what I am supposed to do and that it will bear fruit.

There’s one other note: I will soon be writing in spurts.  When this happens, I will post a lot in a short time.  I know it will be difficult for many to keep up, but I am feeling pushed to do this.  I just can’t shake the feeling that I (not necessarily we) am out of time to do what I should have been doing for a while.  Now it’s time I do my best to catch up with where I should be.  Again, I will just trust that this is also what I need to do and that it will also bear fruit.

If I write anything you think can help others, please share it.  Better yet, invite your friends and family to follow this blog. I do not advertise, I just trust in you guys and the Spirit to make sure my efforts get to those who can benefit from them.  And, as always, thanks for your time.

God bless and stay safe,


5 thoughts on “NOTICE TO THE BOARD

  1. I share most of your posts, but they seem to be shadow banned & don’t go anywhere. I like that your posts mix political & spiritual even though most readers won’t get the depth. They still need to see that they are one & the same even if they don’t grasp every meaning. Thanks for your dedication because I know how hard it is to delegate time to writing.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Soon, I hope to make it easier. I am going to start a series on ‘So, What Do We Do?’ videos. Short, 60 second or less ideas on how to ‘fight back’ without adding to the problem. Watch for them. Might get the first one up tomorrow 🙂

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