I DO NOT ‘Respect’ ‘Dr.’ Fauci!

I am not afflicted with this PC virus that seems to have infected everyone in the public realm where they feel the compulsive need to say they ‘respect’ Dr. Fauci, praise him, and then proceed to explain why the man should not be trusted.  I will straight-up tell you the man is a political hack who has demonstrated his medical expertise should be questioned — if not flat-out rejected.  Here’s why: Continue reading “I DO NOT ‘Respect’ ‘Dr.’ Fauci!”

COVID-19: It’s Not ‘Conspiracy’ When They Do It In The Open

Whether we want to believe it or not, we have all been conditioned to dismiss anything anyone says as soon as some authority labels it as ‘conspiracy theory.’  But I ask you: is it a conspiracy if it is done out in the open?  Well, in the case of the global reaction to COVID-19, there is ample evidence of nefarious actions on the part of governments around the world, and it has all happened out in the open.  All you have to do is connect the dots, then have the courage to trust your own judgment over that of the authorities. Continue reading “COVID-19: It’s Not ‘Conspiracy’ When They Do It In The Open”

Please Start Preparing for Hard Times

If you read this blog, I would like to share some personal concerns with you.  I understand that there are few people left who give serious consideration to my opinion, and I don’t blame them.  But, for those who do, I have been war-gaming with a very reasonable friend of mine and I think it is time to share some of what we see as real possibilities as a result of this COVID-19 ‘crisis.’ Continue reading “Please Start Preparing for Hard Times”