The 2020 Election Results — So Far

Dear Friends,

As you watch the counting of the election results, please understand that you are watching a play.  What you are being told by ‘the media’ is not the truth.  It is what they want you to see, but it is not what is really happening.  They are lying to you.  How do I know?  Well, I’ll explain.

I hold a degree is Sociology.  As part of earning that degree, I had to learn the proper, ‘scientific’ method for conducting public polling.  I have even helped design, conduct and evaluate public polls.  Why do I share this with you?  Just so you will know that I actually do understand polling, and I understand it at a level a bit deeper than the average person.  So, when I heard Steve Deace on the Glenn Beck radio show today, I immediately knew that he was telling us the truth.  Steve claimed that we are currently watching the continuation of an open coup against President Trump, and that the Republican Party is an equal participant in this coup.  In other words, the election is being stolen.

Mr. Deace gave some raw numbers connected to many of the ‘blue’ States that have yet to declare their election results.  What Mr. Deace shared were specific categorical and the resulting numbers associated with them.  Raw numbers generally do not edify well, especially when the audience is not well versed in what they mean.  So, it is not surprising that many will hear Mr. Deace and dismiss his warning as sour grapes.  However, I do understand what those numbers mean, and I did not need Mr. Deace to tell me they mean the election is being stolen: the second I heard the raw data reported, I knew it was being stolen.  What’s more, I realized that these numbers are hard evidence of criminal activity; meaning the numbers are proof — if only they were allowed to come into the light of day.

The problem now is that there is no one who will do anything about this.  We are watching our nation being stolen out from under us, and it is being done in the open.  What’s more, half the country (if not more) don’t have the slightest clue that this is what is actually happening.  They believe the play that is being presented for their consumption.  It’s depressing but, lest the Lord fight for us through President Trump and the few lawful people who may support him, the United States will die and be replaced by something that — to a believer — can only be defined or described as, ‘The Beast.’  Yes, that Beast; the Beast of Revelations.

OK, so, why do I tell you all this if there is no hope?  Well, I didn’t tell you there is no hope.  While I do not see much hope for the material world, I see what is happening as a great blessing!  Think of it this way: how much more could the Lord possibly show us to affirm His Word and our Faith without actually showing Himself to us?  We are watching prophecy play out right before our very eyes, and it is playing out exactly how the Scriptures actually tell us it will.  How much more hope could a believer want?  But, here again, prophecy is another of those subjects which people do not see or understand clearly.

Now, I will not tell you I have some new or better understanding of prophecy.  However, I do have an understanding that can actually be supported by Scripture, and I think it will be very different from what most believers have been taught.  With the recent election results, it just feels like time to share my understanding with whoever wishes to listen.  Therefore, for the next few weeks, I will be writing mostly about the prophetic word.  But I told you, I have a different understanding.  So, please, don’t join the study if you are expecting to hear my crystal ball predictions.  Predicting the exact events of tomorrow is of no concern to me.  Rather, I will be looking to focus on the general tendencies or trends in human history that reflect the prophetic story line in Scripture.  I will also be stressing the Spiritual focus of prophecy and the lessons we should learn from it.  I sincerely believe this will be a timely study, and I know it will be new for the vast majority of those who follow along.  Feel free to share this with your friends.  I just hope that you will be joining us.

Until the study starts, may YHWH bless and keep you.  Stay safe and seek your hope and refuge in the Word of the Lord.