Bill Gates and the COVID ‘Vaccine’

Brothers and Sisters,

It is time to cling to the Messiah, the Father and the Scriptures like never before.  Read the Word every day!  We need to bury it deep in our hearts so that, when we need it, the Lord can bring it to mind to defend us, or to help lead others to safety.  Here is one example of what I mean:

Watch Bill Gates Admitting mRNA ‘Experimental’ Vaccine Will CHANGE Recipient’s DNA FOREVER

Recently, I wrote about my understanding of the Man of Lawlessness and a return to the Days of Noah.  I know that many disagree with my understanding of these Scriptures, and I’m OK with that.  I could be wrong.  But this article about Gates and the supposed COVID vaccine is an example of why I believe I am correct.  A vaccine that stimulates the natural immune system is one thing, but, when Man starts to alter the DNA of all humanity…  Well, how much more god-like of a statement could this action possibly be?  And how much more could it smack of the activity of the Watchers in Gen 6: 1-4?

Keep in mind that Bill Gates believes the world must be de-populated.  This is another rebellion to YHWH’s command to multiply and to fill the earth.  Gates also supports the move toward a central, global government.  This is in defiance to YHWH’s Work at the Tower of Babel.

Brothers and sisters, be discerning.  Know the Word, then watch for examples of lawlessness in this world.  The time has come to separate yourself from anything that even hints at being part of the Spiritual rebellion.  Satan has been loosed from the pit, and he is in his short season to deceive the nations.  Put on the full armor of YHWH so that you will not be deceived along with them.

YHWH bless.

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  1. Welp, that’s terrifying. Not entirely surprising though.

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