Believers: If Your Pastor Is Not Telling You To Vote, FIND ANOTHER CHURCH!


One of, if not the biggest reason our society is in the trouble it’s in is because believers have shirked their responsibilities to society.  What do I mean by that?  Well, among other things, believers have given charity over to the government.  This includes feeding the poor and caring for the sick, but also the care of our parents.  These are all clear violations of Yeshua’s commands, but there is another, equally important responsibility that has been given to the people of this country: the vote.  This is one place where the Church can and should be soundly condemned.  Give me your ear and I’ll explain why I say this, and why I am absolutely convinced I am correct! Continue reading “Believers: If Your Pastor Is Not Telling You To Vote, FIND ANOTHER CHURCH!”

A Biblical Warning That Explain Our Times

This post is more of a question on my part than an explanation of anything specific to which I can point in the Scriptures.  Still, I cannot shake the feeling that there is something to it.  It is meant mostly for believing men, but other believers will find value in it as well.  In fact, even those who do not believe may find it of interest, as I am not the typical believer, and neither is my understanding of the Scriptures. Continue reading “A Biblical Warning That Explain Our Times”


This man told us what would happen back in 1983, and, if you take an honest look at America today, you will see that we are in the last stage of the destruction of America.  What’s more, ANTIFA, BLM, OCCUPY — ALL of these ‘Social Justice’ organizations are part of the attack on our nation.  Please, take the time to watch these videos and understand that he is talking about almost every person in the government (both Parties), the media, our schools, Hollywood, music — every social institution in which you trust and believe.  WATCH! Continue reading “PLEASE WAKE UP!”

Because, “I Want To Change The World!”

When I was in college, studying for a degree in Sociology, I encountered a class that gave me some information that should have bothered ‘the powers that be.’  I immediately recognized that it was a problem, but I didn’t realize that it was planned.  Now I do, and we are all paying the penalty for it.  What was that information for which we are now paying?  Keep reading. Continue reading “Because, “I Want To Change The World!””

These ‘Riots’ Have Been Carefully Planned

Make no mistake about this: these riots were carefully planned.  I tell my readers all the time that, if you know where to look, you can find where the Left explains its plans.  It often brags openly about them (evil can’t help but boast).  Well, in this post, I will show you where you can find the blue prints for these riots, and the connections that tie together all the people behind them.  Continue reading “These ‘Riots’ Have Been Carefully Planned”