Kicking Against the Goads

Dear Reader,

The time has come for me to stop kicking against the goads.  For a long time now, I have known that I am suppose to be sharing my understanding of both Scripture and prophecy, but I have fought against the prompting.  I suppose I have been too afraid of how others might see me if I were to do as I know I’ve been commanded.  You see, I know there are many others out there claiming to have some special revelation or insight into prophecy, and I know how far the majority of them are from what YHWH’s Word actually says.  I also know that, if you try to question them, you will most likely be attacked for not accepting their interpretations.  I do not wish to be counted among that crowd. At the same time, I am fully aware of Scriptures warnings to both teachers of the Word, as well as to those who would be false prophets.  Worse, I know about the price to be paid by those who lead others astray.  I’ve allowed both my fear of unpopular opinion and of YHWH’s warnings to deceive me into believing it is better to remain silent than to share my understanding.  The problem — at least for me — is that, by remaining silent, I have also been disobedient.  Well, no more.  The time has come to walk in faith, trusting in the Spirit to guard me from error in both what I write as well as where I lead those who read it.  As for those who follow me on this blog, I can only trust that what I share will speak to you, and that it will help you better understand YHWH’s Word; especially His prophetic word.  So, with that said, I think it is time to share a vision I had with you.

OK, like I said, I know how most of us react to claims such as this.  Honestly, I’m not much different.  However, this is a truthful account of what happened to me.  I share it now so that others can make of it what they will.

This goes back to a time when I had started to realize that, if YHWH was ever going to find me acceptable enough to use as a tool in His hand, I had to humble myself.  That’s when I started praying for YHWH to grind me under His heel; so that I might be humbled enough to be acceptable as a tool in His hand.  I prayed for more than a year, swearing that, if He would only show me what He wanted from me, I would go and do.  After about a year and a half, I experienced my vision.

It happened while I was sleeping.  I had a dream unlike any other I’ve ever had.  Though I was asleep, I was awake.  Though I was in a dream, it was real.  I can only describe it as what it was: a vision:


I suddenly found myself standing on the bank, looking out over a frozen river.  I could sense that my family was with me, but I couldn’t see any of them.  What I saw was an overcast sky, with low clouds moving rapidly across the sky.  Silhouetted against that gray sky was a forest of black, leafless trees.  The ground was frozen beneath my feet an covered in snow.  I looked out over the surface of the lake and saw snow drifts blowing across its black mirrored surface.  The whole scene reminded me of the winters I experienced growing up in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan.

The next thing I knew, I was standing on the surface of the lake, looking down into the now frosted surface.  I looked to the shore.  It was far away.  I still couldn’t see them, but I felt my family was there, safe on the shore.  But I also felt a presence under the ice.  My grandparents were trapped, under the ice.  Somehow, I had to rescue them.

As I watched, I saw four giant axes laid without hand on the ice where I had been looking.  The axes were far to big for any man to wield.  The first was laid down, the second next to it on the right, the third on top of the first, and the fourth on top of the second.  Each had what appeared to be Greek writing on the handles. 

I was confused by everything I was seeing, and was just started to try to figure out what all of this meant when a voice that vibrated through my body snapped me bolt upright in my bead — fully awake, heart racing and out of breath.  The voice felt like thunder.  It was so loud and so forceful that it had a physical presence.  It said:


The next day, I told my wife about my vision, and about how real it had felt.  She listened, but she had no idea what it meant.  At the time, I knew a believing brother who claimed to be able to interpret dreams.  So, I shared my vision with him.  After listening to my dream, the first thing he asked — and he asked with great fear and trepidation in his voice — ‘What did the axes look like?’  I told them they looked like a fireman’s axe, and he relaxed a bit (he told me that, had the axes looked like a lumberjack’s axe, it would have meant the end was upon us).  Then my friend interpreted my vision for me:


He said that the family I felt is that of the Body of Believers.  The landscape represented the world.  It was frozen and lifeless because the world has grown Spiritually cold and dead.  The lake represented the Living Word of God, also frozen over for lack of life-giving faith.  My grandparents, who were trapped beneath the ice, represented those believers who are in danger of being lost because they have grown cold in their faith.  The four axes represented the four Gospels.  They were too big for a man to wield so as to remind me that they are meant to be wielded by YHWH, Himself.  Finally, the meaning behind the thunderous voice was clear enough: ‘Destruction comes suddenly!’

I was still confused as to what it meant, so my friend tried to help by explaining what he thought it might mean.  He said that I was supposed to use the Gospels to help ‘revive’ believers who were in danger of being lost.  And that the thunderous voice was meant to warn me that destruction comes without warning.  My friend was not sure if that meant individual destruction — as in our personal salvation — or the destruction of the world.  This was his best guess as to what my vision meant.

Since that time, I have experienced my vision again.  It was identical to the first, and just as vivid.  I can still see the images in my mind, like a slide show of short gifs.  However, I have never been able to fully accept my friend’s interpretation.  I don’t think the vision was meant to call me to any sort of mission.  Rather, I have come to believe the vision was meant to show me the Spiritual state of this world and of the Body of Believers; and to reveal that things are not as so many believe them to be.  It is for this reason — a false sense of Spiritual security — that ‘Destruction comes quickly!’


Honestly?  I don’t know what it all means.  All I know is that I’ve been following what I know is a Spirit-lead path ever since I had my vision.  The Spirit keeps leading me from the teachings of one brother to another.  Each of these brothers shares the pieces that the Spirit has given to them.  I gather the pieces and, slowly, I use the gifts YHWH gave me to sift them.  I keep those pieces that match the Scriptures, and I set aside those pieces that don’t.  Over a decade or so, I have assembled a picture of the Scriptures that is very, very different from that which the majority of believers see, but I believe it is consistent with the message YHWH originally intended to convey.  Now, I am being told to share what I see with whoever the Spirit leads to my writings.  So, if you are here, I firmly believe the Spirit lead you here for a reason. Maybe you are meant to give me more of the pieces to YHWH’s picture?  Maybe you need to see the pieces I’ve managed to assemble?  I don’t know, I don’t care.  That part is none of my concern; YHWH will work it all out however He sees fit.  All I know is that, for the first time in a long time, I feel at peace because I am finally doing what I have been told to do.


[NOTE: With my next post, I will start to share my understanding of Scripture and the prophetic Word.  I don’t see them as separate parts of YHWH’s Word.  Rather, I see them as knit together: just different parts of the same picture.  Hopefully, you will find as much edification and strengthening of faith in what I will be sharing as I have.  If so, I pray you will share it with whoever you think may benefit from it.  Either way, I’m just thankful to be able to share what I’ve been shown with someone who might benefit from it.]