The ‘Real Life’ “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame”

I love the movies.  I know most of them are riddled with Progressive propaganda, but I still enjoy them.  One of my favorite series has been the Avengers movies.  Recently, they wrapped up a lengthy series of connected movies in a two-part finale.  This finale consisted of ‘The Infinity Wars” and “End Game.”  Now, for the reason I liked these two movies so much — and a peek inside my personal world of ‘conspiracy theories.’ Continue reading “The ‘Real Life’ “Infinity Wars” and “Endgame””

Why Would ‘They’ Free Criminals While Jailing COVID-19 Lock-Down Violators?

Have you been wondering why ‘They’ would release criminals from jail while, at the same time, ‘They’ are sending people to jail for violating ‘Their’ COVID-10 lock-down orders?  Well, there is an answer, and it is not a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Continue reading “Why Would ‘They’ Free Criminals While Jailing COVID-19 Lock-Down Violators?”

How ‘They’ Work

I want people to understand that the whole accusation of ‘conspiracy’ theories is a weapon used to keep people from seeing what is actually happening.  It is used in a similar way as political correctness is used to silence political dissent or questioning of authority.  So, let me explain what is happening and how it works. Continue reading “How ‘They’ Work”

Fear and ‘Crisis:’ We’ve Been Repeatedly Warned!

In my last post, I explained a bit of the history behind the idea of using a ‘crisis’ to manipulate free people into willingly giving up their rights and liberties for the perception of safety.  In this post, I am going to detail just a small bit of the evidence that shows that credible people have been trying to warn us about the existence of people who use fear to control for decades. Continue reading “Fear and ‘Crisis:’ We’ve Been Repeatedly Warned!”