What Do We Do? #1


I have been asked — many times — “What do we do?”  Well, after a great deal of thought, I am launching a small campaign to answer that question.  This is the first of what I hope will be a series of posts that will explain what we can do to resist the growing lawlessness in our society.  I hope it will be well received.

NOTE: You can copy the URL from this video and share it with others.  If you know people who are of the right mindset and disposition to handle the fuller message contained below, then you can share the entire post.  How you use them both is up to you.  All I ask is that you do so with as much wisdom as you can muster.


As I said in the video clip above, this is the most important message I will present in this series.  It will be the most difficult because it is the most critical of ourselves.  It forces us to take a hard look at ourselves, to check our emotions, and to respond to those who have angered us in a way that is totally opposite to how we are most likely feeling.  But this is what Scripture teaches us to do: start with yourself.  Scripture says judgment starts with the Church, first (the body of believers).  Yeshua said to get the plank out of our own eyes.  This is essentially what I am asking each of us to do here: make sure we do not respond in a way that puts us on the opposite side of the hate coin.  In short, do not act like a hypocrite!  It will be tough, but it is absolutely crucial that we do it this way.

The next thing that we have to do will be equally as difficult.  We must extend grace to the people we are trying to win to our side.  If we respond to them by attacking them, belittling them or insulting them, all we do is harden their hearts against whatever message of good we might otherwise have been able to present.  Instead, try to share the Truth with them.  Ask them to read links, then provide those links.  Ask them to watch video clips, then provide those links, as well.  Whenever possible, show them people from their side doing things they should know are wrong.  The whole point is to get them to face the Truth.

If you can get them to engage, then ask them if they agree with what you have shown them.  Do not attack their positions or arguments.  Just ask them if they agree with whatever you have provided them.  If they refuse to read or watch, THEN WALK AWAY!  You can lead them to the Truth, but you cannot make them accept it — so don’t even try.  That would be casting pearls before swine.  Just walk away!  However, if they do engage, then you start asking them if they agree with it.  If you showed them the Truth, and they agree, ask them why they don’t side with it?  If you showed them something from their side with which they disagree, ask them why they side with people who do such things.

Ultimately, the goal is to gently, patiently and lovingly (agape love) encourage them to realize their error on their own.  Lead them to the correct decision, but do it with sugar and honey.  But — and this is important — never tell them what they should think.  For better or worse, we have to respect the free will of others.  So, lead them to it, but leave them to figure it our and accept it themselves, on their own terms.  And, on a related note, keep in mind that how we do this will be different for everyone we encounter.  Every person and every issue will be different, so you are just going to have to trust the Lord to show you how to address each individual on their own terms.  If you can get them to engage, and you provide them the space to realize their error and give them the room to back away from it all without making them feel cornered, we may win over a few of those who do not realize they are standing with evil.

Finally, it is past time to engage.  Each of us has to step up and do our part.  We can no longer cower silently in fear.  We must stand up and speak out against unrighteousness and lawlessness.  Both are evil, so don’t be afraid to call them by their names.  Also, don’t be afraid to hold your ground.  Remember, do so without lashing out.  Do not return insult for insult (turn the other cheek), but hold your ground.  The righteous will join you, and, if they don’t, it doesn’t matter.  When you stand for righteousness, you stand for the Lord, and He will never abandon anyone who upholds His moral laws.  The key point here that we must all understand is that a battle cannot be won if one side never takes to the field of battle.  This battle will not be fought with massive armies, nor will it be won in one stroke.  It is fought by individuals, over many small battlefields.  You win incrementally: one mind (and soul) at a time.  So, put on the armor of God and ride to the battle.  Just remember, Let Go do the actual fighting.  All He calls us to do is witness; ust share the Truth — in all its many forms — and leave the rest to Him and His Holy Spirit.


[NOTE: If this is the sort of thing you want to see me do in this series, I’d like to hear from you.  I am prepared to write more of these posts, and to include more videos.  Eventually, they will get to affirmative actions that we can take, but the first few will deal with getting ourselves on firm footing before we dare to correct others.  So, if you liked this, or if you have suggestions, I could really use your feedback on this first post.  Thank you, B3A.]


2 thoughts on “What Do We Do? #1

  1. Appreciate this. I want see what you have next. I don’t fear, but I am concerned with folks who might come up to me at a lunch and want me to raise a fist, showing that I am on their side “white silence is violence” type of thing. I said to my wife, I could not raise my fist and she said raise it and fight another day. Reminding ourselves that to fight with God’s armor as in Ephesians 6 and with his love is what I need. But in that moment, when that occasion arises, what do I turn to? What scripture would be best to share and then see the reaction and I know the Lord will lead me from there. It is only going to get worse, especially if we the church don’t get involved in the fight. Are you aware and participating in Johnathon Cahn’s national day of prayer and repentance on Sept 26? You can find out more at http://www.thereturn.org

    Always appreciate your insight and words of wisdom.
    In Christ,
    Michael Charney

    1. Thank you, this is helpful to me. Yes, I follow Rabbi Cahn, among many others (frankly, most folks would be surprised to find out just how wide of a net I cast across the information world).

      I will get the next post/video in this series up today or tomorrow, and I will start working on a post to help believers stand firm. But I will offer this passage up right now:

      Matt 10:33-35 and Luke 9:26

      John tells us that Yeshua is the Logos/Word, which — in Hebrew — would be TORAH! TORAH is ‘The Way’ — the righteous path. Whenever we are silent in the face of lawlessness or evil, or worse, whenever we allow ourselves to align with it — whether out of fear or not — we deny Yeshua! This is NOT a place where we should EVER want to find ourselves. It happens, I know, but, when it does, we must confess it to the Father and repent — which means, we have to fight against doing it again. I have my own crosses here, so I do not mean to speak as a hypocrite, but that does not mean I cannot offer up what I know to be true for all believers. I only hope it helps. 🙂

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