This man told us what would happen back in 1983, and, if you take an honest look at America today, you will see that we are in the last stage of the destruction of America.  What’s more, ANTIFA, BLM, OCCUPY — ALL of these ‘Social Justice’ organizations are part of the attack on our nation.  Please, take the time to watch these videos and understand that he is talking about almost every person in the government (both Parties), the media, our schools, Hollywood, music — every social institution in which you trust and believe.  WATCH! Continue reading “PLEASE WAKE UP!”

COVID-19: ‘On The Front Lines’ ???

Have you heard any of these commercials or public service announcements that talk about the COVID-19 virus like it were some sort of war, and the people trying to care for us and keep society going are ‘on the front lines’ of this war?  Well, this is a trick.  That language is being used to get you to willingly submit to slavery, and I would like to show you how it works. Continue reading “COVID-19: ‘On The Front Lines’ ???”

How ‘They’ Work

I want people to understand that the whole accusation of ‘conspiracy’ theories is a weapon used to keep people from seeing what is actually happening.  It is used in a similar way as political correctness is used to silence political dissent or questioning of authority.  So, let me explain what is happening and how it works. Continue reading “How ‘They’ Work”