A Look at the Spiritual Side of the 2020 Political Divide

I keep hearing people talking about the different sides (i.e. Left/Right) finding common ground.  Well, the following is an article written by someone on the Left who makes this very argument: the need for the Left to find a way to work with the Right after they takeover in January.  However, I’m not just going to post a link to the article; I’m going to post the article with my commentary then, at the end of the article, I will explain why it demonstrates that there can be no common ground between the sides today:

A Radical Proposal for Dealing with Trump Supporters After Biden Wins

You’re not gonna like this. But hear me out.

OK, let’s start by granting the author the benefit of the doubt: let’s assume he is sincere in his stated desire to find a way to reconcile with Trump supporters and united the two sides in a common vision for the nation.

Well, he doesn’t start out very sincere.  I’ll grant him that he might see the Trump Administration as a nightmare, but Trump supporters saw the Obama Administration the same way.  However, the language used assumes a Bidden/Harris Administration that will be forced on the nation against what the author sees as some sort of violent opposition.  Notice that there is no mention of winning the election fairly, or of being properly sworn in or lawfully seated.  Instead, the language implies violence (‘safely’) and an action outside of the election process (‘installed,’ not seated).  Dear reader, words can tell us a great deal and, in this case, the author’s choice of words are revealing what appears to be an adversarial attitude.  This would be in opposition to his stated goal of seeking reconciliation, but we will continue.

The author then accuses the Trump supporters of being racists.  This is a clear insult.  Worse, it assumes that the statement is factually true.  But there’s more.  The author seems to ignore the factual evidence of the last three years: evidence which demonstrates that his side — the American Left — is not only racist, and stewing in their 2016 loss, but that they have followed this pattern for decades.  To the Trump supporter, this will sound like projection; the author is assuming and accusing Trump supporters of the very thing he is and does.  What’s more, there is good reason for the Trump supporter to get this impression from the Left.

Excellent!  The past is the only guide we have by which to judge the future.

Oops, well, first of all, the U.S. provided the tipping point in WW I, but we are not the actual reason for Germany’s final collapse.  A good historian would tell you that both sides were at the point of having to negotiate a truce before the U.S. entered the war, but the collapse of Russia in the East had given Germany new life.  With the U.S. entry into the war, Germany’s defeat became a certainty, not because the U.S. ‘kicked tail,’ but simply because of numbers.  Once the U.S. joined sides with the Allies and threw in her industrial might and manpower reserves, Germany was doomed.  It is arrogant ignorance to use the language the author used here.

What this author neglected to discuss is why the Germans rose up again.  It was not because the U.S. left them to rot, but because the Allies (driven largely by Progressive Woodrow Wilson’s desire for revenge) forced a treaty on the Germans that was guaranteed to lead to WW II.  The treaty was especially egregious in that it laid all of the blame for WW I on Germany in spite of the factual blame that belonged to nearly all of the combatants — on both sides.  So, in short, the author is demonstrating an ignorance of history.

Or, if we look at this from the German perspective; the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to take full blame for something the Allies were equally guilty.  What’s more, Germany had to pay restitution on terms that it simply could not meet — under any circumstances.  Therefore, Germany was put in the position of either honoring the treaty and perishing as a nation, or revolting against the injustice that had been forced on it in defeat.  So, while the author is correct — the way Germany was treated after WW I did lead directly to WW II — it was the Allies immorality that caused it, not that of Germany.  Germany was just defending itself from an unjust treaty.

Here again, the author insults Trump supporters by implying they are equivalent to NAZI’s.  This demonstrates the author’s claim for reconciliation is insincere, which begs the question: “What does the author really seek?”

Also, this is yet another place where the author either ignores or — more likely — does not know history.  Hitler patterned his ‘reforms’ after the Woodrow Wilson Administration and the American Progressive movement.  This is not a matter of opinion, but of historical fact. We know because the NAZI’s said this was the case.  Just read the diaries of the NAZI Party’s highest leadership.  Start with that of Goebbels.  Even the Holocaust came from the American Progressives and their Eugenics movement.  Again, read what the NAZI’s said about how much they got from the American LEFT!  Yes, from the side of the author’s own political Party/ideology!

After WWII we didn’t make the same mistake. We worked with both Germany and Japan to help them rebuild. And ever since they’ve been our staunchest allies.

Actually, no, we didn’t ‘work with’ either nation — WE OCCUPIED THEM!  This means we dictated things to them.  They were not given a choice.  Once again, there is no reconciliation here.  Nothing was taught.  Japan and Germany had to figure out how to live under American rule so, to the extent that they adopted our ways, it was more a matter of survival than ‘progress.’  But then, to see this, a person has to have empathy — meaning, one must be able to see things from the other side.  TO this point, the author has not demonstrated empathy, only the pretense of it.

Develop red States?  How condescending can a person be?  And after I just mentioned the need to have empathy for others.  So, what should we make of the claim that red States are ‘undeveloped?’  Well, setting other things aside and trying to look past the emotionally slanted language, I think what we have are different ideas of what ‘developed’ actually means (I will now play this game the way the author has been playing it).

Apparently, to the author, ‘developed’ means a society where the uber rich feed off the poor, who are left homeless, addicted to drugs and totally dependent upon the self-appointed elite for their very survival.  It also means that there is no law but the will of the ruling class.  No law enforcement, no justice, no jails — just the whim of the rulers.  It means running deficits that are just pushed off onto generations yet unborn while taxing anyone who tries to fend for themselves into submission.  Oh, and it means people cannot keep their traditions, their religion or even gather together as a family unless they do it exactly as their ‘Progressive’ governor dictates.  It also means writing the laws in a way that favor this uber rich elite while punishing people who try to feed or care for the poor.  Oh, and it also means silencing any dissension of the elite or their policies. And all of this is good, so long as the uber elite are uber wealthy.  Apparently, this is ‘Progressive’ and what the poor red States need to become — at least, if we accept the author’s position, it is.

Meanwhile, ‘under-developed’ apparently means a State with a balanced budget, lower tax rates and regulations, more liberty for its people and an adherence to law and order.

And the author calls Trump supporters, ‘racists.’  Do you understand how racist this section is?  The Japanese are a culture that would have been wildly successful — with or without the U.S.  In fact, if the author knew and understood history, he would know that it was precisely because Japan was wildly successful that they started WW II in the East.  They needed the raw materials to expand and to grow their economy more than they already had.  It was Progressive President, FDR, who enacted trade policies that forced the Japanese into a position where they decided war was the best option for their nation (are you seeing a pattern here yet? Progressive Wilsonian policy –> Germany starts WW II; Progressive Roosevelt policy –> Japan starts WW II).  Now, am I excusing Japan?  NO!  But I am saying that success is not defined by this authors definition alone!  And to think that way makes a person a bully and a bigot — exactly what the author is accusing Trump supporters of being.  See why I previously said Trump supporters are justified to see projection in their Leftist opposition?  It’s because the Left does project onto the Right.

WOW!  OK, so, the Left has been conducting a coup since before Trump was inaugurated.  This is a fact!  Since before Jan 20, 2017, the American Left has launched one lawless attack after another against Trump and his supporters.  So, the question should be, “Does the Left deserve forgiveness?”  At least — here — I agree with the author’s answer to his own question.

However, would Trump supporters do the same for the Left?  THEY ALREADY HAVE!  THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR THREE YEARS NOW!  This is where the author misses the fact that HE — not Trump supporters — is on the political side that pushed Germany and Japan into WW II.  He is totally blind to his own guilt and hypocrisy.

The author truly needs to provide evidence — hard, real-world evidence — that the Left has forgiven and forgotten and allowed the Right to live as they voted the same way the Right did after Obama was elected.

OK, here again, the author is redefining or assuming a definition for ‘the good of the country’ that I seriously doubt Trump supporters share.  The author is also assuming he is better than Trump supporters, and that he has some sort of moral duty to save them in spite of themselves.  Well, by logical extension, this implies that — at some level — the author thinks of himself as a god. 

It is the Left that has been using, protecting and promising terror to push its agenda in 2020.  They call it,’peaceful protests,’ but it is terrorism, which uses fear to achieve a political agenda, and it is illegal in the United States.  But all that aside, this section of the author’s essay demonstrates very clearly that the author lives in a world 180 degrees out of phase with that in which the average Trump supporter lives.

If this author thinks the American Left even knows what love is — let alone shows it to others — then he has a definition of love that does not match the one in the dictionary or the Bible.

If the Right calls the author a ‘libertard’ after he calls them ‘racist NAZI’s,’ then yes, both sides are wrong.  But how does that lead to the reconciliation the author claims to seek?  Where is the love of which he just spoke?  Folks, the author is not seeking peace with Trump supporters; he is virtue signalling — period!

How does one spend an entire essay misrepresenting history and insulting Trump supporters, then assume to be accepted as sincere when they call for reconciliation?  Like I have been saying, the author lives in a world 180 degrees out-of-step with the world in which the average Trump supporter lives.

Oh, so the country was never great?  So why does he claim to love it?  Why does he claim to do anything in its name?  And how does someone who does not love his country propose to find common ground with those who do?  I mean, by logical extension, the author wants to totally change the very country Trump supporters seek to save.  So, how does this author find ‘common ground’ here?  I hazard to guess it has some connection to yet another definition of ‘common ground’ with which Trump supporters will not and cannot agree.

OK, I left a lot out of that.  I could have said much, much more, but I hope the point was made: there is no common ground between the American Left and the American Right — not anymore.  Why?  Because the American Right are still nominally Americans!  But the Left are full-fledged Marxists.  The American Right still seeks freedom, the Left seeks to impose dictatorial force.   The source of this difference is found in the fact that the Right still claims allegiance to YHWH, while the Left claims rebellion against YHWH.  And, before any of you Marxists out there try to argue with me, Marx said he believed in YHWH, but he sided with Satan:

“I wish to avenge myself against the One Who rules above (YHWH)… The idea of God is the key-note of a perverted civilization[and] must be destroyed.”

“My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism [the free market — free will].”

–Karl Marx

So, like the author of this article (and most all on the Left), Marx thought of himself as a god: capable of defeating YHWH and re-creating order from the resulting chaos.

DO THIS: Do a search (do not use Google).  Search for, ‘Is Marxism Satanic.’  Look for the stories that will show you the connections between Marxism and BLM and ANTIFA.

Together, all of this leads to one, inevitable conclusion:



I urge you to watch this 15 minute video.  Though it may not seem so at first, it is directly related to the subject at hand: the possibility of the American Left and Right being able to find common ground and vision for America.

[NOTE: the man narrating this video claims to be a Mormon.  By definition, this means he worships a man, and, while there is a great deal we could discuss about the difference between the Mormon beliefs and what Scripture teaches, I do not care to get into that here.  The point is simple: I used the video because, according the the Scriptures, the information in it is spiritually true and supports the point of my post.  Be discerning, my brothers and sisters.  YWH can use everyone to work His will — even Satan 😉  ]