Didn’t We Learn ANYTHING About The Media From Vietnam?

I have been watching the U.S. media flat-out lie to the American people about COVID-19, ANTIFA, BLM, Obamagate/Russia Hoax, the Impeachment, and a host of other things — all of which are connected to furthering the power-grab by the Democrat Party.  As I tried to understand how they could get away with these lies, it struck me: they did the same thing during the Vietnam War. Continue reading “Didn’t We Learn ANYTHING About The Media From Vietnam?”


This man told us what would happen back in 1983, and, if you take an honest look at America today, you will see that we are in the last stage of the destruction of America.  What’s more, ANTIFA, BLM, OCCUPY — ALL of these ‘Social Justice’ organizations are part of the attack on our nation.  Please, take the time to watch these videos and understand that he is talking about almost every person in the government (both Parties), the media, our schools, Hollywood, music — every social institution in which you trust and believe.  WATCH! Continue reading “PLEASE WAKE UP!”

Want MORE Proof That The Insurrection Was Planned?

If you haven’t seen my first post on this subject, you should read/watch it: Want PROOF That This Insurrection Was Planned?  However, if you did read it and watch the video but are still not convinced, then give this a watch (and, please, use your thinker, folks: do not dismiss the message just because of the messenger.  Listen to his guest, consider her evidence and argument, then decide). Continue reading “Want MORE Proof That The Insurrection Was Planned?”

Want PROOF That This Insurrection Was Planned?

First, these are not ‘protests.  They aren’t even ‘riots.’  This is an insurrection, and we have the proof available to us.  We just have to watch and read so we can learn how they speak and what they mean by their language.  Then, we need to find the courage to  accept that they mean exactly what they say.  Here is just a taste of what they believe, and it absolutely supports the claim that this is a deliberate attack on America. Continue reading “Want PROOF That This Insurrection Was Planned?”

Dictionary PROVES Riots Are Insurrection — NOT ‘Protests!

I have had it past my level of tolerance with people who pervert everything they touch — especially people who cannot even conform to the rules which govern our language.  If we are to the point where we can’t even agree on the meaning and proper use of something as simple and basic as words, then it is time to allow chaos to rule and sort things out after the blood has dried in the streets (which is what the people perverting our language want).  However, I am not ready to do that — not as long as I can still prove to the sane and reasonable among us that these riots are actually an insurrection, not a protest. Continue reading “Dictionary PROVES Riots Are Insurrection — NOT ‘Protests!”