The ‘Correct’ Wat To Approach Prophecy

I’m not sure there is a ‘correct’ way to approach YHWH’s Prophetic Word, but I’m pretty sure there is a responsible way to do it.  Too many people try to seize hold of prophecy; to make it something of their own design, under their control.  I know of at least one such man, and what he has done with prophecy is nothing short of blasphemy.  Others seek to use prophecy as some sort of crystal ball by which they can tell the future.  There are even people who have built their own apostate religions around small sections of prophecy.  All of these have at least two things in common. They seek to use YHWH’s Prophetic Word for their own prestige or material gain, and they all deceive or lead people away from YHWH.  So, while I cannot say that I know the ‘correct’ way to approach prophecy, I am pretty sure I can tell when it is being done irresponsibly. Continue reading “The ‘Correct’ Wat To Approach Prophecy”

So, Why Prophecy?

Recently, a brother told me that he stays away from prophecy.  He’s not alone; a lot of people who teach Scripture like to stay away from prophecy.  In general, they all seem to believe it is hazardous to teach prophecy.  Too many people have fallen away from the faith because things did not turn out the way they had been told prophecy said they would turn out.  Thomas Pain, the American founder, is among this number.  However, I strongly disagree with these teachers.  While I recognize the dangers posed if prophecy is handled carelessly, I also realize that, if we remove prophecy from our Scriptural curriculum, we not only lose a full third of YHWH’s Word, we also lose Yeshuah, the Messiah! Continue reading “So, Why Prophecy?”

Kicking Against the Goads

Dear Reader,

The time has come for me to stop kicking against the goads.  For a long time now, I have known that I am suppose to be sharing my understanding of both Scripture and prophecy, but I have fought against the prompting.  I suppose I have been too afraid of how others might see me if I were to do as I know I’ve been commanded.  You see, I know there are many others out there claiming to have some special revelation or insight into prophecy, and I know how far the majority of them are from what YHWH’s Word actually says.  I also know that, if you try to question them, you will most likely be attacked for not accepting their interpretations.  I do not wish to be counted among that crowd. Continue reading “Kicking Against the Goads”

What Do We Do? #1


I have been asked — many times — “What do we do?”  Well, after a great deal of thought, I am launching a small campaign to answer that question.  This is the first of what I hope will be a series of posts that will explain what we can do to resist the growing lawlessness in our society.  I hope it will be well received. Continue reading “What Do We Do? #1”