We Are Experiencing A Great Shaking


I have been wanting to write about my understanding of prophecy for years.  But it is very difficult.  Every time I go to write, I find myself held back.  I no longer know if it is because of the Holy Spirit, or because I am convinced that I would be doing more harm than good.  I just don’t know.  I wish I did.  Either way, for better or for worse, I am compelled to share this with you.  Please read it and then decide what value it is to you and to your understanding of the events currently shaking our world.

Previously, I have touched on the fact that the Scriptures clearly separate YHWH’s people into to Houses: the House of Israel (the northern tribes) and the House of Judah (the southern tribes).  I will not go into this again — not here.  All that needs to be understood at this point is that these two Houses remain separate.  The House of Judah has been known throughout history; it was never ‘lost.’  Today, Judah occupies the land known as the nation of Israel.  But the House of Israel was lost.  It was sifted among the nations: scattered, like seeds.  Prophecy speaks about the House of Israel, and the role it will play as time draws to an end.  Only, the closer we get to the end, the more prophecy shifts from speaking about the House of Israel to speaking about the head of that House, Ephraim.  This is important because, while Judah holds the Scepter, Ephraim holds the birthright.  It will be through Ephraim that all the rest of the nations will be saved; brought together in the Kingdom of YHWH.  This is yet another important part of prophecy we will not examine in detail: not here, in this post.  The important point is to understand that Ephraim will play a crucial role in the events of that period the prophet, Daniel, calls, ‘The End Times.’  Therefore, we should look for clues as to where Ephraim may be today.

The prophetic story of Ephraim is among those parts of prophecy that I have kept to myself.  It is a difficult and complicated story line, but it is in YHWH’s prophetic Words.  The key is in understanding that YHWH foretells that the House of Israel will be uprooted — taken out of the Holy Lands — and replanted in a land by the sea, a land of ‘isles.’  Wherever it is replanted, Manasseh and his brother, Ephraim, will grow strong again — together.  However, there will come a time when Manasseh will lose his brother.  Ephraim will split off, and become a ‘company of nations.’  The actual Hebrew says Ephraim will become the ‘fullness of the Goyim (gentiles),’ but that is getting ahead of ourselves.  The point is, there is a prophecy that says Ephraim will be granted his own land.  A land of ‘milk and honey,’ where he (Ephraim) will find rest from the valley of Achor (trials, tribulations, strife).

Now, here is a list of things you can find in the prophetic word, but you have to look for them.  When we understand the pattern hidden in Daniel’s seventy weeks, and we apply it to the vision of the woman carried into the place prepared for her by eagle’s wings, the period ends on the year 1776 (coming to this date is involved, and I will get to it — if the Lord allows us the time).  The House of Israel broke from the southern tribes over a tax revolt (England lost the Colonies to a tax revolt).  Israel started as twelve tribes, but Joseph was split into two — Manasseh and Ephraim (there were originally twelve colonies, but the Carolinas were later split into two).  Israel contained forty-eight cities counted as the inheritance of the Levites (until 1948, there were 48 States in the U.S.).  Until recently, the U.S. kept the practice of circumcision (a practice typically associated with the Jews).  It was also the country that set the weekend as Saturday and Sunday (allowing the people to honor both the Hebrew and ‘Christian’ Sabbaths).  The great seal of the United States shows the imagery of Israel (as depicted in Joseph’s dream) borne up between two wings of an eagle (the woman with eagles wings from Revelation).  The olive branches in the eagle’s right talon and the arrows in its left are reminiscent of the symbol of Israel (the olive tree) and the prophecy about bending the bow of Judah and filling it with the arrow of Ephraim (the U.S. armed Israel in the 1967 and 1973 wars, thereby keeping the nation of Israel alive).  In fact, had the U.S. not been the first to recognized the new nation of Israel, it is likely that Israel would not exist today.  Finally, there is the fact that none other than Benjamin Franklin said that this nation is ‘New Israel.’  Now, Ben did not mean we were a replacement for Israel.  No, Ben came out of the Great Awakening, and he knew Scripture.  Ben recognized what many of our founders understood: the United States is Ephraim!

Now, all of this could be counted as an amazing series of coincidences.  Or, it could be dismissed as ‘not connected.’  But then, I have not provided the exhaustive list of prophetic utterances connecting the United States to Ephraim.  Here is another series, and it is best told by Rabi Cahn (find and read his book).  I will just give you the high points.  The 9/11 attack on the United States was a harbinger, a warning.  It directly mirrors the warning given to the House of Israel in Isaiah 9 (House of Israel = Ephraim).  Following the 9/11 attack, this nation — and its leaders — replayed the very same mistakes as those made by Israel in Isaiah 9.  Now, 19 years later, the Harbinger has returned — just as it did in the time of Isiah.  YHWH repeatedly tried to warn Israel before He dispersed it into the nations.  He has been trying to warn the House of Israel today, as well.  And, since Ephraim is the head (i.e. seat of the House of Israel), this is where we should expect the focus of those warnings, the ‘shaking,’ to be. Well, how much more do we need?

IN the past few decades, the U.S. has seen a vast falling away from belief in YHWH (exactly like the House of Israel before the dispersion).  Those who still claim the Savior’s name worship Him according to their own ways, and not the ways commanded by YHWH (exactly like the House of Israel before the dispersion).  We have seen gross sexual perversion.  People now believe they can literally change sexes through an operation, that homosexuality and pedophilia are ‘natural,’ and that there is no consequence for promiscuity(exactly like the House of Israel before the dispersion) .  We’ve seen the near collapse of our legal system, and what remnants there are of it protect the wicked and corrupt and criminalize the innocent (exactly like the House of Israel before the dispersion).  And, now, we are seeing natural shakings.  We’ve had earthquakes in the northeast and south, where they seldom if ever happen.  We have forest fires burning up the west.  There are rapid-fire hurricanes ravaging the south and east coast.  Lawlessness abounds in the forms of riots and terrorism.  Even the truth has fallen under attack.  These riots are called peaceful protests and the racists in BLM are put forth as persecuted minorities whereas all whites are condemned as racists simply because they are white.  If this is not the shaking of the pillars of the earth, then what more is required before we see it for what it’s worth?

But there is one more sign pointing to the United States as Ephraim, and — for me — it is the clearest and most powerful of all.  Islam is literally a religion of antichrist.  It negates everything Christianity teaches.  This makes it a clear enemy of YHWH and YHWH’s People.  So, who does Islam call the great and little Satan?  The little Satan is the nation of Israel (i.e. House of Judah) while the great Satan is the United States (House of Ephraim).  If our enemy can see who we are so clearly, why can’t YHWH’s People see it?  Could it be that we are also under the deluding influence foretold in 2 Thessalonians 2:11?  That word we translate as ‘delusion’ means:

STRONGS NT 4106: πλάνη

πλάνη, πλάνης, , a wandering, a straying about, whereby one, led astray from the right way, roams hither and thither (Aeschylus (Herodotus), Euripides, Plato, Demosthenes, others). In the N. T. metaphorically, mental straying, i. e. error, wrong opinion relative to morals or religion:

Perhaps I am alone in this opinion, but that definition sure seems to describe the majority of People in the United States today.


As I said when I opened this post: make of this whatever you will.  Count me as just another crazy if you’d like.  Those whose eyes are spiritually closed certainly will, and I can’t help that.  Scripture suggests YHWH doesn’t want them to see the Truth.  However, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear (i.e. you are open to, see and understand spiritual messages), then I pray you will use this post to help you discern this Spiritual season.  Just don’t get caught sleeping when the Master returns.


2 thoughts on “We Are Experiencing A Great Shaking

  1. All very true. The northern tribes traveled over the Caucasus Mountains where they spread westward & inter-mixed with the Scandinavians & Europeans finally arriving in the UK. Others also spread out from the tribe of Judah through Gaul (France) & other European countries to also eventually arrive in the UK. The Catholic Church created further dispersion from Europe to the UK by persecuting & condemning non Catholic Christians & Jews. And yet we cannot understand why God did not prevent so called heathen nationalities from overtaking Christians in early England, Scotland & Ireland until they eventually all blended together. It is because some from each of the many nations all had Jewish ancestry DNA flowing in their veins regardless of theological errors & God always honors that DNA equally. That is why I always stay away from anyone who says they can tell the real Jews or which Jews are good & which are bad. God never lost any tribe at any time because he knows the DNA & he alone knows how he judges the hearts of men. From the melting pot of the UK the DNA migrated to what became the US so we are a melting pot of Jewish DNA represented by Ephraim. Theological errors can only be judged by God & I know of no perfect theology in spite of all the claims by different denominations & religions. We are each accountable to what we know & accountable to always be seeking more perfect truth. God asks that we be teachable & hungry for truth. Most people never stray from what they were born into as if their birth guaranteed truth. God has no grandchildren, only children, so each one is responsible for finding truth. Birth circumstances may indeed be helpful, but never all that is needed. DNA has a voice if one knows how to listen & God knows how to speak through it even if the listener does not know where the voice comes from. (There was also Jewish DNA mixed migration across the Pacific over the centuries so it is very foolish for any man to think they can discern between peoples. Another reason why God told us we should always love our neighbors.) Of course there are always those in every nation including those with Jewish DNA who only hear the voice of the devil because that is what satisfies them.

  2. I knew these disasters (natural or not) were related. Everyone says that each generation believed they would be the last, but at some point…well, a generation HAS to end.

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