An Honest Discussion About Fascism


I have seen many people struggle to define Fascism.  I don’t understand why this is so difficult, myself, but I know it is confusing for many.  SO, if you have a few minutes, I would like to explain it to you in the simplest terms I can.  What’s more, I am going to do it using the words of the man who coined the term, ‘Fascism.’  That means, we are going to go straight to the horses mouth. Continue reading “An Honest Discussion About Fascism”

Seriously, Just Download and Read Through This

The following is a file I made for myself.  Essentially, it was a massive set of notes for a three hour talk radio show I did.  The title of that show was, “Tinfoil Hat Friday.”  For three hours, I shared ‘conspiracy theories’ with the audience.  After each ‘theory,’ I gave them the name of who had actually said it (or the reference to where they could find the source article).  By the end of the show, I had everyone scared — mostly because I forced them to realize that, while there is a massive conspiracy out there, it is not a theory.  It is real.  Anyway, I was going to write two more posts to explain how these people plan to destroy our world, build the new world they want and to force us into accepting our fate.  However, I’m tired of trying to explain it to people.  Instead, I thought I’d try something different.  Download the following link and read through it for yourself.  Trust me, it will make more sense than you want it to make.

By the way: that radio program is live cast of Face Book.  For some strange reason, the FB feed didn’t work for that show.  It worked before and after, but not for that show.  🙂

Tinfoil Hat Friday

The American Left Really Does Want To Destroy America As It Was Founded

My Friend,

The time has come to understand something and understand it clearly: the American Left hates this country as it was founded!  In short, the American Left hates individualism.  It hates all things based on the individual.  It hates individual rights and liberties.  It hates individually owned property.  And it especially hates any system of justice based on the notion of the individual and the individual’s rights.  The Left has sought to destroy this system and replace it with a collectivist social structure for more than one hundred years.  What’s more, they have been exceedingly vocal in making their goals known.  If you have a moment, I’ll share just a few such examples with you. Continue reading “The American Left Really Does Want To Destroy America As It Was Founded”

Believers, Do You Know WHY We Will Be ‘Snatched Up?’


Along with the common belief about The Tribulation, I have been seeing a great deal of commentary about what is known as The ‘Rapture.’  This is another area where I break from the common understanding of what the Scriptures teach us.  My difference of opinion is often a source of trouble for many believers.  This is because I believe something that is often very different from what they have been taught.  This can be unsettling, especially for those who are not strong in the Word.  But this is why I seek to share what I have learned: not to tear down, but to build up the faith of those who may need strengthening.  For, if we do not know the truth, when the hour of testing comes and things do not go the way we had expected, it may cause many to fall away from their faith. So that this will not happen to you, I would like to share what I have learned about The ‘Rapture’ with you — in the hope that it will strengthen your faith and not weaken it at a time when you will need to be your most resolute. Continue reading “Believers, Do You Know WHY We Will Be ‘Snatched Up?’”