Beth Moore’s Tweet Was The Last Straw

I ran across the following Tweet by Beth Moore.  It was the last straw for me.  I cannot take this anymore and I just have to get this off my chest.

First, here is the tweet by Beth Moore — so you’ll know exactly what she said.

First, let me say that I agree with her on one point: these are not the days to mince words.  Therefore, let me say this as clearly as I can:

Who is this woman to presume to speak so righteously while violating the spirit of the 9th Commandment?

By her words, she presumes to know the hearts of everyone who supports President Trump.  By assuming that believers are worshiping Trump and not YHWH, she not only judges their hearts, but, in every case where she is wrong, she violates the 9th Commandment.  How does this serve the believers?  In fact, since God’s Word says that sin is sin, and, therefore, all sin is equal in the eyes of the Lord, how can she presume to be any better than the people she accuses of worshiping Trump while she sins in the process of pointing her finger?  She is such a respected member of the Christian community, and yet, she demonstrates that she neither knows nor obeys God’s Word.  Is it any wonder why the Body is in such a state of decay?

Folks, let’s address a few things here.  We’ll start with this notion of Nationalism.  First, I have a dictionary from last Century, before political correctness started to redefine words in real time.  This dictionary says that nationalism is nothing more than ‘a concern for or attachment to a particular nation of culture.’  I do not see how this is a bad thing, so long as it is kept in perspective.  But more than that, Who made the nations?  And set their times and boundaries?  YHWH!  And Who claims the Nations of Jacob (both the House of Judah and the Nations of the House of Israel)?  YHWH!  What’s more, until the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph are recombined, we had best be concerned with individual nations — specifically, with Whom those nations align: YHWH and His Son, or one of the other, lesser God’s appointed over them by YHWH!  Do you see where I am going with this yet?  Nationalism, kept in its proper place, is not only a good thing, it is a thing created by the Lord, Himself.

Now, let’s look at this notion that believers have labeled Trump a modern day Cyrus.  Beth Moore accuses us of worshiping Trump, but then admits that we have labeled him a Cyrus.  How can she not see that this very label is an acknowledgment that Trump may not be a believer, but that he has been put in a position to do YHWH’s bidding?  And, if we know this, that we are admitting that YHWH — not Trump — is God and is in charge?  Is she that ignorant of the Scriptures?  Does she not see that, by labeling Trump a Cyrus, believers are acknowledging that they see Trump as nothing but a tool in the hands of the Living God?  SO why does she condemn them unless she is the one who is spiritually blind here?

Now, let’s go back to the question of nationalism.  Biden and the American Left represent lawlessness and chaos.  These are things of Satan, not YHWH.  The Left kicked God out of their platform three times, and three times they cheered when they did it.  This makes the Left a declared enemy of the Living God.  The left champions the murder of the unborn.  God says He hates those who spill innocent blood.  the Left justifies the taking of one person’s property to give it to another.  This is theft, not charity.  God condemns thieves.  The Left lives by force, by threat and by terror.  This is the sword.  God condemns those who live by the sword.  The Left lives by deception and deceit.  This is lying.  God condemns liars.  The Left is lawless, and God hates lawlessness.  in fact, lawlessness is the very definition of evil.   This means that the spirit behind the American Left is evil.  This makes the American Left an enemy of God.  So, if Trump will fight for the cause of the law and the Constitution, both of which are part of a covenant with YHWH established by none other than George Washington, then those who support the President are just aligning themselves with the sole legal authority left in their fight to cling to God and His Word.  In short, we are fighting to hold on the Yeshua and YHWH’s Kingdom, not America.  And, if Beth Moore would bother to read our words, she will find that we have been saying just this!

No, Beth, the people supporting Trump are not worshiping him, or this country.  We are fighting for the law and for the freedom granted by God.  If Trump is the legal authority around whom we must rally to do that, then who would you expect us to support?  Trump, or the lawless thieves trying to steal this nation from its rightful owners?  Forgive me, but I think you, Beth, are the one who needs to do the soul searching.  Unless, of coarse, you are going to tell me that the Israelites were wrong every time they fought for their country, as well???

OK, enough of Beth Moore.  Now for what is at the heart of my ire.  Believers, if you cannot see which side is in the right here; if you cannot see which side is evil and which is trying to be righteous, then I suggest you have a much larger problem than politics.  I am not going to re-hash all the wrong that has been done to President Trump these past four years.  Nor will I point out the lawlessness that is being forced upon us right now by the same people who wronged him.  I am just going to say that, if you cannot tell the difference, then you do not have spiritual eyes; and if you do not have spiritual eyes, that should scare the hell out of you.

Remember: Matthew 7:20-23 is about believers who thought they were saved, but aren’t going to be.  How could they have been so blind?  Well, how can so many believers be so blind today?  Because we do not read the Lord’s Word — and then put it into practice in our daily lives!  You see, to obey, you have to first surrender, and acknowledge Him as Mast, not yourself.  Well, that is pretty difficult for people who want to be their own masters, and I suggest that this is at the root of the problem with the Body today: we think we are God.  Sure, we say we believe, but where is our fruit?  Where is our understanding of what the Word actually teaches?  Where is our witness showing that we know and obey?  Where?  Is it in condemning people who try to follow the laws that do not contradict God’s Commandments?  Or is it with those who defend lawlessness, both according to man’s law, and God’s?  How are we to know which is which?  By reading the Word!  By burying it in our hearts!  By putting it into practice every day!  If God’s people would just do this, the rest would sort itself out and no force in heaven or on earth would prevail against us.  But we’re all too busy to do what has been asked of us.  It’s easier to just try to force God to be on our side, however we define that.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but… (and in full context — for a change — a context that speaks right to the heart of the argument I am trying to make in this post):


3 thoughts on “Beth Moore’s Tweet Was The Last Straw

  1. The scariest part to me is when she says fellow leaders must be “passive”. Isn’t being “passive” what got us into this mess to begin with???

    1. Yes, it is. Was Christ ‘passive’ in His teachings, or His example? NO! When He confronted the Pharisees, He directly and publicly confronted the authorities of His time. It would be like calling Biden a son of Satan.

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