Time For An Honest Look At The 2020 Election Results

If you watch the news, you may have noticed that the American Left is claiming that they not only won the election, but they now have a mandate to implement their agenda.  On the other hand, the Right is claiming that there is evidence of voter fraud and they are going to fight the election in court and — even if they lose — the election was not an endorsement for the Left-Wing agenda because the Right held the Senate and picked up seats in the House of Representatives.  So, both sides are trying to convince us they won.  Well, I don’t know who won, but I for-sure know who just lost, and why.

First things, first: this is my faith-based blog page, so I write from the perspective of a faithful disciple of Yeshua, Messiah.  Now, in the case of this post, I am also allowing my understanding to be guided by my training in philosophy, sociology and history.  I would ask that you please keep this in mind as you read this post, as it provides the contextual framework behind the thoughts to follow.

Now, with that out of the way, let me ask you whether or not you have started to notice that the political talking heads on the American Right have started to do what can only be described as ‘damage control?’  By this, I mean, if you are listening closely, they have started to prepare their side of the political divide for an eventual Biden victory by down-playing the claims of voter fraud.  After more than a year of telling his audience the Left was going to cheat and even explaining how they would do it, even Glenn Beck has started to tell his faithful that there is not enough credible evidence of fraud to reverse the results of the election.  I focus on Beck because, of all the Right-Wing commentators, he has been the most consistent in warning about voter fraud.  But now, he, along with the rest, has started to tell his audience that things are not going to be that bad.  Instead of focusing on what the Left is saying, the Right is trying to convince its members that they actually won.  The argument is that the Republicans are going to hold the Senate and that they picked up seats in the House of Representatives.  Supposedly, this proves that the American People have repudiated but Trump and the Democrats’ agenda.  So, if they are to be believed, the GOP won big, but the People were just tired of the ‘Orange Man.’

Let me start by stating that there is clear evidence of wide-spread, systematic voter fraud.  We are watching the third coup attempt play out through this election.  Unfortunately, this time, I fear it will succeed.  The reason for this is that the prof of fraud is complicated.  it is found in the voting numbers in key precincts, and the probability theory behind them.  To those who understand these numbers, there is clear, unmistakable, irrefutable proof that the election is being stolen.  But the numbers are too difficult for the average person to follow and understand, so they won’t be understood.  This means there will be no public outcry, which, in turn, means there will not be any serious attempt to investigate the vote fraud.  I am not going to bother trying to explain this aspect of the election here.  However, if you are interested in the proof, please read my post, “A MUST-WATCH 2020 VOTER FRAUD VIDEO,” on my other blog, The Road To Concord.  What I wish to focus on right now are the changes that have taken place in our society, and what they mean for our future.

If we still lived in ‘normal’ times, I might actually agree with the Republican talking heads.  But we no longer live in ‘normal’ times.  Worse yet, the talking heads don’t realize that we have passed a sea-change in our society.  First, the People are no longer good because they are no longer moral; and they are no longer moral because they are no longer faithful.  Oh, the People still have the semblance of being religious, but they are not faithful.  By this, I mean that, though they may go to church, the People no longer obey the Lord’s Commandments.  This makes it impossible for th People, as a whole, to be righteous and lawful.  Which brings this warning to mind:

“We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”

–John Adams

Adams warned us but, like the Israelites of old — when the Lord told them that He had set life and death before them and told them to chose wisely — we have chosen poorly.  We have chosen to follow our own understandings rather than the Lord’s.  To put this another way, the Right is not united in its understanding or commitment to our founding principles because everyone has his own ‘opinion’ of what the Founders said and meant.  Rather than do the work to research, understand and embrace the Founders’ formula, the people who claim to be ‘Conservatives’ have chosen to insert their own, personal ideas of how to restore the nation.  This shouldn’t surprise us because many of those same people have done the same thing with the Word of the Lord.  This is how we got churches claiming the name of Christ, yet supporting abortion; homosexuality and sex outside of marriage; theft in the form of ‘welfare;’ and political candidates who are corrupt, Godless and who live by the sword.  So, you see, ultimately, America’s main problem is that the People have become corrupt and lawless,  Collectively, this nation’s people have ascended in their own hearts and said in their hearts that they are their own god — just as they did in the days of Noah.

Still, the moral corruption of the American People happened long ago, so it is the foundation of the change I have sensed, but it is not the change, itself.  No, the reason we are no longer playing by the old rules is because the American left has changed.  The Democrats — and this includes the ‘main stream’ media, our education system, entertainment media, the Deep State, BLM, ANTIFA and Occupy — have all changed.  They have always been Marxists who slow-play their revolution by hiding behind masks and pretending to be Americans.  But no longer.  They have dropped their masks and are openly boasting about being revolutionary Marxists.  They are telling us they plan to rule by decree.  They are telling us they are going to change the very fabric of the nation, and that they plan to do it illegally.  Then they are going to silence anyone and everyone who opposes them, they will disarm the People and institute a ‘Social Credit System’ that will control every last aspect of your life by making it impossible for you to earn, send or buy without the government’s approval.  What’s more, they are going to make sure we can never reverse their changes.  They are going to pack the Courts (not just SCOTUS), add as many as five more Democrat States to secure the Senate, and eradicate the Electoral College.  If you look to what they plan to do, it would require a Constitutional Convention followed by State ratification to make all these changes legally, but they are not even going to try to do that.  Instead, they are going to rule through the Deep State and by Presidential order/decree.  The sad part of all this is that it has all been explained openly. All the Left is doing is following the blue print Woodrow Wilson designed more than one hundred years ago.

But there’s more, and the ‘more’ gets worse.  The Left has said that Trump supporters need to be rounded up and ‘cured.’  They see us as diseased and in need of being cured.  To them, the people who support Trump have a mental disorder.  Al Gore has even gone so far as to suggest that they will be able to develop an in vitro genetic test to identify and abort babies who indicate a ‘Conservative’ tendency.  Gore also tied the ‘Conservative’ disorder to a belief in religion.  Now, I realize that all of this last stuff — concentration camps, re-education and aborting ‘Conservative-religious’ babies — it all sounds too far-fetched to believe.  The problem I have is that I have heard the leaders of the Left-Wing saying these things!  I know enough about history and human nature to believe people when they make threats like this — especially when I know that their spiritual father is Satan.  And, yes, I am saying the American Left is evil.

This is why I firmly believe that the coming years are not going to go the way the Right-Wing talking heads believe: because the Right is not dealing with the same type of people.  We are no longer dealing with people who work slowly, from the shadows.  We are dealing with boastful Marxists who have stepped out into the light and are openly working for revolution.  So, if the Right believes the Senate will stop or even slow what is about to happen, they are assuming three things without any justification at all.  First, they are assuming the Georgia Senate races won’t be stolen, as was the Presidency.  Second, they are assuming the co-conspirators in the GOP are going to actually oppose the Democrat agenda.  Finally, they are assuming the nation will reject the Democrats when they start ruling by decree.  After all, if we cannot even see what is happening and resist it, how are we going to find the courage to fight our own, Democrat-controlled military after we’ve bee disarmed?

I know that I am not offering hope or comfort, but I can’t.  I am to consumed by trying to get people to wake up to the realities we are facing.  Until we open our eyes and recognize that we are not fighting flesh and blood but, rather, real spiritual forces….  Well, if you do not recognize your enemy, then you have already lost the battle.