Lest I Be Accused Of Hypocrisy

As a follow up to my last post, Beth Moore’s Tweet Was The Last Straw, I would like to offer this post — in anticipation of the most obvious objection: that I am guilty of hypocrisy in attacking Beth Moore.

The charge would be simple: how can I chastise Beth Moore for her position on President Trump and his supporters while, at the same time, I accuse Biden and his supporters of embracing evil?

To answer this question, I propose to ‘test their fruits.’  So, to start, let’s do a side-by-side in addressing the most common attacks against President Trump.

President Trump is accused of being a womanizer: To this, I must confess he has done this.  He has even bragged about it.  But, to the best of my knowledge, this is in his past.  He has not continued these practices since he announced for office.

Biden has been accused of sexual assault: Biden is also guilty of this accusation.  However, whereas we have no proof that President Trump has continued acting poorly toward women since taking office, we do have evidence that Biden has continued to assault women up until the present time.  You will please note that, every time he grabs a woman so he can smell her hair or bite her fingers, he is committing an assault of a sexual nature.  What’s more, Biden has recently been accused of assault by several woman where, unlike President trump’s accusers, the allegations have never been withdrawn.

President Trump is accused of adultery: Again, in the past, I have to say that President Trump has admitted he is guilty.  But again, we have no evidence that he continues in this behavior.

Biden has been accused of sexual assault: Biden is also guilty, as he is currently married to a woman he began an affair with while she was still married to another man.  Biblically, it can be argued that Biden is still living in a state of adultery.

President Trump is accused of being a racist: This is an accusation that had never once been made against President Trump.  Prier to his announcing for office, the black community had praised Trump as being a good friend to them.  They had given him many awards for his help to the black community.  Oprah Winfrey had even said he would make a great President.  The charges of racism only started when Trump announced and the Left needed something with which to attack him and to use to turn the black voters against supporting Trump.

Biden is accused of being a racist: Unfortunately, Biden has a long and well-documented history of making racial slurs and slights.  He made one against Obama when Obama announced for the Presidency.  Biden also praised a grand wizard of the KKK.  To the best of my knowledge — and I pay attention — Biden has never truly apologized for nor renounced this behavior.

President Trump is accused of being a liar: I know that the President has made many statements that people have said were lies, but, upon close examination, those accusations turned out to be matters of opinion — and usually strongly biased opinion, at that.  To my knowledge, the President has never lied to the American people about any matter not involving national security.

Biden is accused of being a liar: Once again, it is unfortunate, but Biden has a long — and again — well documented history of lying.  He has plagiarized as well as directly lied to the American people, especially about his corruption.

President Trump is accused of Russian collusion: It has since been proven that President Trump is innocent of these charges.

Biden is accused of Russian collusion: The same investigation that exonerated President Trump proved that Biden was involved in the creation of the false document that was used to accuse President Trump of collusion.  This involved colluding with both Russia as well as the UK and our own CIA.

President Trump is accused of a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine: Again, the President has been totally exonerated of this charge.

Biden is accused of a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine: We not only know now that Biden is guilty of a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine, we have him bragging about it on video.

President Trump is accused of a being lawless: The thing that won me over to President Trump is that he has not violated our laws.  In fact, he has defended and operated within the Constitution more than any President in my life — and that includes Ronald Reagan!

Biden is accused of a being lawless: Now, this is admittedly a bit trickier, as Biden has been accused of violating many laws, but no one inside the Deep State has ever bothered to do a real investigation — let alone prosecute him for them.  But we do know he framed Gen. Flynn, and tried to frame President Trump in the Russiagate scandal.  Biden also broke laws with Ukraine.  And he has been implicated in corruption on Hunter’s laptop.  This alone is enough to conclude that Biden is not law-abiding.

President Trump is accused of not being a Christian: I do not know the man’s heart.  Yes, he boasted that he had nothing to be forgiven for, but he does point to and call on the name of God quite often.  He also seems to have surrounded himself with strong believers.  So, while I am commanded not to judge the heart, I do have reason to believe Trump at least fears the Lord.

Biden is accused of not being a Christian: And he is not!  I know, how can I not judge Trump and now judge Biden?  Because Biden told us he is not a Christian.  He prayed to Allah on national TV.  No Christian would pray to a false god.  That is called proof, folks.

This covers the majority of the accusations most often made to ‘prove’ Trump should not get the support of Christians.  When I total the score, I find that Trump either no longer practices the accused sins, or is actually totally innocent of them.  Biden, however, is still guilty on all counts.

Now, let’s look at the two ‘sides’ in this discussion: the Left vs. the Right.

The Right embraces God: And, for the most part, it shows an allegiance to Him and His laws.

The Left rejects God: Unfortunately, they kicked Him out of their Party — three times — and cheered all three times when they did it.  They also welcome Atheists and Satanists in their Party.

The Right defends Life: The Pro-Life movement is primarily a Right-wing cause.  God does likewise, and commands us not to murder.

The Left defends murder: Not only does the Left champion abortion and ‘assisted suicide,’ it redefines life to justify its actions.  This is a clear violation of God’s commandments.

The Right defends the individual: The Right argues for and defends the individual.  The Lord commands the same thing.

The Left champions the collective: The Left champions the collective, sorted by race and socioeconomic status, or by sexuality.  All of these are contrary to God’s Laws.

The Right defends the nuclear family: The right does defend the traditional family.  This is in keeping with God’s Laws.

The Left is opposed tot he family: The Left has openly attacked the family and declared that it must be destroyed.  This is in violation to God’s Laws.

The Right defends private property:  The Right not only recognizes private property, as does God’s Law, but it also defends it against theft.

The Left opposes private property: Again, the Left denies the right to private property, declaring it an evil.  This is in direct opposition to God’s Laws.  The Left also justifies theft from those it deems ‘rich’ so that it can give it to others.  Again, this is a violation of God’s Laws.

The Right opposes sexual immorality: While the Right struggles with out-of-wedlock sex, it still opposes homosexuality, bisexuality and adultery — all of which is in keeping with God’s Law.

The Left champions sexual immorality: This can hardly be denied.  The Left champions all sexual immorality.  It is part of their Party platform, and it violates God’s Laws.

The Right defends the rule of law: This is one of the primary characteristics of the Right: that it defends both God’s Law, as well as civil law — just as God commands.

The Left is lawless: The Left pays no heed when it sees the law as an obstacle to its will, and perverts its use when it is handy to use the law as a weapon against its enemies.  In short, one of the primary characteristics of the Left is that it is lawless.  The Bible defines this as evil, itself!

In case someone failed to notice, everything I just listed under the Left vs. Right heading screams good vs evil.  The Right — though far from perfect — still acknowledges and fears God and tries to defend the law and moral principles.  Whereas the Left denies or perverts the same things.  The Right is lawful — even if imperfectly so — but the Left is totally lawless.  And, as I said in the list, the Scriptures define lawlessness as evil.

Now, aligning ourselves with an ideology — Left or Right — is an act of free will.  When one of those choices is clearly lawless, and we chose to align with it anyway, we have chosen to be lawless, ourselves.  And, since lawlessness is defined as evil, and we chose lawlessness, we have chosen to be evil.  This is a simple, straight-forward and tight deductive argument.  In short: that shoe fits; therefore, the Left must wear it.


And there you have it: the fruit that we can know says I am not being a hypocrite; I’m merely practicing Scriptural discernment.

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